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Friday, September 25, 2015

Douche-head Phil Simms & 'that Washington team'

People close to me wonder why little things tend to irritate me so much..

Its hard to avoid sweating the small stuff as the slogan goes when there are so many simple minded idiots out there in everyday life who make it a point to get under your skin

Especially politically correct ones who need to instill their worldview on everyone else.
Case in point:  I am watching the Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football on CBS and very quickly I am noticing something peculiar..

There is constant reference to the word 'Giants' but not the other side's team name

It seems Phil Simms, former Giants QB and all around PC piece of Shit doesn't want to say 'Redskins' and CBS being the PC cowards they are, let him get away with it

So the blonde haired imbecile who makes about $2 million to serve as color commentator decides he will just refer to the Redskins as 'the Washington team..'

How clever clever is that?
Of course doesn't matter a damn to Simms that Redskins is a very accurate name to described American Indians who are still to this day red-skinned people.

Or that the name and logo has defined that 'Washington team' for 83 years and counting (1932) so there's a long rich football history behind it

Or that fans of that team LOVE the name Redskins and if they weren't so popular, the franchise would not be ranked 3rd most valuable according to Forbes

Or that most Indian groups actually do NOT have a problem with the name and even those who do admit any name change will have zero bearing on improving the horrible living conditions of most Indians on reservations including higher than average unemployment, drop out rates and alcoholism
Douche-head Simms wants to do the 'right thing' and not hurt anyone's sensibilities..

Wonder if Phil Simms gives a damn about American Indian people as much as he does the word 'Redskins'?  How many Indian friends do you think he has?

Or it just makes him feel good to be PC because that takes Zero effort.

And whatever should we call the Redskins if the name is changed?

The Forehead Scalpers?

The European Settler-Killers?

The Caucasian Women-Rapers?

The Caucasian Children Abductors?

The Native American Casino Operators?
Everyone wants to think of American Indians historically with the eye of 'Dances with Wolves' revisionism;  that they were all peaceful agrarian people that only killed the food they needed, respected nature and were spiritual shamen

Sorry but that only represented a sliver of who they were before the Union Army defeated them in the late 1890s

The Indians were also cold-blooded killers.

They fought & killed whites.. They fought & killed each other..

For instance in 1675, the blood-thirsty savage Indians murdered 1/4th of the population of Connecticut and thousands more in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
But historical reality often gets in the way of the PC fiction the white-guilters wish to feel.

If Phil Simms or any other bleeding heart who can't stomach to say 'Redskins' really gave a damn about the Indians or wanted to make things right, then he or they would take the deed to their home, the title to his or their automobile and all wealth acquired over the years..

And then hand it over to the first American Indian spotted by the side of the road and apologize profusely for whatever you think your great- great- great- great- great- great- grandparents did..

Then relocate to Europe and live your remaining years of life there..

If you're not willing to do that, Shut Up about the 'poor' Indian.
When's the last time anyone has devoted serious thought or spent time concerned with the plight of the American Indian living in today's world?

When's the last time someone has hired one to work as their employee or donated $$ to help pay for scholarships so they can afford a college education?

Think that piece of garbage PC coward Phil Simms has?

No, he does is basic do-gooder minimum then goes to sleep at night happy-naive that he's making a positive difference while other PC drek applaud him..

Sorry for the profanity folks..  Told you its the little nothing people like Simms who seem to get under my skin the most..  They're so oblivious to what matters vs what doesn't

If you genuinely care about people of different backgrounds, races, ethnicites, using polite terminology to describe them is the easy and lazy way out..

If you really care about people, make a sincere difference in their lives in some way; genuinely learn their history, don't be afraid to sit next to someone or invite over your home for coffee or to watch a ballgame

Watching your word choice is the weak way