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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rep Nom. Debate: Trump and a bunch of 'Who?' & 'Ehh'

I admit I'm kinda excited..

On one hand it really is a joke that the first debate of the 2016 Presidential Election 'season' is taking place a good 5 months before New Hampshire voters choose their party candidates

But its August.. the dead of summer.  What else is there to watch?
Certainly not going to the movie theater any time soon and NFL preseason football for all 32 teams does not start until the following Thursday..

Plus I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing Trump give some mean zingers and put the other Wall Street controlled, Koch Brothers owned candidates in their place.

Which is probably the reason most will be tuning in..

It makes for very good theater actually.. Half the TV audience screaming 'Shut Up, you Jerk!' to their inanimate flat screen and the other half clapping and yelling 'Yeah. Get 'em!'
Trump knows this.. he's no fool and you don't get to be as wealthy and successful as he's been in his life by being a dope.

Everything is strategized and calculated for maximum OOmph!

Many people, especially the elitist and smug have stated there's no way someone so boorish and offensive could ever be President; that this is just a clown show and once autumn rolls around, people will choose more 'serious' candidates

And the response to that is Exactly...
For Donald Trump is not campaigning for President this moment as himself.  Rather he is campaigning during the dead staleness of a hot meaningless summer as The Apprentice's caricature of 'Trump'

You know him.. The guy who argues in the board room and says whatever's on his mind to bother the people being grilled before dismissively saying 'You're Fired!'

And when the campaign for the Republican nominee gets more serious, so will Trump.

Think about it like this -- if Trump was just some wealthy billionaire who owns a lot of things and makes a lot of $$, and then goes through the same conventional, stale-staid early candidacy as a Rick Santorum or Lindsay (traitor to the South) Graham, would anyone really give a shit he was running??
So tonight I expect a lot of bombast; zingers and one-liners and personal attacks galore..

Makes for great television and its what his supporters want.

They know Trump is not perfect but there is no such thing as a perfect candidate.  Everyone has warts (and in the case of that old Bitch Hillary, political bunions, boils, carbuncles, cankers, pustules, lesions and other ooze)

But like I wrote a month or so, every President who has been elected in the last 40yrs or so has had a specific quality or personality trait that was dramatically distinctive from the predecessor which policy issues aside, made that person attractive to voters.

People wanted Carter's morality in 1976 vs the whole Nixon/Ford years (to be fair, Ford was a good decent man in a time when the White House still had Nixon's taint)

In Reagan, people wanted hope and optimism vs Carter's gloom

In Bush Sr, people wanted a man who appeared intelligent and organized after Reagan was showing many early signs of Alzheimers throughout the 2nd term

In Clinton, the people wanted a President who seemed to care and felt their 'pain' vs Bush's aloof standoffishness
In W Bush, they wanted someone 100% monogamous; free of all the Clinton sexual immorality and constant cover-ups that even if not impeachable, were embarrassing to many

In Obama, people wanted an articulate speaker who would work with other nations vs arm-twist them

And now, it is my firm belief people are tired of the President's passivity, often detached governing style and feeling that we are conceding economically, politically and militarily to our enemies; a second malaise
So Trump's style and personality which might never have worked 4 or 8 years ago has appeal to many

And tonight's the first night for him to strut his peacock self vs a group of candidates more dry than melba toast..