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Friday, October 16, 2015

What is 'Good' & What is Much Ado about Nothing

~ "Deep breath.. Going to be a good day.. Breathe..  In..    Out..."

Some of you may wonder why some weeks we don't write as many postings as others..

Mostly its because if there's nothing we find important or interesting or necessary to write about, we don't just post for the sake of posting and then have you the reader go 'Yawnn..'

We don't mind if we make you laugh or nod happily in agreement or even want to put your fist through the computer..  Passion is an emotion we desire to stir because its really the only true emotion that can stir sedentary inaction into some kind of visible response

We are just not going to write something ho-hum
 ~ "You call me 'fat' one more time and I am stopping the car.."

Yours truly once knew a guy who sincerely was a most gifted poet.  Not the stale mandatory school reading-type that everyone was forced to pretend to understand in high school or the type that postured or preened with the goal of fawning girls into bed.

This was actually profound writings that stirred emotion yet clearly understood using modern language in its most creative power

So during conversation curiosity struck as to what kind of responses to his work bothered him most..

He said, "The worst thing someone can say about my writing is that is is 'Good'
~ "That's a good song.. Meoww Meoww"  (radio: 'We've only just begun..")

That didn't seem to make sense..  'Good' is always used as a positive

He explained (paraphrasing his words) "When something I write genuinely touches people in some way positive or negative, the word 'good' is the last expression a reader or listener normally utters...

That is a word of politeness.. of civility.. It is the word one uses when asked 'How are you?' or 'How are you feeling?' by those who really don't wish to know.."

And he was correct..  the reasoning made perfect sense.

'Good' is the polite way of saying 'Ehh..'
~ "I keep driving n' driving and still can't find any pussy (cats)"

But in truth there's another reason we haven't posted as much lately as in the past..

It is kinda hard when in an intentional news blackout.

Well to be fair, it is not the news it itself..  More the way it is covered with the incessant non-stop gossip flavor to everything from politics to sports to entertainment and the need of millions of Twitter twit-twats feeling the need to comment on everything which then becomes further 'news'..

Perfect example is what happened about a week ago in sports when Chase Utley, second baseman for the Dodgers injured a NY Muts (Mets) player during a hard take-out slide during Game 2 of the National League Divisional Playoffs..
~ "Ayy, get da' fuck out of my way!  No Fuck yooos'! I'm from NY!"

It is a slide to break up a double play that has been done a million-billion times in the last 115+ years of modern baseball and because someone got injured.. strike that..  a player who plays for the shittiest city with the most god-awful classless people in the country, but nonetheless the media capital.. New York...

Now this insignificant event became front page news across the country and the story Everyone had to give their stupid 2-cents opinion.  Some New Yorker scum actually wanted to physically harm Utley over it and the NYC newspapers simply ran with such irresponsible comments because sensationalism sells..

Would Utley play?  How would the Muts respond?  Would they retaliate - start a fight or just hit him on purpose with a pitch?  On and on the stories went and Utley, an extremely quiet mild-mannered person became 'enemy of the week'
~ "Wife thinks I'm picking up milk but I'm secretly hunting for bitches (dogs)"

The LA Dodgers themselves were such Fucking cowards over the incident and feared the rat rabble at Shea Stadium that their manager benched Utley for games 3 & 4 even though they appealed the suspension..  

Finally Utley was given a token at-bat in the 9th inning of game 5 last night which saw the Dodgers lose the series to the Muts 3 games to 2..

Now the slide heard around the world occurred on October 10th..

Meanwhile, only one day previous, October 9th, one person was killed and another was injured after a gunman opened fire at Texas Southern University on Friday in the second campus shooting of the day. The shooting came just hours after an 18-year-old student at Northern Arizona University killed one and wounded three
~ "RRrr.. Why did I choose to drive into the city at rush hour?  Rrrr.."

How many remember that?  It was only a week ago

We don't care what your position is on gun control or any political issue relating, but that should have been the big news story that engulfed the media's attention last weekend..

But its not 'fun' and advertisers don't enjoy when media cover tragedy so those killings got the bump and Utley's hard and legal slide into the idiot Muts player who didn't get out of the way became Trending Topic #1 for the next 3-4 days..

Its this idiocy why we often go into 'hiding' from the news and specifically how its presented.
~ "Hey Kid!  Want to hop into my car?  I got chocolate..."

Forced to act like grizzled hermits we are as we keep TV news (especially cable TV), magazines and most Internet news sites at a long arm's distance as all these entities continually dumb themselves

 A shameful competition to attract the vapid eyeballs of short-term interest millennials with heads in cell phones as they assume the servant body posture (standing/walking while head continually tilted downward as if greeting a Master)

So we will try out bestest to continue posting and being that flickering lighthouse beacon on blunt honesty in a dark foreboding maelstrom of media distortion, economic lies and Systematic social control

Stay loyal to us because we are loyal to you.