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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Rottenness of Revisionist History's Slippery Slope

~ See Oswald wasn't killed with a gun.. He was 'stabbed' with a left handed guitar

When the Evil people (sorry but I have no more clever way of expressing it) won last month's battle over whether or not the Confederate flag could still fly in South Carolina, there were two goals they were trying to achieve:

1)  Enforce Political Correctness under the guise of trying to be racially sensitive because we all know how Weak and Fragile and Delicate the feelings of blacks are.  Those people wouldn't harm a fly..

2)  Continue the push toward historical revisionism which is even more insidious and seems to often catch people by surprise since so few really know or pay attention to American History in the first place.

By taking down the flag here as well as other states, pulling it from battlefield cemeteries, etc, the goal is to ultimate re-write a history where the Confederacy pretty much didn't exist (it did), its a flag of hate (the US flag is 100x more racist), and to marginalize anyone who supports it as white trash outcasts.
~ Hmm.. Now I see our US troops posing in front of a US flag and the Nazi SS flag but.. I don't see the Confederate flag, do you?

The fight over the flag wasn't the first battle in the revisionist war..  Just another loss for those who believe in historical truth vs Disney-Hollywood historical fable & fiction.

The latest round involves specific shitty party Democrats around the country deciding one by one to change the name of their annual fundraiser dinner.

See it is called the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, named to honor not only two of the three greatest Democrat Presidents ever (FDR was the other) but really two of the top Five greatest no matter the political party.
You see Jefferson and Jackson did some naughty tsk-tsk things which I guess these worthless Idiots only Just discovered..

Jefferson and Jackson were..   Wait for it..  Wait for it..

Slaveholders!   'Noooo'      Yep..

And Jackson..  he fought the Indians..   'Ohh, what a baddie'
~ Jefferson owned slaves so let's destroy the Memorial or rename it for some black person like Jesse Jackson..  That will make everyone feel better.. Oh wait- he's not dead yet..  Poo!

And in 2015, it doesn't matter in the case of Jefferson if you wrote the 'Declaration of Independence' and was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase which doubled the size of the US in one pen stroke

And it doesn't matter that you successfully fought the power of the Northern industrialists and banks to prevent a Federal Reserve-like 'Bank of the US' from establishing itself or kept this 'precious' Union intact by standing up to SC who wanted to secede back in 1831..


In 2015, everyone in history Must be judged by the social standards of Today..
Anyone who owned slaves 200 years ago or saw Indians as the blood thirsty savages killing settlers that they were or felt a woman's place was in the kitchen and raising kids or who harbored hostility toward people based on religion or sexual orientation in 1776 or 1825 is today to be considered 'Rotten'

And that means its OK to shit on their legacy and deny them the respect and reverence they deserve

Just can't have any group of people feeling bad about themselves or their past..

I spit on these specific Democrats who have the power and will to desecrate the memory of two of the Greatest Americans this nation has produced.

And where will the slippery slope stop?
~ Teddy Roosevelt is going to feel mighty lonely if the historical revisionists have their way

Will Mount Rushmore be blasted to bits where Jefferson's face is etched?  

Might as well do it to Washington as well.. he owned slaves.  

Lincoln too-- it is 100% FACT that Lincoln thought blacks to be an INFERIOR race of people who preferred they go back to Africa and only freed them to motivate enlistee soldiers to re-enlist when their service time was to expire.

So now you have to re-do all the US currency of course..
We already know a woman will ultimately be put on the $10 which is ironic since you're getting rid of one of the Very few Americans of greatness between 1776 and 1865 who didn't own blacks or see them as inferior pieces of Shit..  Alexander Hamilton.

So to alter the 'blight' of racism, we have to change the $1, the $5, the $20, and the $50..    See Ulysses S Grant owned slaves before the Civil War so he's a baddie.   He, like Gen Sherman also deeply hated Jews so..   off he goes..

Ben Franklin stays on the $100..  He never owned slaves..  He's a moral, upstanding citizen..  We'll just ignore the fact he would seek out and fuck anything with a hoop skirt no matter his age, the girl he was plowing into, or his marital status at the time of rumpy-pumpy..
So who can we look to from the past that is clean and pure?

John Adams?  Massachusetts man... Never owned slaves so.. 'check'..   He was an asshole of a person but no one's perfect..  

Oh.. wait.. as President he passed the Alien and Sedition acts which made it a Federal crime to criticize the President in word or print and gave the power to kick out any immigrant American back to his/her home country if they were considered "dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States"

So which is worse.. A man who believes blacks are not chattel but Americans overall should shut their mouths and obey their leaders..  or Jefferson who took care of, fed, clothed and looked after his people and pushed for Democracy for this nation..
~ Jefferson "mistreating" his slave w total adoration; Sally "suffering" with seductive smiles

I'll take Jefferson every day of the week..  So would Sally Hemmings

Let's see.. who's left.. James Madison who is known as 'Father of the Constitution' and our 4th President?  Nope.. he owned slaves so that makes him BAD..   James Monroe, our 5th President?  He owned slaves too..  BAD    Boo... Hiss...

John Quincy Adams..  Now our 6th President was a fierce abolitionist and as legal representative won the freedom of slaves upon the Amistad in 1841 (you don't think Steven Spielberg would have made the movie had he lost do you?) and he delayed Indian removal to the west when Congress wanted it..

Shame for Democrats he was a strident Whig which was the precursor for the wretched Radical Republican of..  So you can't expect Dems to name their fundraising dinner after That..

I mean.. 'him'..
~ What a rancid Adams' "tree" to produce two generations of such rotted 'fruit'

But hey, at least the historical revisionists got their hero, so we'll finish the narrative.   It would go something like this..

'America was founded on slavery and hate and violence toward the indigenous native population..  for 50 years, it was ruled by bad people with evil intentions and then a hero emerged.. John Quincy Adams..  He was a good and just man..

But the bigoted people of the day elected a monster named Andrew Jackson to defeat him and then we had another 40-50 years of rotten citizenry with black hearts (except abolitionists) until Lincoln, our American personal Jesus came from the heavens to free the slave; to right the wrongs of this morally bankrupt nation.. '

Etc... Etc... Etc...
~ Of course what is left out is without Columbus, there would be no modern civilization in this Hemisphere and the lives of over a billion people forever altered

You may be immune to this cavalcade of Crap but your children aren't..  They are the targets of this new historical revisionism

And when the System is done with them,  your kids will be demanding everything from the renaming of 'Washington Monument' to the need for government to pay reparations to the great-great-great grandchildren of slaves..

And don't say no one didn't warn you..