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Monday, September 21, 2015

Words Only Mean Something When You CARE Who Says It

Late last week it made big "news" that Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter tweeted a few divisive tweets about Jews during the end of the Republican Candidates' debate

She tweeted something in exasperation about "Fucking Jews.." and something negative about Israel..

Was it offensive?  To us, Sure..

Was it mean spirited?  To us, Sure..

Was it thoughtless and irresponsible?   To us, Sure..

Was it news-worthy?
'Great Question'..  'Why Thanks'..  'You're Welcome'...

Well since the media is pretty much liberal, they have agendas and have always despised Coulter for her brazen remarks and in-your-face attacks on the left, then they sure made it be..

Next question..  The one not asked..

Which is more harmful, offensive and detrimental to the overall well-being of Jewish people
The choices:

Someone making ignorant tweets who holds no political office or position of any power or influence over anything, whose claim to fame is writing bombastic books and appearing on cable news to promote it..


All the Democratic Jews in the US House, Senate and the chair of the DNC who sold out Israel, the ultimate safety/well-being of their people and pretty much their Souls for political motives by siding with President Oreo in his appeasement treaty with evil Iran, a nation that openly states it wants to eradicate Israel and its people off the face of the map?

Sorry but 'both are terrible' doesn't cut it..   You have to Choose..
Which was worse?

Which matters more in the grand scheme - offensive tweet or appeasement treaty?

There are a lot of people who don't like Jews..   Sad but true..

Some vote Republican.. Others vote Democrat

Some even support Bernie Sanders for President!

It used to be anti-Semitic people could just say they didn't like Jews openly and directly, and for better or worse you knew where those individual stood.
Political Correctness stifled that.

Not the irrational hate..  Only the outward expression and word-choice.

Now the keyword is 'Israel' as in "No I have no problems with Jewish people but, God, how I hate Israel, that tiny little state the size of Delaware that magically rules the world and of course holds the US government's and the puppet strings..."

"International Banking" is another popular cloak phrase..  So is the word 'Rothschild' and you know the rest of where that ideological dark tunnel goes..

Straight to the sewers.

These are the same people who refer to Arabs as 'towel heads', 'camel jockeys' and 'sand niggers' yet humorously have such an empathy for the poor Palestinian people and their 'hardships'..

You know how it goes...  

"The enemy of the religion/ethnicity we hate become our friends"

So Coulter just used the hard-J word instead of cloaking things..

Does she hate Jews or just making a point?

Who really cares?!

And that Is the point..
Who gives a shit if Individual A hates Jews or Person B hates blacks or "C" thinks whatever?

It only matters if those people or groups are in positions of decision making power to actually affect others' lives or becoming a physical threat to another's safety and well-being.  

As long as people's individual and collective pursuits of happiness are not infringed or physical harm comes to others, it doesn't matter a shit what Coulter or any other person thinks or feels on anything!

But you don't see that message put forth do you?

It doesn't sell papers or keep eyeballs glued to the TV & Internet..

'Sticks n' Stones' folks..

Sticks n Stones.