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Friday, October 2, 2015

Sept 2015 Rotten Jobs numbers

~ No no.. We mean rotten employment 'jobs' not rotten Steve Jobs..

It has been some time since A&G bothered to take the time to break down the absurdity of a monthly jobs report so since its so rainy and dreary in our neck of the 100 Acre Woods, we might as well do so today..

It was announced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that 142k new jobs were created in a nation that needs at least 225k new jobs monthly to keep up with population increases, especially with all the new Syrians refugees our idiot Democrat mayors are happy as bunnies to let into our nation...

So we'll just start with the obvious that 142k jobs isn't enough
So how do these new jobs break down?

Well first we have to take 24k off the top because those are governmental jobs and right now they're they only entity consistently hiring in strong numbers

But as good as many governmental jobs are in terms of security and the near impossibility of ever getting fired for being lazy or incompetent (especially if you evoke minority privilege) they don't represent the 'real' world

So 142k minus 24k equals..  yes very good..  118k jobs
And of this figure of 118k new jobs, 78% went to low/minimum wage paying jobs..

You know.. areas like Leisure & Hospitality (ex. hotel maids) - 35k new jobs and retail/temp work - 27k new hires..

Meanwhile jobs which actually pay good wages such as in mining and logging, manufacturing and wholesale trade, all declined in September.

Now let's do a simple math breakdown of September's job creation based on an equal division of US states assuming all job creation is geographically equal..

142,000 new jobs created divided by 50 US states equals:

2,840 jobs per state.
Now let's pick a state.. any state to see how that would break down by county...

Off the top of my head, I will pick Virginia which happens to have 95 counties

OK.. 2,840 jobs..   divide by 95 and you get..

An on-average basic math job total of 29 jobs created per county in a state with a population of 8.3 million people..
Let's look at another state for comparable purposes..

California has only 58 counties so that means in that state, about 49 new jobs per county was created.. that's much more positive than Virginia's number right?

Oh fiddlesticks.. Seems California's population is somewhere around 38.6 million so that per-state job creation figure of 2,840 doesn't seem impressive in a state over 4x the populace of VA

Its not impressive for any US state.

This is the bag of lies (or sack of shit) the government has been selling for years..
Artificially low unemployment figures based on not counting tens upon tens of millions who've given up looking for work, and celebrating monthly totals that are anemic at best..

All the while trying to paint this fraudulent picture of a President working tirelessly to create good jobs while in reality, its a man who really does not give two shits about anyone in this world but himself, his domineering wife and two privileged daughters.

And that is as far as Obama's human circle of 'I give a damn' extends..

Shame it took most of you 6.5yrs and two election victories to figure it out