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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Real Questions that Should be Asked Hillary

Currently as I write, the rotten old bitch-witch Hillary is answering questions about Benghazi

Since I know that no one will mercilessly grille her as she deserves and there will be no 'A-ha!' moment that causes her Presidential anoiting to end and finding herself in a Vince Foster-like outcome (Wiki him if you don't know)..

Well, just no reason to watch, especially on probably the last warm-lovely day of the calendar year

Besides if given the opportunity and allowed to pump lots of truth serum into her dried up elderly veins, there are many questions of my own I would like to ask which go beyond Benghazi
It would be interesting to hear them truthfully answered..

"Why are you running for President?..   No, Really..Why?"

"How long have to dreamed of one day being in a position of total power?   Back in your First Lady days?  When you were First whatever of Arkansas?   When your daddy neglected you as a child?"

"Do you need to be loved?  Do you have a martyr complex?"

Is Obama a great President?  If so, why do you really think you could do better than him?  If he's a bad President, why did you serve in his Administration and still support him publicly like a loyal dog?
"Do you love your husband?  Do you really think Bill loves you?"

"Why didn't you do the right thing and divorce Bill decades ago when all the allegations of numerous affairs even going back to his days as Governor came out?

Why did you basically display to other women in your inaction that a philandering male doing as he wanted and potentially bringing back contracted venereal diseases into the bedroom was perfectly acceptable in a marriage?

"Was it because you're power-hungry and didn't want to give up being First Lady?  Was it because he was the one with all the political connections and you knew you'd one day need it for your own campaign?

"Are you even still attracted to men anymore? It's ok.. its 2015.. Everyone is a 'free agent' nowadays.."
"Why do you call yourself a 'Democrat' when you're a Wall Street-loving whore and support the rich getting richer?"

"You say you want guns ultimately banned i.e. mandatory buy-backs so people ultimately have no guns to protect themselves.. If Chelsea, your unattractive daughter had a knife to her throat by an evil assailant and the only way to save her life was by using a gun and shooting her attacker, would you?"

"When Chelsea married outside your faith to someone Jewish, did it sicken you, were you overjoyed, a little of both or did you not care since you don't really practice any faith to begin with?"

"What is the genuine purpose of the Clinton Foundation?  Is it to help others or to help yourself win election then payback all the foreign donors once in office?"
"When is the last time you've ever done something a normal woman has done-- the kind of person you pretend to identify and associate with?

"When is the last time you've cooked a meal for your family?  Or did the laundry?  Or shopped for food at the supermarket paying attention to how much things cost?  Or pumped gas in your own vehicle?  Or been in a situation where due to finances you had to deny yourself or the family something?"

"When is the last time you truly spent a day walking and living life like millions of everyday women do, the ones you pretend to represent and non-stop court for donations and votes?"

"When is the last time you held a REAL job of any kind outside of the political power apparatus?"

"Speaking of employment, has your daughter Chelsea ever worked a day in her life for a company or individual who did not donate heavily and loyally support Bill when in office during the 1990s?"

"Given the choice, would you rather live until 100 but never be President or win election, die in office before turning 70 and get to enjoy a grandiose State funeral in your honor; big enough to satisfy the largest egotist?"

"Once again, why are you Really running for President.. to serve the American people or to try to fill some emptiness or void inside?"

~  Darn it..  I've run out of truth serum..