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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why We Live in PC Culture when Supposedly We All Hate it

I have been thinking a lot about political correctness and why more than 25 years since the concept has infected the greater society, does it still exist?

Supposedly no one likes it..

Everyone publicly mocks & sneers at it

And Yet..

Most people still refer to blacks as 'Afri. Amer..' (makes me so ill, I won't even fully type it), which is honestly the most F'n BS term a group can demand others call it; a term that says where I came from matters more and needs to preface where I am today.
Even the most aggressive, bombastic Caucasian comedians who rail against PC speech don't have the guts to say Nigger in public, even to make a First Amendment stand to say 'No, you blacks will NOT have complete control of any word or term in the English lexicon.

And when one does say 'Nigger' like the guy who played Kramer on Seinfeld years ago, the son of a bitch goes into hiding then (I kid you not) conducts a three year voyage of self-discovery to try to understand why he used the word repeatedly against black hecklers.

Quite frankly driving 40mph in a 30mph speed zone is a greater offense than saying the word, but the PC maggots have spent over two generations convincing millions of docile whites otherwise.

Every group of people has special terms one must use so not to offend.. midget is 'little person'; retard is 'mentally challenged' and we all roll our eyes and Yet..
Most of us end up obeying the unwritten laws..


Partly is this desire not to offend anyone's sensibilities which is nice and noble if sincere.

But really who intentionally goes out of their way to hurt the feelings of individuals who did nothing to a person?  

And as has been written numerous times here, at A&G we respect the Individual and believe strongly in self-pride; we abhor and loathe it when its attached to groups.
To be proud of yourself because you are black or Italian or gay is do deeply moronic, I can not even begin to peel back that 'onion' of absurdity.

You be proud of yourself.. Your accomplishments.. Your inner-qualities..  Your special uniqueness

And see that's what being PC does.. it strips away and treats individuality as inconsequential while placing public thought on the collective level.

For instance I know many blacks in private and in the public eye who actually express offense if you use that 'Afr Amer' term on them.   I remember just a couple months ago Charles Barkley was asked a Q that started 'As an 'Afr Amer' and he began his response with 'Well first of all I am black..'
But does that really matter to a PC person?

No..  More important they not offend blacks collectively than to irritate blacks individually.

It is no accident that corporations are the ones who really have pushed PC culture upon unsuspecting minds for decades because they are heartless, faceless, soulless behemoths that Only care about selling product and making profit.

And if that means taking 'Christ' out of Christmas so to try to make every dollar possible off Atheists, Muslims and any other 'offended' group every Christmas season, so be it..

And if that means blending the boys and girls' children toys into one amalgamous sector so not to offend those with gender confusion (Target) or ban the Confederate flag from being sold on apparel while perfectly OK to sell shirts with the dead druggie rapper hoodlum Tupac on it (Wal-Mart), then so be it..
In the business world, no one can be offended for any reason because in retail, everyone has credit cards and you don't sabotage sales, and in the workplace, everyone is sue-happy, so companies do everything possible to emasculate the majority and convince them they are all part of One; as we said.. a Collective.

And we as individuals see via celebrities and the powerful how quickly their entire lives can be destroyed over being un-PC..  

We treat being a 'Racist' as a worse crime than being a Rapist and are far more forgiving as a society to the animal who sexually violates a woman than we do the person who says 'Nigger', 'Wop' or 'Chink'

So its scary to express a sincere thought or opinion, much less publicly defend those being mercilessly picked on by PC zealots..
Personally I rather know if someone hates me and why vs this phony-pleasant sugar-coated world of networking we suffer through

Plus to fight back, takes time and work and energy..   Ehh..

We all used to live in a 'Sticks n Stones w break our bones but words will never hurt us' society..

Now its 'Throw those Sticks n Stones to break our bones and we will heal, but hurt our feelings with your words and God how we'll make you squeal'
Everyone has been called names and teased and mocked for this or that..   And especially as a child you learn you have two choices:  crawl up into a ball, or fight back with your mind and/or your fists.

And through these experiences, you develop a tougher skin and learn not to take shit.

Now like the concept of giving trophies just for showing up and participating, there is this total weakening of the Individual's spirit and ability to survive on his/her own when interacting with others.
Instead you have PC insincerity

And all that's changed is things are more pleasant on the outside but the hates still remain on the inside and they're still passed generation to generation

and once people have had enough with the PC chat and pussy-footing around real issues that need to be addressed, then race/ethnic relations will Truly be a mess.