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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Remembering Why We Fight & Honoring Those Who Do

Last night I finally got around to watching 'American Sniper', a film that came out just in time for 2015 Oscar Season..

It reminded me why we are fighting over there in hell-holes called Iraq and Afghanistan..

Because admittedly over time, I like many others had/have forgotten

We are fighting a savage evil; people of a mindset and culture from a previous millenium

While we may not know specific names or be able to identify the enemy by pretty uniforms and lovely brevets or insignias, we do know the religion they believe in and which motivates them to do what they do
Here in the US, the media and the politically correct have done such a good job cloaking all the evil which is the Muslim faith while selling the lie of peace and tolerance, that many actually believe it, especially that the terrorists are the exception to the religion, rather than the rule.

I had forgotten the barrage of anti-Iraq war films that came out within the last 10years that would focus on individual families of those fallen rather than the bigger picture.  

The films' intent being that war is senseless and the entire war should simply end immediately because a few soldiers who volunteered for service and put their lives at risk, ultimately died.

So many propagandastic films made especially during the Bush years..

No one wants to give perspective.. Just too inconvenient.
In the last 10 years of fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, just under 7,000 US soldiers have died, which averages to about 700 deaths a year..

In eight years of the American Revolution, 8,000 soldiers died..  That's 1,000 more deaths in two less years..

In four years of Civil War, the Union lost 350,000 lives..  Add 250,000 Confederate dead and you have 600,000 lives lost in 48 months..

During World War I, over 53,000 men died in about 7 months of actual combat and over 291,000 US servicemen died in about 4 years of fighting WWII.

33,600 died in 3 years of the Korean conflict/stalemate and 47,000 US soldiers died in Vietnam..

So really 7,000 dead in 10 years isn't so bad is it..
Sorry to be so cold but its true..  Currently there lacks a true spirit to fight this war based on a statistically small number of fatalities that those with agendas harp on for nation of 315m to lose the will to fight

Oh sure we honor the soldier..  go overboard actually but maybe that's a good thing; certainly better than how the Vietnam soldier was treated by the dirty filthy druggie peacenik hippie movement

The civilian population generally speaking is more 'Quit' than years past.  Yes the Vietnam generation at home were terrible but something about today..

Maybe it has something to with all the video game playing and clicking 'reset' any time things are going back for the player..  Or a society that believes every child deserves a trophy just for participating or in some cases, merely showing up..
If the US isn't soundly winning a war will take more than 3-4 weeks to win (1991's Desert Storm), they get impatient, cantankerous and the surrender-birds & 1960s dinasours come out from their rocks to make a stink..

I remember a few years back the anti-war forces here wanted to have caskets shown on TV because they hoped Americans seeing dead bodies in boxes would stop them from supporting the war and Bush

I also remember right after 9/11 when 'W' had an approval rating of 91% there were the other 9% who were seething in deep anger that this 'idiot' as they looked at Bush was getting so much love and support..

Funny how all the anti-war protests died down once 'W' was replaced by 'O'
It takes a special kind of person to enlist in the US military, especially today knowing full well that ultimately they will be going into combat at some point

Yet they serve anyways while the rest of their age group go to college, party, drink till they puke, smoke pot and mindlessly text/tweet on their phones as if they have a life

Most civilians really don't deserve to have their freedoms protected, especially as they piss away those rights and live long lives accomplishing little to nothing in the grand scheme

But our military fights for their safety and freedom nonetheless..
The most recent enemy is ISIS..

Our leaders seem reluctant for us to directly combat them..

Now Putin isn't afraid to send Russian troops into Syria to deal directly with them..  Russia is usually not afraid of anything..

We are still doing things incrementally..
Good soldiers are always put in harms way by bad commanders and incompetent Commanders in Chief..  It's just the way things go..

I'm so glad I got to see 'American Sniper' -whether or not it was the intent of Director Clint Eastwood, it certainly re-kindled my patriotism & support of the troops..