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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More Political Exploitation of Guns By Those Who Don't Sincerely Care

~ 'Where are my girls so I can blast them to bits.. with water..Heh Heh'

Sorry there was no posting for Monday but we pride ourselves here on not writing 'filler' which is to write and submit just for the sake of it when there's really nothing worthwhile to express at a given moment..

But today being Tuesday and a few days passing since the tragedy in Oregon I thought I'd use this forum to opine on the issue of gun control and whether you agree or me, remember its a point of view presented..  Nothing more..

I could be off my rocker or spot-on..  That's for you to decide..

And if you think I'm wrong, since code duello (pistol dueling) is illegal we'll just have to agree to disagree..  

'Lil gun humor there..
Every time some mentally sick Bastard takes multiple human life in shocking and disturbing ways such as on a college campus or movie theater or church or any other place we as society deem "safe" the same tired debates on 'gun control'

And the only reason we were semi-spared that when those innocent people were killed in South Carolina a few months back was because it was easier for the Zealous to pick-off and take down the beautiful Confederate flag than to start up another losing fight on guns.

The mind drifts only to the moment and the need for knee-jerk reaction; to make sense and create sensibility for tragedy.

Truth is, and I hate sounding like an NRA billboard since no one here at A&G has any affiliation or connection to the organization, but it is not guns that kill, but rather people..

Specifically a person's intent.
I would like someone to show me the statistics as to how many people died in the last 100 years by a firearm that was not touched or played with in any way; simply sitting in a box or a table or drawer with no human hands even grazing the handle much less the trigger...

I will wager to say somewhere around or near Zero deaths

A gun is an object.  It is not remote controlled and it does not possess any form of Artificial Intelligence.

In your hands, a gun is safe; in someone with an axe to grind it is not.
But a thing people forget often with intent is if the desire is great enough and the perpetrator feeling there's no other option to deal with a situation, he/she does not need a gun to commit a violent act.

A brazen enough person can use a knife or yes even a fork, or the combination of a lighter and aerosol can aimed at another' face, or poison, or sabotage another's vehicle or..

On and on..

Also here's another thing people forget in the heat of the moment:  violence and killing has been around long before the invention of the gun or even gunpowder..
True or False:  Jesus was killed by a gun

True or False:  Julius Caesar was killed by a gun

True or False:  Socrates was killed by a gun

All those wars in the days of antiquity fought by the Greeks & Spartans, the Romans, the Chinese, Japanese and the Hun.. Endless wars and endless killing over land and power..

How many of those people died by a gun?
I wonder how history would have turned out differently if every Jewish family in Germany possessed a couple handguns and a semi-automatic and refused to turn them over when the Nazis knocked on their doors?

Ironically most Jewish leaders when not selling their souls and their future for political gain in agreeing to a deal with Iran, also are against gun possession; that victim mentality of so many centuries that identifies with the one the gun is aimed rather than the one holding

I can tell you that Israel doesn't exist or continually keeps the Palestinians at bay through good intentions and a smile...  Lots a' lots of guns sure help..
I also wonder in the present, if Greece would have gotten financially raped if every citizen possessed a gun and aimed it at their leadership who continually sold them out to the EU and the banks?

One will never know..

I do disagree with those who want to have a handgun for protection from prowlers or such..

Guns have a functional use and if you're not going to actually USE the damn thing and live in a society that prevents it, then really there's only one good reason to own one..

The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with you protecting your stuff;  it has to do with protecting your freedom and liberty and 99.9% of burglars are not interested in you.. only what you possess .

The gun legalization was meant to protect you from Government.
That is why the 3rd Amendment makes it illegal for Government to house its soldiers in your home and the 4th Amendment is supposed to dramatically limit Government's power to search and seize without proper cause..

These Amendments were specifically created to fight against the Government lest they become too powerful and monarch-like.

So as it is you have a group of left zealots who do everything possible to water down the 2nd Amendment under the convenient excuse of 'safety'

Oh sure you can have a gun BUT we have to check your background and then keep your address permanently on file so we know in time of Marshal Law who has what and constantly question 'why do you own X?', 'why do you need 'this' kind of weapon', on and on...
Meanwhile the police are Kevlar protected from hat brim to shoe sole and possess enough serious weaponry to kill everyone in a school in seconds, and few to none blink about that

According the nonprofit project the Gun Violence Archive, there were 12,562 gun deaths in 2014.

That sounds like a lot, but is it?

By the end of 2014, there were 318.9 million Americans

So dividing the two, that is 1 person dying by gun for every 25,368 Americans
The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that in 2014 total of 32,700 people died in traffic crashes.

Nearly 3x as many Americans died last year from an auto accident and that's with all the laws and rules and regulations and restrictions and licences and mandatory seat belts, etc...

According to, a suicide prevention website, in 2013 there were 41,149 suicide deaths in the US 2013 and while some were probably assisted by a gun, not all were.

And just using simple math, 3.5x more people died by suicide vs being in a situation where another was shot and killed by another..
According to FastStats, here are the 10 leading causes of death in US:

Heart disease: 611,105
Cancer: 584,881
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 149,205
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 130,557
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,978
Alzheimer's disease: 84,767
Diabetes: 75,578
Influenza and Pneumonia: 56,979
Nephritis (kidney inflammation): 47,112
Intentional self-harm (suicide): 41,149

I don't see gun deaths anywhere..
But it always comes back to the same sad, stale political game -- putting limitations on the gun owners' rights with the ultimate goal of banning it altogether..

Everything is a slippery slope especially when it comes to giving freedoms to 'some' and taking freedoms from others and don't you ever be so naive to think otherwise..