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Thursday, September 24, 2015

How Much Will the USA Papal Visit Cost?

The Pope is in Washington DC today then NYC for some reason and then the Important gathering in Philadelphia this Sunday.

 Earlier he gave a speech pushing for religious tolerance

Guess no one told him the religion of 100% of all the perpetrators of both WTC attacks (1993 & 2001), the London subway bombing of 7-7-2005 and goodness knows many other terrorist atrocities going back to the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics were committed by...

No, not Catholics..  Or Protestants..  Or Jews or Hindu

All of them..  Muslim.
He also evoked Lincoln in his speech which is Always a sign of deep Ignorance of the rotten ex-President and pandering to Congress

It is sort of like how we in the US loved and admired Gorbachev in the late 1980s and 1990s because we only know he tried to make reforms.  The Russian people still hate and despise him because his reforms failed and led them to misery..

But all that aside..

How much will this needless trip to visit the US cost?  
His visit to Philadelphia will cost $48 million alone..

Just to protect one person who gives speeches contradicting nearly 2000 years of Church doctrine, there is the cost of a private chartered plane and a super-secure Pope mobile.  He also requires a detailed security force, local police and street closures in each city he visits.

That doesn't run cheap.

And you know the Pope and entourage aren't sleeping economy..

So who’s footing the bill?

Simple answer -- everybody but the Vatican.

God Forbid...
The Vatican never pays out of pocket for these trips.. it’s really either the local Catholic dioceses that he’s visiting or sometimes the government on some level- federal, state or local.

It's good to be the King, um.. President.. Um.. Pope..

What's the difference between the three when it comes to taking needless trips on others' dime?

The Pope’s visit to the U.S. has been classified as a national security special event by the department of Homeland Security. That means they’ll be spending some of their annual allocation of $4.5 million on the visit but the rest will be coming from local budgets and Catholic groups.
The World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia is currently attempting to raise $45 million to pay for some of the expenses that come with a visit from the Pope.

If they can’t raise that money the state and city will pick up the tab so the taxpayer may subsidize the Pope a little bit..

Including the non-Christian citizens.

Cities, of course, are hoping to gain from a boost in tourism during the Pope’s visit.

Last week one could go into a local Bed Bath & Beyond in the Philly area and pick up a Pope doll or T-shirt..  We assume the 20% off coupons could be applied.
So the Pope will come and go and the people will cheer only the things he says which they want to hear, namely that they can sin and sin, the Pope will look the other way (wink) and thus not worry on excommunication or damnation & hell fire..

And if the Pope tells anyone they are wrong, it will be quickly ignored.

But this is a big deal for many.. well worth the millions upon millions spent

It will be interesting to see how many show up..

No better way to judge economic misery gauge of a nation than how many appear to see a Papal Visit.  * See Latin America & Africa..