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Friday, November 20, 2015

How ISIS Funds its Operations & War Lessons from Forrest

Ever wonder how ISIS funds its operations?

Simple.. three little letters..  O.. I.. L

In case you can't see the chart above too clearly, we will explain it..

Right now of all the oil Iraq produces daily, ISIS owns 30,000 barrels of it thanks to seizure

It also has control of 50,000 barrels that Syria produces.
So ISIS then takes those 80,000 barrels which equal 1.52 million gallons of gasoline after converted from crude oil, and sells on the black market for $40/barrel which undercuts legitimate sales by over 50%

This still brings in $3.2 million daily between Syria and Iraq's oil, or $97 million monthly..

This allows ISIS to fund its military and terrorist attacks — and to attract more recruits from around the world, including here in the US

Obama has been slow or unwilling to understand that you have to seriously go after the oil fields in order to inflict economic damage on them

Putin certainly understands..
In the last few days alone, Russia Air Force have destroyed dozens of ISIS oil trucks with the nation destroying over 500 trucks thus far in total..

Why has the US been avoiding attacking the oil fields?

Pentagon officials acknowledged that for more than a year they avoided striking tanker trucks to limit civilian casualties.  As explained, "None of these guys are ISIS. We don’t feel right vaporizing them, so we have been watching ISIS oil flowing around for a year,”

That policy changed finally changed on Nov. 16, three days after the Paris attacks when four U.S. attack planes and two gunships destroyed 116 oil trucks.
So we allowed ISIS to profit off its oil for over a full year because we chose to delineate one Muslim life from another instead of doing what is necessary in the name of a bigger picture

Just another example of a half-assed Syria and ISIS strategy where we are afraid to commit ground troops or do anything to genuinely fight the animals..

Reminds us so much of how Vietnam was fought in the early years when only advisers were present on ground,,,

LBJ thought he could just drop bombs and act like he had the power to determine precisely where they would land..  And the Texas prick was so fearful of civilian casualties - hitting schools, etc that he'd actually instruct his Sec of Defense McNamara not to go at many specific VC targets that would ultimately kill US fighting men..
But that's what happens when peacock politician-civilians who never served in the military are made Commander in Chief simply because they won an election..

To quote General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the greatest cavalry commander in North American history:   "War means fighting and fighting means killing"

Without that simple understanding and genuine commitment to that course of action, no military can ever defeat a more determined foe..  You can not defeat an enemy the way you pick pieces of individual rice from a bowl

That is the lesson of Korea and Vietnam and this War on Terror..
Few to none are committed to doing the necessary things i.e. the messy un-PC things to ensure the terrorists are vanquished and eliminate domestic threats on soft targets

Its called 'Total War'; political considerations are not part of any equation..

Once when Forrest was told that his Confederate forces were surrounded in front and to the rear by Union cavalry, his immediate response was "Then we will charge both ways!' and did so, saving his entire cavalry to fight another day..

Until we have a President either with that Forrest-like mindset or has the guts to choose a man or woman to lead US forces who sees things as clearly, this pseudo 'war' on terror will just go on and on and become one big multi-decade blur..