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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Social Control from the NFL Broadcast Booth

Gifford:  'Johnson drops the pass and..  we got some extracurricular activity going on (fighting) between the Jets and Colts...
OJ: 'Frank, there is just no place for that kind of violence in football'

Ever had an experience where you felt angry for what may seem an abnormal period of time over something that seemed so trivial and unimportant at first..

Yet the more you pondered and allowed to percolate in your mind, the more justified you were to feel that level of tension?

That happened to me for most of yesterday and all based on a short two-word phrase used constantly in sports, especially football to describe when players physically tussle or fight after the play is whistled over..
'Extracurricular Activity'

As in players from opposing teams grabbing each other's helmets or throwing punches and some corporate conformist announcer or ex-jock color commentator will say something like "Its a 1st Down for the Giants and..  well, seems some extracurricular activity is going on.."

The words are said so intentionally bland; so devoid of any emotion.

They want to convey they are detached and unimpressed..  More importantly, you should be too.

You're supposed to cheer or boo or scream over an interception or fumble or tackle or touchdown..  But in the tone and vocal inflection, it is being conveyed you are not supposed to feel excited or passionate seeing two teams rush at each other and have a sincere dust-up
This is called social engineering, folks.

Its done in politics.. Its done in mass media and news..

Its done in sports.

I joined NFL GamePass a few weeks ago, a service which allows you to watch every single NFL game played up to Super Bowl except not live, either as a full game or a 30min condensed version.

So I watched a lot of condensed games the past few days..
I noticed besides the irritating habit of the TV booth speaking very briefly on games they weren't even covering so to ruin any surprise for those who may have purchased GamePass, that every single game had at least one post-play tussle between teams..

Every Single Time, the term 'extracurricular activity' was used -- didn't matter the TV network or what time game was played...  Always that God Damn phrase!

And I started to think-- if everyone uses the term so often, then the people in the booth are conditioned or told to use it in that instance.

Now whether its the NFL itself or the TV Networks, I couldn't say but I would bet dollars to donuts that someone teaches/tells these people to always use that term and never express any emotion even remotely demonstrating happiness, joy or excitement over a brawl.
About a decade or so ago, the Miami Hurricanes played Florida International, a school just 9 miles away and because all the players pretty much knew each other, it got intense..

Ultimately a major brawl commenced with punches, foot stomping and everything else that made the Miami Hurricanes once great compared to the rest of college football.

The color commentator for that game was a former Cane, Lamar Thomas, and unlike all the other staid, stale people who dismissively toss the throwaway phrase 'extracurricular activity', he was passionately getting into it and expressing among other things he wished he could strap on a uniform and join in the fray..

And his employer Comcast Southeast which broadcast the game fired him two days later..

Guess if you are honest, truthful and sincere in your words or emotions, you can be terminated at a moment's notice.
But everything is suffocatingly controlled in this world we live in.. the word choice, the way we are to think and feel and respond to what we see and hear and observe..

We as people are never allowed to be genuinely Angry; never allowed to be deeply Passionate

All visual media especially television is meant to be a passive experience where you're input is as minimal as possible.

For instance, if you go to a concert or theater, you have to dress up, you attend, you clap or sing out loud..  You're an active participant

Watch that same event at home on TV, you can dress however, look however and watch quietly not a single outward expression of anything
You.. I..   We're not meant to ever feel pro-active about anything.

We're meant to work n'work and then come home and be sold to and pacified with entertainment and sport taking the place of mama's nipple.

Nothing is accidental when it comes to TV -- how products are strategically placed, which races, ethnicities or other orientations play which roles and the specific words used in both scripts and what is broadcast..

A sports presentation is no different.
Here's how the TV booth views their job as directed by the production booth or somewhere higher up the corporate food chain:

'We will tell you when to cheer a good play, when its alright to boo or yell at an official and when to stop & move on..

'We will overly gush about every player and coach and compare that person to the next Vince Lombardi or Brett Favre and tell you everyone has high character Yet when someone shows to be a criminal piece of shit, we will say Nothing.. Nada.. Zilch

'We will never admit or acknowledge post-whistle fighting is Exciting and Fun to watch and never have our cameras show someone running onto the field because we won't make them into stars; WE control who the stars are..
'And we will pretend to care about the health, safety and well being of the players yet Every Single Time someone is badly injured, we will cut away for 2-3 min of commercials rather than show the player being attended

'This is for profit motive and because we want to convey to viewers an 'alright folks, move along.. nothing to see here' mindset to a human being being in pain...'

Its all social engineering and a means to control how you look at the world;  its done in a million-billion ways both overt and subtle..

When one really delves into it, you can see its not all that 'silly' to get angry and how quickly it can someone still 'alive' from passivity to passion..

The 'zombies' (not the 'Walking Dead kind')..  They'll never understand