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Friday, October 30, 2015

Another Example of NFL Hypocracy

It is Friday and so I will wrap up the sports-themed week of postings with this little "gem" care of the NFL for those who may have missed it..

The NFL has uniform 'police' and they will fine players and coaches if for example they wear a non-approved sneaker brand or color or a bunch of other trivial things..

On Wednesday, 2 Pittsburgh Steelers players were fined for uniform code violations..

The first player had words in his eye-black (that's the black stuff under their eyes) which to the league is a no-no, and the second player wore purple cleats when there's no purple allowed on the Steelers' uniform

OK.. Pretty straight forward stuff.. What's the big deal?
The guy who wore eye-black had the words "Find the Cure" written on them meaning a cure for breast cancer and the purple cleats was meant to raise awareness toward domestic violence and the need to put an end to it.

Now really think about that...

As we said before, the NFL really doesn't give two shits about women's health or safety or the veterans or anything else they are not in control of and profiting from..

Had the NFL Pro Shop sold 'Find the Cure' eye-black for $19.99, then the player would have done nothing wrong and thus no fine.

Totally OK for big strong muscular men the drench themselves in feminine pink for the "cause" which translates to increased merchandise sales.. Just can't honor those who suffer beyond the pink face towels and wristbands
And believe me, if not for the fact that former Ravens' RB Ray Rice' closed fist punch to his wife's face was on video for the world to see, the NFL would have let that incident blow over.

Now they're forced to care even though they don't wish to..

But line in the sand..  No player can wear anything on a uniform even a color alteration to show they care about domestic violence for real.

I used to love sports..   I mean LOVE it..

Loved watching it on TV and live.. Loved playing it..
It just gets harder and harder to embrace professional leagues especially run so corrupt, disingenuously and with little to no concern for the feelings of the individual fan.

It is a fiefdom and we're so far on the bottom among the millipedes and dung beetles, we don't even register to those calling the shots

Our role is to buy the tickets, boo & cheer while even the home athletes INTENTIONALLY ignore and block us out, then buy the concessions, boo & cheer some more and then promptly leave before security releases the hounds..

Beyond that, as individuals and collectively we can all jump into a lake and drown for all team owners and league Commissioners feel
And the players..  black and white.. Multi-million dollar paid niggers.

See.. the naughty 'no-no' word can equally be applied to 'crackers'

A player means nothing to an owner.. That guy is traded, cut, released, fined and/or suspended at the Master's discretion.

I can one day see myself permanently cutting from following sports altogether..  Only so much one can take..

Unfortunately there are so many to take my place without all that scruples baggage.