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Monday, November 16, 2015

Grieving Paris, Murderous Muslims & Re-Writing "Imagine"

~ Photo taken August, 1915.. Paris

How was everyone's weekend?

 Anything news-worthy happen while we were away?

Of course there was..


As horrible and terrible and genuinely sad it is to see what happened over there to those innocent people and the emotional after-shocks which will affect hundreds of millions throughout the Western world..
There are still aspects which are very interesting to observe and it is not meant in a condescending or black-humor way..

When 9/11 occurred, I observed several things beyond the carnage:

1)  The US government immediately went out of its way to get people shopping and spending by using the very pathetic catchphrase that if you stay home or don't shop or don't travel, you're helping the terrorists win

2)  The US government also immediately went out of its way to protect Muslims and use celebrities during the telethon held at the end of that week to proclaim that Islam was a religion of "peace"
The lie was pushed Incessantly..

Even dug up a shaky Muhammad Ali to mumble some incoherent words to that effect while Will Smith propped him up  (Smith played Ali in a film which was released around that time)

Fourteen years later and the world, especially the younger generation of imbeciles are more politically correct and conscious/fearful of saying the "wrong" thing that might offend

So even amid all the lives lost in Paris and the fact the perpetrators were part of ISIS and they proudly took credit and every single terrorist act around the world since the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 has been by Arab Muslims..

In NYC.. In London.. In Madrid..  In Paris.. etc..
Even with all this, there's still many pathetic, worthless little worms out there who Refuse to blame Muslims or find fault with Islam

Nope.. Not gonna do it..

They've been taught or as expressed before, indoctrinated by the public school system and the various forms of entertainment out there to never judge anyone..

Never connect dots..

The mindset of imbecility is not exclusive to Millennials (the teens and 20-something nitwits who unfortunately are the world's future
Back in the 1930s the world did not want a second war after the horrors of the first..

So they bent over backward to rationalize, excuse and accommodate the Germans..

They forgave the war reparations debt and other loans from the government previous to the Nazis..

American businesses and banks in particular pro-actively got involved in the rebuilding of the Third Reich even after it passed law after law taking away basic human rights of some of its citizenry..

And everyone sought to please and appease as Hitler swallowed up Austria, the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia without a shot fired

Only when Poland was invaded did the world finally stop living in a fantasy-dream and wake up to the reality of where things stood in Sept 1939
And so many today are in a fantasy dream-like state, its sickening

I read somewhere that John Lennon's "Imagine" was played to honor the victims

What a utter fucking bullshit song that has ever been created!

The only song in the history of the 20th century more insipid and more of a total propagandistic LIE is that famous song/commercial where a bunch of happy zombies of every race, culture and walk of life sing "I'd like to buy the world a Coke.." as they walk in Fascist lockstep unison..

These are One World/ New World Order songs..
The message being everyone come together, love each other, integrate, assimilate and impregnate each other and we will all dissolve the territorial, religious and cultural boundaries keeping us from being One people..

God, I hate Hippies!

Of course the dope-smoking draft-dodging cowards of yesteryear are now old and grey, wrinkle-faced and impotent (even with Viagra)

But they did a good job of poisoning the thinking process of the next generation which is how the PC movement was born in 1989 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of 1969's "Summer of Love"

The PC people along with white guilters will say, it doesn't matter if Islamic terrorists kill a million people.. ten million people.. You can't blame the religion or the Quran for the murders of Christians and Jews..

You must be tolerant and not quick to judge..
Wonder how many Paris-like incidents have to happen in close time proximity to get the majority of people to shift to a Hate Islam mindset, demand their government deal with the Muslim infestation in their nation and put the PC appeasers in their place?

Everyone wants to tweet condolences, as if the dead can get Twitter from heaven then translate it from French to English

They're all hollow..  "My heart goes out to the families..    "They will be remembered..

And when some tweet things like "May the killers be killed themselves along with all others of their cult-faith", you get a maelstrom of "you are a racist" responses
You can't publicly express you want killers killed..

Nope - they must be "brought to justice"

Obama expresses sorrow and 'outrage'..  How nice..  Then let the mass immigration of fucking Syrians into the US continue..

They like to say the evil-doers hate our freedom.. our liberty..

Maybe they just hate Jesus and all those who believe in him...   Ever think of that?

We know they hate all Jews so not even worth the time expanding on that..
And maybe because their cult-faith is so backward, that even while technologically they live in 2015, they still see the world and their dealings with the West through a 1215 prism..

And no amount of "All we are sayin'.. Is give peace a chance" bullshit John Lennon songs will change things.

Leopards do not change their spots and scorpions do not stop stinging when an opportunity emerges..

In a perfect world, all Muslims would be expelled from the US as well as the west, forced to live and enjoy their oppressive, suffocating faith among their own kind

Of course we in the West would stop meddling in Middle East affairs other then securing oil and protecting Israel, and you'd have a world where each group stays among their own
It is as good a fantasy to hope for as others look at 'We are the World'..

To end this post, here's how I would re-write the lyrics to 'Imagine':


"Imagine there is a country..  Where Muslims did not belong

Where children could safely laugh.. And play and sing silly songs

Imagine all the people..  No longer living in fear

You can say I'm a dreamer..  But I'm not the only one..

A place free of Islam..  And true peace just begun"