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Monday, August 3, 2015

When Nitwit Candidates "speak" for the People

As of today, we're still 15 months from the Presidential Election already A&G is tired of it all..

It is summer time.. We're not supposed to know or care who is throwing their 'hat' in the ring or who said what and how did X, Y & Z respond..

We're supposed to be thinking baseball, swimming pools, picnics and 100 other funner pursuits

Even corporate conformist golf on TV with the golfers covered in corporate sponsor logos is more enjoyable to watch than a candidate speak at a rally..
So many pet peeves we have when it comes to politicians and tops among them is when they speak for us the people; a very arrogant and presumptive act that scoundrels of every political stripe do while campaigning in hopes of one day owning.. um, oops.. leading us

First of all, it is impossible to speak for the needs and wants of 320+ million people of diverse social, cultural and financial backgrounds..

Secondly, in order to do it, you have to be extremely abstract

"People want clean air to breath and a safe place to live and raise a family.."

Wow..  deeply insightful..
Of course, the more specific the assumption, the more people will disagree..

"People want to pay less taxes and keep more of their money"

Sure they do..  They also want that air to stay breathable clean and their homes & nation at large to feel safe..  That costs $$ 

As does social services and the safety nets which keep literally 50% of the population from living on the street and scrounging for food in trash cans when not peddling for handouts, or committing crime to take from the 'haves' to survive
And when politicians say "People want a society where everyone is equal and free to express themselves and pursue their happiness", that is actually BS too..

If people really wanted 'equality' then why do millions of people kill themselves in their career to move up the corporate ladder; to achieve a nicer title, more money and that lovely office with a view?

Why is it every time a neighbor pulls up to his/her driveway with a beautiful new car, the first instinct in people is to go get themselves one better, or scratch up what the neighbor bought?

And if we all see each other as "equal" why is is most whites do not socialize in their free time with or be around blacks just like most blacks do not want to socialize with or have to look at whites or most straight people do not have a gay friend just like most gays really prefer to congregate with their own?
Here's probably the biggest BS supposition a candidate can utter:

"People want jobs and want to work..."

No they don't!

People NEED jobs and HAVE to work..  Very few actually want them

Those who just can not wait for 5p or the weekend to begin do Not want to be working, because if they did, that free time away from the job wouldn't be so eagerly anticipated...
Remember that test question a career counselor would ask:  'If you were very wealthy and didn't have to work, what would you enjoy doing with your free time?', and that answer was supposed to be the career path you pursued?

How ludicrous is that?

Not too many would say they want to fix potholes, drill teeth or answer phones & get coffee for another all day, every day until old and gray

Few to none 'Want' to work and we especially do not 'Want' to give up a portion of the income back to government when struggling as it is..

But then it ultimately gets back to that clean water and breathable air, etc..
Fifteen more months to go of dunderheads telling us what we want, think and feel while dimwits in the audience rallies clap n' cheer

Can't speak for anyone else but we at A&G want more from these shitty leaders than we're getting..

We want a genuine recovery and that means the top 1% made to financially Howl as their ill-gotten gains are taken back and that inflated stock market to go down to the realistic level it should be..

We want traders, speculators and Investors to pay dramatically higher tax rates on the profits they reap from their unethical pursuit of greed via a higher stock dividend tax.

We want to be more involved in the political decision making process and have more of a say than once every 4 years at a ballot box.  
We want to have direct democracy and vote on important issues like going to war, gay marriage legalization and whether or not to raise the debt ceiling; the three branches have shown themselves equally incompetent and unworthy of such important decisions

Most importantly, we want to be left alone -- we don't want to be spied on and every purchase and phone call and email and every physical movement tracked, and treated as suspicious..   

Just let us be.

We dare say the 'people' want this too..