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Thursday, September 3, 2015

When Feminists Attack Frogs and Vote For Swine

~ "I am one smug, rotten Old Bitch.."

Because its the Friday before Labor Day, one of our staff was about to submit a lite trivial puff-fluff piece about how some feminists were up in arms and upset because Kermit the Frog's new girlfriend, Denise who is a pig, is younger and thinner than Miss Piggy.

Yes this was actually a news story..

And then some ironic points were going to be made about the whole faux-controversy such as why is no one actually demanding that Kermit finally date his own species, an attractive green frog instead of continuing to sell out his lineage by crossing animal races to date..
~ Is that a white pig or a light 'Beyonce'?

But fortunately there are those in quality control here at A&G that does not let that idiocy become the center focus of a posting..

Providing the info is quite OK as an intro though..

So the mainstream news reports garbage like that..

And quietly and passively reports info such as the following care of the Washington Free Beacon:
"A Clinton donor was granted a $10 million federal loan for a Haiti house-building scam around the day his lobbyist was in contact with Hillary Clinton about the project, emails released by the State Department show.

Lobbyist Jonathan Mantz, who served as Clinton’s 2008 finance director, reached out to Clinton with details about his client Claudio Osorio’s Haiti house-building efforts in January 2010. 

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a federal agency that works closely with the State Department, was in the process of approving a $10 million loan for Osorio’s company InnoVida around the same time.

InnoVida later defaulted on the loan and the houses were never built. 

Osorio, who has contributed to both the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, is currently serving 12 years in federal prison on fraud charges related to the loan."
Amazing this piece of SCUM bitch is still running for President.

Before we continue, let us be clear on something..

We at A&G do not hate Democrats or liberal ideology, and we certainly feel no ill will toward those who call themselves Democrat.  In fact, we respect and agree with many views that True-Blue Sincere Democrats believe

But we Hate and Despise the Clintons especially old rotten bitch Hillary because they were the ones in 1992 that started the on-going corruption of the Democrat party; a rebranding of the party as they forged a rock-solid alliance with Wall Street.   

And these specific Democrats, and those like them are the 'mainstream' who thoroughly contaminated the Party and Sincere True-Blue Dems like say Bernie Sanders are pushed out into the far fringe.
Continuing from the article..

"Osorio regularly boasted about his close access to Bill and Hillary while lobbying OPIC officials for the loan...

The agency ended up approving InnoVida’s loan request in just two weeks—although the process typically takes months or years—and waived a requirement for the company to turn over an audited financial report up-front, according to court testimony from OPIC officials reviewed by the Free Beacon.

An OPIC official said Bill and Hillary Clinton would help facilitate the InnoVida project in an internal memo on Jan. 26, 2010, and recommended that the agency approve the loan.
“Former president Bill Clinton is personally in contact with the company to organize its logistical and support needs,” wrote the OPIC official. “And secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has made available State Department resources to assist with logistical arrangements.”

The memo also said the Clinton Global Initiative had agreed to purchase “6500 homes in Haiti from InnoVida within the next year.”

We ask again -- Why is this rotten Old Bitch still running for President?

It is really a complete mystery but then again we could never understand why Richard Nixon so furiously tried to hold on to his Presidency when it was clear to everyone at the end he was a corrupt criminal..

Wonder if the two pieces of Garbage share the same genes?
~ "I can't believe my no-good cheating, lying sack of shit Husband will be President before I will.."

"InnoVida went bankrupt in 2011 and $30 million of its funds apparently vanished overseas, according to a court-appointed investigator responsible for recovering the company’s assets.

Osorio was later accused of using the company to scam investors out of $40 million and diverting the money to pay for his Miami Beach mansion, his Maserati, and his Colorado ski chalet.

Osorio pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering in 2013.

He and his company have contributed between $20,000 and $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to records. The foundation returned the money in 2013, after it was sued on behalf of the company’s scammed investors."
~ "Vat es all these Shitte about ze Bengazi?  So he gotz killed.. Was zur Hölle?!! (What the Hell?!!)"

Yes, the Cunt only returned the money AFTER her Foundation was sued

As we go into Labor Day weekend, there will be about 300+ million Americans totally oblivious to all this as they frolic at the beach or toast smores by the campfire, etc..

And they will laugh and play and truly believe all is well with this country, with the Hillary loyalists digging in their heels in defiance of truth so their gal wins next November

And unfortunately nothing short of a stroke, cancer or the law will derail this conniving criminal's candidacy.
But there may be a hero in this sad tragic political play..

Who do you think authorized the release of these emails and is working quietly behind the scenes with the FBI as they conduct their investigation?

Starts with an 'O', ends with an 'A' and the middle is 'BAM' as in a nice hard punch to a rotten Old Bitch's jaw..

Figuratively of course.. cough..cough..

More to come..   See everyone back on Tuesday