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Monday, October 12, 2015

The '92 Degree' Moment.. What Will It Take?

Of all the movie quotes over the history of cinema, from the profound to the profane, one quote that has always stuck in mind mind is the following from the 1953 film, 'It Came From Outer Space'

"Did you know that more murders are committed at 92 degrees than at any other temperature? At lower temperatures, people are easy-going. Higher, it's too hot to move. But just at 92, people get irritable!!"

The spoken quote is also used in a Siouxsie & Banshees song I love aptly called '92 degrees' so that would explain why I've heard it so often

But its one of those lil' things that makes one think..
First, is it really true -- is 92 deg. really this 'magical number' where more homicides are committed than any other temperature?    Honestly, I doubt it

Second and more germane -- Just what exactly Does it take for people to get irritable to the point of action vs another, or much more importantly the System?

For instance, over the last few years thanks to endless QE which flooded the stock markets and the coffers of the banks and super-wealthy while adding to the National Debt, the top 0.1% of all Americans possesses more wealth than the bottom 90%

In other words based on a population of 315 million using simple math, 0.1% which is a tenth of 1% would be 315,000 individuals.   These people possess more than the Collective wealth than 283,500,000 million Americans.
And people go 'Ehh', 

Many look at them with adoration and a distorted belief that one day they or their delightful lil' tykes has a realistic chance to one day be just like them.

The System via the school system conditions people to not be jealous, envious or resentful over this disparity...  Just another quirky statistic to pass around the water cooler 8:45am on a Monday

Really think about how this system works -  Jealousy, envy and resentment are generally-speaking very encouraged emotions.  How else would so many products people really do not need or can't afford would be bought?
It is OK to be motivated to buy new Nikes or iPads or a Lexus..

Just not allowed to feel the same emotions toward people who possess billions of dollars while you have barely any savings..

Overall, financial and monetary issues really don't seem to get modern Americans flummoxed.

They think of it in individual terms, not the collective System coming in on them from all sides.

So if there's struggle to make ends meet, it has to be 'My' fault..  'I' need to get a 2nd job or a 3rd or 4th..  'I need to go back to school and get into debt to better myself..  'I' need to cut back.. 'I' need to go -bare-bones..   'I' am the reason I'm not where 'I' should be
Now one can easily find examples where people over spend and over-charge and get themselves into a hole, etc..etc..

But it also is no mirage that prices keep going up for everything and wages or Social Security/welfare checks aren't rising even comparably.

So when your electric bill goes up $5 a month and your auto insurance raises $5 and you find you're spending $5 a week more in food which is $20/month and yet your job is not giving you a $30/mo raise, then No, its not your fault you're at least $360/yr in the hole..

Just another conditioning mindset you must learn to overcome.
People will go nutty-nuts over social issues..  Getting married, taking down flags, what is 'life' and when does it begin, etc..

But when it comes to the economy, most are quite milquetoast.

Funny how 240 years ago or so, we as colonists were so enraged over having to pay a few pennies additional tax for tea and stamps to pay for a war (French & Indian War) that was fought to protect the Colonials in the west..

We back then were so enraged, we would round up any tax collector of the Crown within sight, strip him naked, pour hot scalding Tar all over his body including down his throat, then 'feather' him!  
Many would ultimately die from their injuries...

And of course later, fight a Revolution that took eight long years to achieve.

And today?  

Every person who uses a cell phone pays 20% in collective Federal and state taxes on top of their monthly bill and does so with a shrug as they continue texting with head down.. the servant bow
If a person pays 25% income tax, it means from January 1 until March 31st, every work day you get up and trudge in inclement weather and feeling sick as hell, working in jobs you hate for people you can't stand..

Every second of every minute of every hour of every working day which you are getting paid by an employer, that $$ minus any deductions goes to Uncle Sam...

And 25% is along the low end of the tax scale..

The response..  Well..  Whatcha going to do?'
Amazing how you change the economic tyrants from a 'King' far away to a 'President' or 'Congress' closer by and provide an individual a right to vote every so often, and that's really all it takes to neuter people into sheer docility.

In a way, I can answer my own question as to what would it take for people to get 'irritable' and feel belligerent toward government and it goes beyond stock market crashes and Depressions

All it would take would be a law passed where all purchases of goods and services, no matter the quantity had to be paid with the following:  Cash, Personal Check, Bank Check or Debit Card where funds are instantly withdrawn..

No credit cards..  No Visa.. No MasterCard... No Amex..  No Discover...
No charge now and pay the 1.5% of balance 'minimum by due date..

People could only buy items with the cash they possess (excluding cars, homes and other items where loans were needed to purchase)

Then you'd see a true '92 degree' moment...