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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Giving Some Context to Yesterday's Post i.e.Terror List

We know yesterday's post was pretty long..

Trust us, if we could have had it our way, the list of terror attacks by Muslims upon innocent people would have been zero and thus nothing for you to read..

But 98 incidents in a span of 22 months is A Lot..  And mind you, these all were events the press at least covered to some degree.

Of course admittedly most of these atrocities we either were not aware of or had forgotten

Its all part of the Obama strategy of treating terror as a normal part of every day life like witnessing a car accident, and even when a 9/11-sized event were to occur, to treat it as if it was nothing and everyone just move along
There are many Democrats who right or wrong, felt Bush over-hyped and over-played 9/11 where the tragedy was used as an excuse for dramatically changing the nation i.e. invasion of Iraq, Patriot Act, etc.. so no way was the current regime in office going to do that..

The rise of terror among the Islamic animals has increased rather dramatically from the 1980s to the present..

Back in the 80's, the number of incidents was 15 and the names of some the events still resonate in peoples' minds, especially those who are in their 30s and older..

--  US Embassy Bombing of Beirut in 1983.. 307 American soldiers dead, 75 injured

--  Lockerbie Bombing in Scotland - 1988..  270 dead
In the 1990's, the number of terror-murder incidents increased to a total of 31..

We couldn't even begin to count the complete list from 2000 to the present but as we said, 88 incidents from January, 2014 to this moment..

Some may argue by declaring a war on terror after 9/11, all we did is exacerbate the situation and increase the number of incidents and fatalities'

Others could equally argue that when you take the 12 terror attacks from 2000 up to September 11th and add to it the 46 previous, that took 58 unjustified global attacks on innocents for the US and world to finally wake up to a problem that wasn't going away..

Just depends on one's politics we suppose..
We do know today all the news of war and killing and bombs and self-detonation just blend together like a never ending stock market ticker

Just think how you read yesterday's post..  

In the beginning of the list, you probably read every word.. Then you began to skim..  then focus only on the kill/wounded numbers.. Then even that blends into a haze where lives lost forever are just 'stats' and its a quick skip and jump to the very end of the post..

Don't feel bad.. its normal.

The human mind can picture 1 or 2 or 10 of something..  people, donuts..
It can not picture 5,000 specific 'things' at once and it can not retain an on-going tally of that size and scope

The last thing we ever want to see in the US is what's going on in France or other parts of Europe..

Post WWII, the racial and ethnically pristine nations of Europe made the genuinely Stupid decision to allow people of its former colonies to enter in a massive flux and dilute centuries of what was to be French or English or German or Nordic..

And along with that, came the Muslims..  They infiltrated everywhere..  Scotland, Belgium, Sweden..  They didn't just 'settle' like other people of different backgrounds or religions.. They established bases for purposes of coordination
So thanks to socially liberal policies of openness and tolerance and acceptance, Europe is once again a war zone where anyone can be killed by a Muslim monster at any moment

The killers live among the innocent; the wolves among the sheep

And unfortunately in the US it is exactly the same situation --  Years of mass migration of Islamic people into this nation and a current President who would not only bend backward but twist into a pretzel if it meant allowing more potential killers in under the guise of sanctuary

Even more unfortunate is that it doesn't matter who is President next..  Hillary.. Trump..  No one has the guts to do what is truly needed to protect this nation from needless terror on our home soil..
So don't expect any magical fix after 2016.

To change US policy of Muslims, you need to see a dramatic change in US population mindset and sadly that comes about when events that no one wants to see come to fruition with consistency..

Its a horrible Catch-22..  Nothing bad happens again within our borders but we're always to live with the fear of when will the Islamic cult-people strike and try to function as normal as possible

Or there's a lot of terrible things that occur that finally provokes the proper policy, we start rounding them up and in many cases, deporting them back and the PC pieces of garbage are shut up like they were for about a year after 9/11

Neither option is appealing.
Its like with France this week..  Notice they know exactly where to target their military and police forces to bomb training camps and shoot/kill the Muslim scum who planned and participated in last week's tragedy..

Well imagine if they had done this massive sweep of the sewer rats last week at this time last week instead of waiting for the events of Friday the 13th to give them the go-ahead by their government

And of course few to none took bin Laden serious until after 9/11

We at A&G are more pro-active than Presidents and Prime Ministers,. Some policy decisions and delays thereof we will never understand