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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Next Political Correct Victim (in a long line): Curt Schilling

Today we're going to take a little brake from stock market silliness to talk about something even more genuinely irritating that we wish would just go the hell away by now..

Political correctness

The latest victim: Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling who pitched for the Phillies, Diamondbacks and Red Sox and won a couple World Series in his career.  Currently he was covering the Little League World Series for ESPN before he was suspended.
Why was he suspended?

He tweeted a statistical comparison that a very small percentage of Muslims call themselves 'extremists' compared to a statistic back in the 1920's that very few Germans then considered themselves Nazi

Then later on it was found out he collects 'Nazi memorabilia'

And based on those two factoids, one can paint a pretty quick picture of a rotten, hate filled monster..

Except here at A&G we are not lazy quick-to-judge sons of bitches like the rest of the mainstream media and we're going to analyze the information to get a clearer picture
We'll start with the memorabilia..

Curt doesn't collect Nazi items because he is in love with Hitler or the party ideology.  He is a serious history buff especially when it comes to World War II and he is not alone in this.

How can we say for sure?  

Because being that we are located in Philly where Curt spent the bulk of his career, it was common knowledge he absolutely loved World War II history with zeal and this passion made him stand out in the clubhouse compared to his beer-swilling dum-dum teammates
Articles have been written that he loved playing WWII strategy and simulation games.  

Just go on Google and keyword the terms 'Schilling' and 'history buff' and you will see many references to his interest in WWII..

Here's just one of many examples courtesy of the Allentown Pa. Morning-Call:

"Curt Schilling, a World War II history buff, sounded a little like a Marine recruiter when he was asked his expectations for the 1998 Phillies..."

That was the first sentence of an article written during Spring Training, 1998, which was 17 years ago!  Source:
It was what drew yours truly to Schilling because I am an avid Civil War buff which is why I am constantly taking the time to defend the Confederate flag from revisionists and history-deniers.

The software company he tried to get off the ground after Schilling retired which didn't work out was supposed to create historical WWII military simulation gaming..

So its not like the man collects swastikas to relive the 'good ole days' as genuine haters do..

Also there is a big difference between someone collecting Nazi military flags, coat buttons, medals, etc vs collecting Concentration Camp remnants, memories of the atrocities or has a collection of Hitler photos on the wall.
When a person who genuinely loves history has a particular fascination and passion for a specific period and the financial means, the desire is to collect historical authentic artifacts and relics from that period; to make a personal museum if you will..

It does not automatically make someone ideologically simpatico.

If Curt ever said something pro-Nazi, then yes, he feels that way..  No one has ever stated he had..

If there's any pictures of him wearing the uniform, then yes you have to kinda wonder..  To this date, there's no photos of him wearing one or draping the Nazi flag around him like a Superman cape..
When it comes to both studying WWII and Civil War, there's always an 'out' or an individual or two that you can outwardly embrace that gives a sort of 'cover' from the PC monsters..

For the Civil War, its Generals Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

For the Nazi era, its General Erwin Rommel

Had Schilling tweeted something about Rommel's strategic acumen, nothing would have been said.  Sure he celebrated a Commander who served under Hitler but supposedly Rommel didn't like him, and this and that..

Instead, Schilling compared Nazis to Muslims..
Fair?   Not Fair?

We say 100% Fair and Accurate

The Nazis sought the extermination of the Jewish people.  The Muslims' ultimate goal is that end..

The Nazis were violent genocidal killers..  As for the Muslims, well ask yourself the questions the PC vermin don't want you to ask:

What religious faith was every single person who was directly or indirectly responsible for 9/11?

How many were Catholics? (Zero)  How many were Hindu?  (Zero)  How many were Muslim?  (ALL)
What is the religious faith of ISIS?  Are they beheading innocent people and spilling blood in the name of Christ?   Or Allah?

In Iran, they scream 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel'..  What faith are those people?   Lutheran?  Episcopalian?  Greek Orthodox?..   Try Islam

Which religion's holy book has passage after passage about killing Jews and Christians as a way of appeasing their God and serving their faith?

In the beginning of Nazism, many joined just to get jobs and didn't believe the deeper hate ideologies but stood back anyways..    Supposedly most Muslims aren't Extremists yet stand back out of fear and in some cases empathy
So really.. What did Curt Schilling do that was so wrong?

Oh yes.. He tweeted something that had the potential to disrupt the commerce stream of the corporation conglomerate he works for..

Because ESPN with its 12 different sub-networks is part of a larger umbrella which includes ABC and Disney, etc..

So god-forbid as a result of the tweet and ESPN doing nothing, those offended may boycott watching or threaten the sponsors...

And what is Schilling (or any other on-air personality) to ESPN?

As disposable as a piece of tissue
Of course if these corporations were sincere about their desire to combat 'intolerance' they'd have a program where Muslims and people like Schilling could express openly why they feel as they do and let people learn..

But political correctness is not about tolerance and inclusion.. Never has been

It is about no one offending anyone and disrupting the ability of merchants and public institutions like school to conduct its business without costly distraction or disruption.

Muslims have credit cards so you can't offend them..

Plus if you do, they will bomb the place you work or cut your throat open like they did with journalist Daniel Pearl and or riddle you with bullets
If you want to burn the Bible, the government will not only not try to stop you but not even know you did so..  

State that you intend to burn the Koran and idiots like the President and old wretched Hillary are publicly begging you not to..

Why?  We all know why..

You don't go out of your way to incite the mentally unhinged.

So Curt Schilling may end up getting fired for a tweet that was factually accurate and expressing a love of a historical event ((WWII) in a way that some others can not understand or comprehend.
Remember (its vital you understand this), Political Correctness seeks and demands a collectivist mindset; everyone thinking the same and looking at the world from the same perspective and direction

It makes no lee-way for individual thought or expression and no time for nuance or analysis

The PC mindset is anal retentive:  X is 'wrong'; Y is 'acceptable'; and if Y hurts someone's feelings then Y instantly becomes 'wrong' as well...

You obey; you DO or expect to be everything from socially shunned to financially ruined

And we as a society still put up with this!