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Monday, September 14, 2015

"They (Voters) Need A Leader Who Cares About Them AGAIN...:"

Happy Monday to everyone..

Here's a trivia question to start off the week:

Which Presidential candidate uttered the following quote last Thursday?

I'm gonna fight for all the people like my mother who need somebody in their corner.. And they need a leader who cares about them again.”  (source:  Weekly Standard)

A)  Jeb Bush
B)  Donald Trump
C)  Hillary Clinton
D)  Bernie Sanders
E)  Ted Cruz
F)  Carly Fiorina

** Answer:  C - Hillary Clinton
Pretty interesting how she used the word 'again'...

That implies the current President doesn't care one damn about her mother and by extension other women or the elderly..

In other words, 'there used to be someone in office who cared about more than playing non-stop golf and exploiting his faux blackness.. but we don't have that now'

Yes that's our words but vis a vis Hillary's statement, it might as well be hers as well..

As we've written before, Hillary does not like Obama and the President really can't stand her..
If Obama actually liked the rough old woman, he would quietly use his powers behind the scenes to make sure no one knew any particulars of those emails until say December 2016 after a victory was ensured..

However it is a held belief within the Clinton camp that Obama, first lady Michelle and the president’s chief adviser Valarie Jarrett were behind the email scandal leaks.

From the Clinton point of view this is all a set up by the three of them because Barack hates Bill and Valerie and Michelle hate Hillary and they are determined not to let Hillary be the next president.
The Clinton camp believes you can not have leak after leak after leak from the executive branch in a Democratic administration without the president letting it happen....

And notice you don’t see any big investigation  where someone is saying, “we are naming a special prosecutor to see who leaked the facts the inspector general has.”

People seem to forget there is another First Lady, one currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who possesses a law degree and who secretly has aspirations to be President one day..

More specifically, be the First First Lady to accomplish the task
~ "Elmo want to vote Trump"

Aren't Washington inside-beltway politics 'fun'?