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Friday, September 18, 2015

"Ooh,a piece of candy..Ooh, a piece of candy.."

Well today like yesterday the Dow is drop, dropping

It really is a nice sight to see..

Yes we know, what goes down ultimately goes up..  lil' brown monkey upon the slippery pole and all that..   So we're not getting excited..

Its just a pleasant sight.

But this drop is more special than others..
This isn't a "correction"  or "profit taking' or a "necessary adjustment"..

Its the Fed admitting the nation is heading into another recession, there's little to nothing it can do to steer the ship at this moment and its hoping & praying the market will stage a sizable rally

And thus like always the Fed is conducting policy to ensure the banks, corps, Investors and 1% are as buttressed as possible

So the Fed chose this moment to not do anything one way or another..

But one Central Bank's inaction often provokes another Central Bank's overreaction
Enter the ECB.. the rotten people keeping the EU alive.

They now say they may launch more QE in Europe in response to the Fed choosing to sit on the sideline..  This follows Japan and China which pushed forth their own versions a month or so ago..

Its all these "central banks know how to do:  create extra liquidity from thin air which adds on to national debt and can never be repaid but at least the wealthy and powerful have more free chips to play at the casino.

Add to that every nation competing to see who can devalue their currency the most and quickest without triggering a market panic is in full steam..
Most people are in the dark about this of course..  Some because their brains are simply not advanced to comprehend what is occurring, others avoid this topic like the plague...

Ultimately though all pending storms reach the shore..

People .. those who do care, have been operant conditioned to react the way one is conditioned to watch sports, which ties in to our earlier posts...

A referee makes a decision on the field that is un-reviewable, irreversible and benefits the visiting team..  So what to the fans do?

They boo and hiss and curse for 30 - 60 seconds and by the time the next play concludes, every moron in the stadium has moved on; resolved that "the law" has spoken and nothing to be done
And that's exactly how every government decision in the Bush & Obama years since 2008 and every Fed decision has been treated..

"700B free money to banks"  -  Boo.. Hiss..  hmm, what's on TV?

"AIG gets reimbursed for billions" - Boo.. Hiss..  hmm, what's for dinner?

"Infinite QE costing taxpayers Trillions" - Boo.. Hiss.. hmm, what time is football?

A nation of dumbed down do-do birds among a global populace that is absolutely no better..
How people living in a nation with 50% unemployment among 18-24yr olds (Portugal & Spain) or all the awfulness of Greece do not spark violent revolution to overthrow and take out their corrupt leaders is absolutely baffling!

The French Revolution was sparked and fought over less..

Then again there wasn't professional European football (soccer) to distract the populaces back in 1789 like our insatiable need for NFL football here.

And back in the day when there was no television, iPads or cellphones, this nation started a revolution over the refusal to pay pennies in additional taxes on stamps and tea..

Today, its leaders can fuck over the populace in a million Kama Sutra-like positions but its hey its OK because its Our countrymen and women doing it.. not some foreign King.
Wonder what it will take to get the people into a frenzy; to wake up and get angry at their lot in life?

Food/Gas shortages?   No..   Thin is in..

Prices skyrocket?  No..  What's a little more debt..

All cell towers simultaneously stop working rending all hand-held devices non-functioning and texting/tweeting impossible?

That ought to do it..