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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Update 4:50pm Tues: The End of Another Good Market Day...

From Reuters:   "A strong rally on Wall Street evaporated and turned into losses on Tuesday, as concerns about China's economy heavily outweighed lower valuations that some investors earlier saw as bargains."

Even the disgusting greedy sloth pigs and rats on the NYSE trading floor couldn't alter reality which is the economy is terrible, its been this way for a long time and no amount of Fed QE liquidity pumping in the past could indefinitely wallpaper over the truth of things

The Dow dropped another 204pts to close at 15,666..

Still another 6,500 pts needed before the stock market Accurately & Honestly reflects the True state of the US economy and the 1% scum lose all the wqealth they gained over the last 7yrs

Will tomorrow be the day the market spikes with more "bargains" abound?

Or will it continue to drop?


Just wake us up when the G-D US financial media begins to cover this market crash with sincerity like the UK press seems to...