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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Evil Perversity of ABC's 'The Muppets'

This post will probably offend some greatly but its too important a topic to ignore and there just is no serious discussion anymore on it, so A&G once again steps into the fray and presents points of view that you can either agree with or think everything expressed below is total F'ing BS..

Either reaction is quite all right because the goal of everything written is to stimulate thought and elicit a Passion one way or another that is just sorely lacking in most..

Remember, nothing in entertainment or media is meant to provoke a response or directly engage the participant i.e. You..  Just passively read or watch and don't forget the ads

That is why A&G is so different and so important..

And now we commence..
Television is a vast wasteland..

Not an original quote but nonetheless accurate..

It is also highly influential as it has played a prominent role over the last 60+ years of molding our impressionable little minds into among other things what to buy, where to shop, what to wear, how to look, speak, think, and the trifecta of how to act, react and interact socially with others..

Most people sit and watch a program and miss the subtleties and do not realize how influential they can be, especially programming aimed at children and teens.
The current trend is to push multiculturalism, tolerance, and acceptance and by God they will get all of us to embrace this garbage if they have to choke and suffocate and stomp every person who resists it!

Oops.. back track.. oops, Hollywood is anti-faith & spirituality, so strike the 'by God' part..

I happened by chance to catch the pilot episode of 'The Muppets' which actually aired a few weeks ago on ABC which is owned by Di$ney..

I had heard through the rumor grapevine not to expect anything close to the original 'Muppet Show' in which the premise was they had a weekly variety show with a special guest star each week (a real celeb, not another muppet) and it would have a vaudvilain flavor of wholesome jokes and musical numbers

So I figure I would watch and if unfunny, just turn off like any other program.
Problem was, the show was funny at times..  I mean adult funny..   As in a good 25-50% of the jokes way Way over the head of anyone watching under 18...

For instance, there was a scene where Fozzie Bear was lamenting his lack of success with getting responses to a love ad because people were misconstruing what he meant by 'bear' and he was not getting the right responses

OK.. Now think what does that mean..  the double entente of 'bear'?

Not a clue I bet..

In male gay culture, a "bear" is often a larger, hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity..  So Fozzie was saying gay men were responding to his love-ad

Then of course the obligatory response from Fozzie that, "not that I have a problem with that.."
Can't offend anyone, remember...

Another example..  A little easier to pick up..

At the beginning of the show, there is a 'meeting' of all the muppets involved on the 'Miss Piggy show' since instead of a variety show, everyone works on Piggy's talk show..

When the word 'meeting' is shouted loudly, the saxophone playing muppet who always wears dark sunglasses in the 'band' wakes up from a grog and begins to speak when another muppet whispers, "No man, not That kind of meeting"

What is that exchange meant to be about?   Guesses?
The musician is constantly stoned or drunk and the 'meeting' he thinks he is in is AA or something comparable..

How many kiddies will pick up on that one?

But as stated before, the Hard-Push of  multi-racial/ethnic relationships is very big right now so the Muppets do not miss any opportunity to exploit this..

In the pilot, Kermit the Frog has already broken up with Miss Piggy a few months prior though still working for her and it seems he has found new love..

Of course no way in Hell could the producers of the show ever have Kermit fall in love with another green frog; someone he would actually have much in common and could actually produce offspring that kept the same DNA and looked no different than a million generations of tadpoles to frogs before it..  

* yes, thank you I know its a 'muppet'..
Kermit has to date and fall in love with...  Yep, another G-D pig because the goal is to promote and Hard-Push mixed-race love using species diversity of muppet-puppets and showing kids, 'See, this is cool'

Kermit's new love is another pig named Denise who isn't quite as fat and old as Miss Piggy and like any pathetic emasculate male real or otherwise with no racial identity or self worth, Kermit blurts to the camera, "What can I say.. I like pigs"

Change 'pigs' to 'blacks' and you understand better..
Also Fozzie has found love with a pretty blonde girl with snow-white skin (human, not a muppet) and the show mimics the 1960s film 'Look Who's Coming To Dinner' where white human parents were Forced to accept their daughter loving a dark black man.

Except the 'joke' was these white parents had to accept their lovely daughter dating a mocha brown bear so the context was more about where would he sleep- a bed or the woods, etc.  though there was a reference by the Dad as to what the offspring would look like..

This was brushed aside as of-course, Dad was made to look like a total imbecile for thinking that thousands and thousands of years of genetic lineage would be completely gone in a finger-snap if/when the two had sex and a baby was produced.

Silly-Stupid Dad!.. Heh Heh..
Then there was a soup commercial.. a sloppy weak looking white male and his punjab Indian girlfriend eating soup.  No one is speaking and she's busily focused on her phone but under the table, she's caressing his foot with hers

By this point I had enough and turned it off with another 15min still to go in this 30 minute program

It is absolutely Scary the utter Shit that is on television right now!!

And of course that includes commercials and movies as well..

I am just grateful I don't have a young son or daughter..
It is just Impossible for any parent, even someone who does not work and is 24/7 devoted to raising their child to be cognizant of all the negative influences out there.

Because here's the cold unvarnished truth that no one has the Guts to speak openly about...

No race, ethnicity, religion or culture can survive mixed breeding on a widespread scale

What is a bi-racial child?   A bastardization or two distinct separate groups with more not in common genetically, culturally and historically than anything in common..
Is he/she black?  And if he/she accepts and identifies with 'black' then where does the 'white' come in?  Shouldn't the bi-racial child be equally proud to be white?

Which race is he/she more proud of?

It never is 'white' is it?  Not when all it takes is one drop of black blood to enjoy all the advantages of Affirmative Action

One drop of black blood.. one gene.. one chromosome and poof.. that lineage is Never to be white again..  bi-racial, quadroon, octroon, mulatto -- the black blood is there forever, like an ink spot on a pristine white tablecloth.

This same concept applies to Jewish people..
What has kept their religion and culture alive for nearly 6,000 years and able to survive every hardship and atrocity imaginable?

Pretty much historically they have dated and married their own and so generation upon generation, Jewish parents produce Jewish offspring..  This kept their traditions, rituals and faith intact..

Well until the last 40 years..

In 1970, the inter-marriage rate for Jews was 17% meaning 83% chose not to marry outside their faith and keep their blood line and heritage pure..

Today a whopping 58% of Jews marry outside their religion including 71% of non-Orthodox
How the hell does that religion expect to survive in another 100 years at that rate of detachment and/or conversion?

That's a swift decimation and ultimate extinction of a religion by their own hands that even evil Hitler could not have dreamt up

Take a child of an inter-faith marriage...  Can one really call themselves 'Jewish' if baptized?  And can one really call themselves 'Christian' if they only believe in the Old Testament part of the Bible?

Selfish, Selfish parents...

There is a reality to the mess that Hollywood creates and pushes upon the public..  Not that they care about all that..

Something 'cute' and 'harmless' about pigs and frogs and bears and chickens and 'Gonzos'..

'The Muppets' is a rotten show..  Perhaps more so than most because it aims itself directly at the youth even while injecting humor and concepts meant for those 2-3x their age

It is just another example of how if there is such a thing as a 'culture war', it has been lost a long time ago and to the victors go the spoils..

And the writing of the TV/movie scripts.