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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What is TRUE Passion?

Today we're going to talk a little bit about an emotion that quite frankly most people are completely devoid of outside of sports fandom..


So what is true 'Passion'?  And we are not speaking about some lustful Casanova-like spider monkey pumping his partner in every porno position possible

Nor are we talking about the hunger to go out and make as much money as humanly possible to buy as many objects or 'things' as possible so when you die, it all stays when you go to heaven, hell or whatever non-believers believe..

Really now.. what is true Passion?
It is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an Intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something or some outcome

It requires at times singular focus; a dedication and a deep belief no matter what others may think in the rightness of your cause.

It is something that brings up the 'RRRRRrrrr' from your inner-spirit when everyone else is going 'ho-hum'

Maybe a lot of people have this passion inside them.. Who knows..

Sure as shit not to many really allow it to come out!
Maybe its the fear of offending or making waves or some person or entity that has the power of the 'hammer' to slam down economic or other consequence..

Funny how its totally acceptable in society to get bat-shit crazy over a football team and whether the coach should have done this or that on 4th down and Goal..

But not so 'cool' to get in a fury over something far more important and affecting us all like the poisonous permeation of Political Correctness which has seeped into every part of this society for at least the last 25 years..
It is OK to feel passion toward King and Country..  Oopsie, meant President (we can't tell the difference sometimes)     Wave those flags back n forth.. Wave em'..  Come on now!!  Wave Them!  Wave!  WAVE!

Just not acceptable to feel passionate about how truly outside the parameter we are kept as individuals and society from having direct access to our leaders and even the greater corporate media conglomeration..

Angry about something?  Want to vent?  Here ya' go..  140 characters or less...

Or express your feelings a comment pen (think ostrich) or pit or coop (think chicken) that no one reads yet requires you to divulge ample amount of personal information in order to register..
Maybe you are deeply angry about something you heard on political talk or local sports radio..  Just give them a call.. 1-800-555-DOPE..   Then sit on hold for 10.. 20.. 30 minutes before you get your 20-30 seconds to argue your points..

Of course the MFs on the radio get 20 hours a week to keep saying their opinions repeatedly nonstop to the masses listening in their cars..  Not quite 'equal' is it?

And God help anyone who expresses passion on any topic that another can not relate in any way to..

No quicker or more powerful a way to feel like an utter loony-loon then to interact with someone detached, even when it is you who are the Sane one trying to fight the good fight in a world so deeply apathetic to everything outside their doorstep.
We at A&G are Deeply Passionate..

Passionate about the state of the domestic and global economy..

Passionate about the desire to see real Change and not the bullshit meaning politicians like Obama spew every election then do nothing

Passionate about seeing the super-wealthy take a nice economic punch or two or three to the gut and those heavily invested in the market to suffer a serious comeuppance
Passionate in the fight against Political Correctness and this complete utter fear of offending so everything must be sugar-coated and changed/altered (Ex: the perfectly acceptable name 'Redskins' not being used by some) like we're all emotional children or simple-jack Retards

Passionate that the Individual in society not only matters but is very Important; Individual thought and belief and expression vs the Collective.   And if the values shared between the two are one and the same, let it be because the Individual came to that conclusion on his/her own

Passionate that we do not want any person, group or entity to tell us what to do, what to think, how to act, or make us feel like failures or old maids because we're not married with 2.5 kids and furnishing our home by the time we're 30...
Passionate in knowing that when we are told what to do, unless it is by a loved one like a parent, it is hardly Ever with our best interests at heart but merely to establish social control and doing all we can to wake people up to those often subtle mechanisms..

It is pure Passion which has kept A&G going for 61 months with a large, loyal and devoted following who haven't wavered in support of us when we are 100% free and have proudly never charged or profited a penny off our readership!

The greater System does not care what you think or feel and really doesn't want to be bothered unless its for their benefit such as answering polls, taking surveys and for a lucky few, participating as a Neilsens' TV family

Everything else, no one in the powerful political and corporate media conglomerate world give two bleeps whether you like the way they govern, the crap they put on TV or their PC decisions..

Ex: That wretched social-engineering network ESPN having a token woman as a color-commentator for a playoff baseball game just to make some kind of meaningless 'history' (as happened last night during the Yankees-Astros game)
We don't have a magic wand or a quick-clever answer how to wake people from there dormancy and re-ignite their Passion to get angry and pro-active about the causes and beliefs they care about..

Certainly wish we do but...

All we can do is keep doing here what we're doing and take comfort in the fact we know we've touched and helped wake up at least some of you

And that just fuels our passions even more..