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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to be a True Environmentalist

I often think about the ironies of life, especially when it comes to what I call the System's "script" as to how to live and 'be' vs the truth of things..

This morning I was thinking on the environment

So many ways they tell you to help make the Earth cleaner while of course financially profiting..  

Recycling is a biggie..  'Don't forget to recycle your paper and plastic (and aluminum cans)'..   

Of course the used materials which are essentially donated back to the corporations for free are ultimately re-used for new product at a savings to the companies vs getting new materials; a savings you and I the consumer never see..

But one does their best to rationalize 'Well, I did my part..'
Now here's the unpopular truth..

If you want to be a True environmentalist and really, really care Deeply about the planet and what's becoming of it, all you really have to do is one simple thing..

Do not pro-create.

Not being funny or glib..  If you care about Mother Earth, don't have a child.

You can cut or eliminate your plastic bottle use or limit the number of toilet paper squares you use per post-defecation wipe but its not good enough and never will be.
On average, in a calendar year a person uses 167 disposable plastic bottles (milk, OJ, etc..) .  Those who are dependent and heavily consume those water multi-packs will have tossed away over 300 16oz bottles annually..

In addition the average person uses up 49 toilet paper rolls in a year which adds up to 49,000 sheet squares that would extend about 2.8 miles.  Then add to that, the average person uses 2,800 to 3,000 paper towel sheets to wash hands, wipe things up, etc..

That's a lot of paper, right?

Now let's pretend you decided to become a true Environmentalist and did not procreate.. How much did your decision benefit the planet's natural resources over time?
If today was 2085, that newborn of present 2015 which you didn't have, would now be 70

And he/she would have used and discarded over 10,000 plastic bottles; over 3100 rolls of toilet paper and 195,000 paper towel sheets.. That's a lot of trees to chop so you can wipe your poo, then your hands after using soap..

Also a 2003 study showed the average household produced 12.4 tons of carbon dioxide from its household operations and approximately 11.7 tons from its automotive uses.

 Total carbon dioxide emissions per household totaled a staggering 59 tons or 118,000 pounds...  US households account for over six times as much carbon dioxide emissions than the remainder of the world per year, on average.

So that life not created would sure have prevented a ton (many tons actually) of poisonous CO2 emissions into the air

Etc.. Etc..
But who is going to publicly advocate that position even though not having kids truly IS the most environmentally conscious decision you could possibly make?

Plus the companies that profit off 'environmentalism' need living human beings to be consumers and consumptioners to buy their products..

Back during the Black Plague of the 14th century when 1/3 of Europe was wiped out, the entire global population diminished to a total of 75 million people.   By 1650, population globally was only 500 million.

The planet didn't reach its first billion people until early the 1800's and the global population today is 7.3 billion..

Think how much the Earth would benefit if magically the population dropped back to 6 billion..

But unless there's another pestilence or a meteor, the numbers will keep rising..
People, especially the poor, ignorant and backwards enjoy sex and love to procreate without any thought or concern how to take care of the offspring or the environmental damage each child ultimately causes as they spring into adulthood..

Plus no one ever deprives themselves of anything for the greater good

So the only ones who end up not having kids are those who physically can't or are so repulsed sexually or just personality-wise by the opposite sex that the thought of sharing a bed to do the deed isn't a pleasant one

So they would be environmentalists by happenstance..

Now if you already have kids, by all means.. please keep them..  grins~   But if you don't and you really-really care about this planet, its just something to think about