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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Nice Market Drop & Recession Reality

Sorry there was no post for Tuesday..

Just one of those days where there's very little to write about and unlike having to have sex with a spouse, we don't believe in doing anything that is Obligatory or Forced

Looking at how the market closed though, it certainly was a nice day.. all -469 pts of it.

Of course we at A&G would prefer seeing a '1' in front of that number and if you really wanted to see us in post-climax glee, there'd be a '2' or '3' in front of the negative 469.

Of course the NYSE being the party poopers they are, would stop all the fun once the market dropped 7% of its value and call 'time-out'..
Two weeks ago, on August 17th, the market closed at 17,545 and Tuesday Sept 1st, it closed at 16,058

That kiddies, is a drop of just about 1,500 pts and in spite of the end of last week fake Fed-directed 'rally'..

And wouldn't ya know it..   we bet dollars to donuts no one in print and visual financial media advised anyone to sell

The closest we found to negative news was the Fiscal Times headline "Stocks are Sending a Recession Warning" but then again, who ever heard of them?
And what's this about 'warning'?

If our neighbors to the north, Canada is in recession and our amigos to the south Mexico are in recession and our biggest ally Britain is in recession and most of continental Europe is in recession and pretty much all our global trading partners from Japan to Brazil are in recession..

Why the HELL is it so hard to commit to the fact that the US is in the early stages of a new recessionary period?!!

Ahh yes.. What financial news source, even those little heard of want to admit things are going to get progressively worse and you are smart to SELL your stocks because you will need that cash later on when you're let go from your job and still have bills to pay and kids' college tuition to toss away

Besides us that is?
This Sunday on September 6th it will be A&G's 5th year anniversary..

1770+ postings written telling people the straight dope; the unvarnished truth where things stand in the economy and tackling the controversial social topics in a manner mainstream news does not dare..

We swore from the onset if it was 'rainy' we wouldn't pretend things were 'sunny' but if things genuinely did improve for the better and a real sustainable recovery was progressing, we wouldn't intentionally go out of our way to be Debbie Downers

Well..  The 'recovery' never happened..  Just bullshit words and 'look at that over there!' distractions..
And every piece of positive news; every optimistic statistic was biased and agenda driven especially when it came to real estate..  A complete confidence game as in you the public being 'conned' so you loosen your purse strings and start spending like the good ole days..

So now we'll be in another 'official' recession if not already which is redundant considering the reality we never got out of the current recession-depression..

And people are still as easily gullible into being duped by their leaders.. Just less money in the ole' cookie jar and a greater debt load to carry.
Five years of trying to wake people up..

There's been some successes..  Our large, steady readership has been greatly appreciated..

Others just starting to understand things as they are..

And gawd so many still in deep dreamy-sleep with minds full of hope and dreams and blind trust..

Fortunately we at A&G will still be here and armed with an even bigger,sharper poke-poke-poking stick