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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Living vs Just Existing

Behavioral Psychology really is not my forte but if there was one controlled experiment I wish I could conduct with willing volunteers it would be the following..

In this experiment I would have 500 willing participants of every age range, race, ethnicity, etc between 18 and 65 who were of very good or better overall health divided into two groups

Each person, wearing the same zip-up jumpsuit allowing for full mobility and flexibility of their arms and legs would allow someone (wearing gloves for sanitary purposes) to place their left hand fully on on the subject's mouth and press while taking their right hand and pinching the nostrils just enough that no air could escape in or out.,.

And the experiment is to see how long it would take for someone to literally Fight for their lives!
The very moment a Sincere effort was made to free either hand from the test subject's face, both hands would be immediately removed and subject would be allowed to catch their breath..

Now as I said, there'd be two groups of people..

The first group would be told the hands will remain in place over mouth and nostrils indefinitely until either the subject sincerely shows fight or passes out

The second group would be told that after 10 seconds, a second person would come into the room and in essence 'rescue' the subject by grabbing the other's hands and pulling them away from subject's mouth so they could breathe.
It is my belief that subjects of group B overall would show dramatically less Fight for survival knowing some other entity was going to save them vs knowing its just the subject alone that will determine when breathing will be resumed.

It is also my strong belief that people in the Western world, not just in the US collectively speaking have Completely lost their fight to survive and are either utterly Fearful and/or wholly Dependent on others i.e. Government for their basic survival.

Whenever there's a warning of an imminent financial crisis, big or small, few people really take preventive steps necessary to survive.

They just assume the Government or worthless Fed,  the entities that create the mess, will magically just Fix everything so the people can go back to their inconsequential jobs and unfulfilled lives
Really no different than preparing for a Hurricane...  How many wait till the absolute last minute to stock up on supplies and what is in the cart?  One loaf of bread..  two cans of Chef Boy-ar-dee..  one 4-pack of AA batteries..

Yeah, that'll do it  ~eyes rolled

Well actually, a correction -- there is a massive difference between an impending financial disaster and a impending weather-related one..

With finance, no one in the news tells you anything!   Certainly not to sell stock.. or cash CDs or take lots n lots of cash out of your bank

In a weather-related disaster, not only does everyone warn but they over-warn.
Every government official top to bottom to the TV newscasters eager-beaver to overload the system with a million warnings and preparation checklist tips..  Even the super-lazy ultimately get up off their arses and do the very basic prep necessary before they assume government will be there to save the day.

And of course when the Big Storm turns out to be not so horrific, the stupid people are not grateful..  Nope.. they're pissed!

"You mean you made us click into high gear and briefly use our survival instincts for nothing?!"
People are very easy to control and manipulate in societies when their inner-ability to Fight for self-preservation is stunted or snuffed out

And while it seems logical the vast majority of those participating in the experiment mentioned at the beginning would do what was necessary to breathe, here's the real question to be asked...

Why in 2015, does it need to take such a primal extreme example for people to remember that they're not just 'living' but Alive?!