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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hillary, Guns and the 'C' Word

~ Hillary quietly re-thinking her position on gun-control.. 

Last week after the Democratic Nominee debate, old rotten Hillary (sorry but trust us, there was far worse we could have said) stated that she supported gun controls & restrictions..

Specifically she said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire that mandatory gun buy-back programs like ones in Australia were "worth looking into" and "I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level, if that could be arranged"

The old C-word (cunt) was talking about another more offensive C word without saying the word so direct or openly..

C for 'Confiscation'
No other way to merge the term 'gun buy-back' with 'mandatory' which means "authoritatively ordered; obligatory; compulsory"

Couple that with the liberal mindset of many that, "If I don't own a gun and/or I can't see any reason to possess one, then NO ONE in the nation should." and you can see why the delusional hag thought that position was a 'winner'

Funny thing though..

That pasty faced old haggard woman is trying to court black votes..  You know-- the ones that turned their collective backs on her in 2008

And yet the majority of blacks now Support gun ownership!
From April 2, 2015:  

"According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of blacks now see gun ownership as a good thing, something more likely to protect than harm. That's up from 29 percent just two years ago.  In places like Detroit, more African-Americans are getting permits to carry concealed weapons.."

Detroit is actually leading the way in terms of urban areas with law-abiding citizens carrying guns..

"Detroiters are even taking their guns to church. When Rosedale Park Baptist had trouble with drug dealers and car thefts, Pastor Haman Cross Jr. told his congregants from the pulpit that they should consider getting concealed-carry permits.

"I love the Lord; I'm a Christian," he says. "But like I told the congregation, let's send a message right in front. I want the word out in the community, if you steal any of our cars, I'm coming after you.""
Remember that terrible tragedy in South Carolina.. the one where all the black parishoners needlessly died at the hands of a sicko loser who misrepresented the Confederate battle flag and its true meaning?

Now imagine if some if not all of those black people were armed

We're not going to say no one would have died because its hard to stop someone with murderous intent who keeps it inside, but we can tell you that less people would have perished because someone would have shot back at the white psycho..
BTW.. Did you know there is a pro-gun organization specifically by and for blacks..

It is called the National African American Gun Association.. (NAG)

That's 100% true..

On their webpage   it states at the top, "True freedom for any person should be judged by the ability to protect him or herself within that Society"

It is so easy for the shit corporate media and the political left to go after the NRA because they are "conservative" and "white" and "Christian'" so they can be portrayed as 'fringe' racists living in mountains armed to teeth with assault rifles awaiting Armageddon..

That's how you influence people..  Demonize & caricature..
No one ever talks about or mentions that blacks want gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment protected too!

The white media is scared to death of blacks.. especially intelligent ones who think differently than how they are 'supposed' to

One can academically debate gun control all they wish over Oolong tea and Lorna Doones but the fact is this:

If blacks back in the early 1800's were allowed to possess firearms, there wouldn't have been slavery long before the Civil War, just like if European Jews possessed guns in the 1930s & 40s there would have been no Holocaust..
If that despicable rotten old corrupt Hillary or others who think politically like her had their way, every gun would be taken away from the citizenry, the a dollar value given in exchange for the 'Mandatory buy-back' (then taxed)

The populace would be for all intent and purposes enslaved vs a local and state government police that is more heavily militarized, Kevlar-protected, and ready to kill its citizens at a drop of a pin than ever before!

You think its difficult to 'Fight the Power' at present?   Lordy..

Remember folks.. Once you give up rights and freedoms to a Government, you never ever get them back..