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Monday, August 24, 2015

The 1,000 Dow Drop this A.M. or "Ohh, What A Beautiful Morninggg.."

There are certain non-sexual things in life which after witnessing cause me to have a happy, healthy and oh so pleasurably intense inner umm.. 'climax'

For example blowouts in sports..  You know..  Team A is kicking Team B's rump by 50 pts with 5 minutes to go and they're still trying to score and the other team has this look of absolute dejection and embarrassment

I get the same feeling playing Scrabble.
Yes I am a bit of an emotional sadist..

I also believe there's a time you call it quits in competition before the final whistle or bell goes off because it is up to You to save your pride, not your opponent to go easier.. (exception being if you ever happen to play me in Scrabble in which case, you best play to the end ~grin)

And moments like the last few business days and this morning in the Evil, Corrupt-to-Core Stock Market which just leaves me psychologically speaking post-climax Mmmm...
When the market opened this morning, the Dow was at 16,459

~ sings from musical 'Oklahoma':  "Oh what a Beautiful Morning..."

Then it dropped Very quickly at the bell...

~ sings: "Oh what a Beautiful Day..."

Dropped over 1,000 pts in about 30 minutes to a low of 15,370

~ sings: "Oh what a Beautiful Morninggg.."

It has recovered a bit unfortunately since so I can't yet sing the ending.. not yet anyways.
So why do I want the market to keep free-falling?

I will answer though the real Q is who brainwashed you into believing a higher market backed by nothing REAL is good for anyone other than the 1%?

As I've written repeatedly over the years, the Dow prior to the Crash of 2008 was always like a thermometer pretty much accurately gauging the temperature and 'health' of the person who put it under tongue

If you were normal, it would say 98.6 - it was trusted.
Then Lehman and AIG and the Banks..  And all the Big Boys cared about was saving themselves..

And they convinced hundreds of millions of you in the US and another couple billion of you globally to believe this Absolute LIE that the Only way to save the world was for everyone to collectively pour Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars, Yen, Euros, Pesos, Renminbis (China's Currency) and the kitchen sink at the problem

And all this did was financially enrich the Banks and the Corps and Professional 'I' Investors and exaggeratedly inflate the valuation of the global markets when ALL the economic data from China to Canada to Colombia shows slowdown and recession!!
So why the hell should I ever root for Dow 15,000 much less what it was last week (17,500) when it really would take another 8,000 point drop to reflect the Real US economy as it presently exists.

And it goes back to the concept of 'squeaky wheel gets the grease'

There was a Great opportunity for real economic change back in 2009.. A new President who told everyone tales of bullshit how he was going to be different (he fired his campaign economic team within 48hrs of winning, then hired a bunch of Banker scum like Larry Summers)

A Democrat with a Democrat majority in Congress and a severely weakened impotent Republican party with no claws..
So of course what does the Oreo cookie do?

Wastes pretty much all his political capital to get ObamaCare passed when the #1 focus should have been 'How to create jobs at living wages that can turn into careers and allow citizens the economic means to pull themselves up without getting into further debt and by doing so, pulls up the US economy with it?!!'

Then conducts an economic policy exactly as Bush would have done if he was still in office, putting Full trust in the Evil Federal Reserve to fix the problem.

Oh sure they 'fixed' it.. Doubled the US debt in 7 years in the process to around $16 Trillion..
And the everyday person's economic life for the most part has gotten Worse but no one screams or unites about it..   All those Idiots who yell 'blacklivesmatter'..   They should be screaming to Obama that 'blackEconomiclivesmatter'

People are just so unaware of what goes on behind the scenes to keep them perpetually working and struggling to get by..

So anyways the Drow drops Finally..

Now all the Greedy SCUM who make their living investing in the Stock Market are now suddenly realizing it was a sham???
Now they're realizing China's economic figures have always been over-inflated and we have been in a long-standing currency war to the very deflationary bottom??

Now the Rats are understanding all that money given to Greece doesn't mean shit because they will never ever pay even a sizable portion of their debts and will default.   The only question being will it embolden Spain, Portugal, France and Italy to do the same or do they keep taking the pain?

I listen to these talking meat-sticks on financial news TV and all they do is bitch and gripe about how low prices are for commodities like oil and copper..

Well Good!!
Gasoline should never have been $4 a gallon and upward, and I like that copper has dropped to the point you don't have scumbag thieves stealing copper wiring from people's air conditioning units just to sell black market to use to buy drugs.

The price of gas should be $2/gal for regular unleaded and premium should be no more than $2.30.. Of course many dirtball gas stations now have charged a 50 cent per gallon differential between the two

I read this one article today..  the piece of shit implied had the 1,000 drop held for the day it would have made 'quite an excellent buying opportunity tomorrow'

So why should I or you ever feel anything negative or depressed about a massive market drop?
They're all rats and vultures and sloths in that 'mug's game' to paraphrase T.S. Eliot

You should not have invested in it before; you should not be invested in it now...

Updated 4:18p...

Lets check the Dow after Monday's closing bell

15,871..  Down -588 points from Friday's close

~ sings:  'Everything Going My Wayyyyy...'