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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Venting on 'Authority' and the 'Tree' of Lives that Matter

I was talking last night with a friend about this and that and at one point he expressed how much he enjoyed Tuesday's posting

I said teasingly, "I didn't know you enjoyed taking quizzes on the evil Fed that much"

He replied, "No no.. I loved the pics you chose..  I laughed hard.  But you got one thing wrong."

"What was that?", I asked

"The umpires (and referees) in sports do not represent the Fed..  They represent Law Enforcement in every negative connotation possible"
And then he explained all the comparisons, such as in sports any time a player or coach/manager criticizes one to their face, that person is punished Instantly by being ejected from the game.

When the criticisms are levied post-game, that player or higher-up will be subject to fines and possible suspension.

Criticize a police officer; tell him or her that they are wrong and their teeny-weeny fragile egos can not take it.  Next thing you'll find is you getting a larger ticket or being arrested.

Law enforcement in sports is like real-life.. No matter how arrogant or domineering they are, you can not close fist them in the face no matter how much you want to..  
At least in a sport like baseball, you have the baseball to the testicles to even things up as they were..

But let's move beyond the sports analogy now..

I personally have always resented that in a country that has been continually hyped as a land where everyone was Equal, that its as deceptively hollow as any TV advertisement for donuts or dog food

Its bad enough one's value in life and in death is determined by their salary and occupation, but just something offensive about an officer's killing treated more important that just about everyone else.
The tree of lives that matter goes something like this:

At the bottom are the every day people.. You and I.    

If someone kills us or a loved one, the police will be slow to respond and take their sweet time gathering evidence and seeking out suspects and following leads..

Next on the tree is the local well-to-do..  

For example a person with money who lives in a very nice home overlooking acres of grass who seems to hob-nob and be friends with everyone.   Generally speaking, the very rich fit inside level 2
Level 3 of the tree are celebrities.   

A dead celebrity and police make an extra special effort to try to track down the killer because of all the press that comes with it.

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman is a perfect example.  The drug addict died of a drug overdose and had he just been some scummy druggie, that would have been the end of that..

But Seymour was an Oscar winning actor so NYPD lifted up every rock and ultimately found & arrested the person responsible for selling him the drugs which he OD'd on...

Level 4 is local politicians..

If a county commissioner, alderman or even mayor was to be killed, the police would be 24/7 dedicated to finding the killer at just about cost..  I say small-d dedicated because nothing motivates police more than the next level of the tree
Level 5 are murdered police officers

Not only will the police not rest until the culprit is found even if it means the joining in of every police force from county sheriff to state trooper to officers of neighboring cities/counties and devoting 24/7 with a 'never quit' mindset..

But once the baddie is caught, arrested and found guilty, his/her sentence is Harsher because a 'blue blood' was killed vs one of us commoners who only bleed red.

And of course the top level of the tree Level 6 is National politicians..

President, US Senator, Congressman..  Governor as well..
And that is the hierarchy tree when it comes to how much our lives matter vs the constant lie sold that everyone matters..

Some might also want to say black lives matter less, or this or that but in truth a murdered black cop matters a hell of a lot more to police than a white everyday citizen, even a child.

A week or so ago most people were outraged by a video of a high school football game where two kids on defense ran full out and slammed into the back of a referee knocking him hard to the ground..

And everyone in the media had their PC moment while demanding the kids be suspended, then expelled then arrested and the coach be fired and this and that..
But to me, it was quite funny and cathartic.

And when I think how law enforcement protects the banks, the corporations, the Fed and all those in power who make the rules so to maintain a firmer clasp on their position of control..

Well.. for one moment in the sun, I wished I was either of those kids..  

Running as hard as possible with helmet down and shoulder pads forward

Guess I will have to keep living vicariously through others.