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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Individualist vs Collectivist Explained..

In today's post we're going to explain in simplified terms the difference between someone who is a true Individual and someone who is part of the collective called a Collectivist

Its important to understand not only the difference but that there IS a major difference between the two in how each looks at the world, and the person you think you are, really may in fact be the opposite.

Individuals basically derive their sense of self-worth and approval from within while a Collectivist needs acceptance and positive reinforcement from the greater society at large.

Now before we continue, we are sure already we've confused some people.
Because they do not understand the nature of collectivism, some people will often argue that individualism and collectivism are not mutually exclusive or separate from one another because individuals require groups in order to survive and thrive.

But you see a 'group' and collective are not one and the same..

The core fundamental of collectivism is the use of psychological coercion or physical force to compel participation..  A group does not have to be collectivist. Any group can and should be voluntary.

Collectivism however is NOT voluntary., therefore, collectivism and individualism are indeed mutually exclusive and separate...
Also, Collectivists and individualists cannot exist in the same space at the same time without eventually coming into conflict. There is simply no way around it.

For example, Collectivists often boast of the social and economic “harmonization” that collectivism creates, such as with race relations where blacks & whites 'happily' get along together and procreate in a happy multicultural existance..

The reality is that artificially rigged harmony (Affirmative Action, Job Quotas for blacks, scholarships solely for black applicants, etc..) is NO harmony at all.

If people are Forced to homogenize (school busing, integration of neighborhoods) and get along through fear (loss of job, reputation smeared), then peace has not truly been accomplished.
Human beings must come to their own conclusions on cooperation and tolerance in their own time. They cannot be manipulated and shoehorned into a “utopian” framework. Problems will always result when people are Forced to get along and go along without any voice to protest..

So here in this example, the thoughts, feelings, wishes and wants of the Individual must be Crushed and Smothered, so the wants and wishes of the collective can dominate the discourse.  No public debate can ever allow the Individual a fair say, especially involving equal time.

Economic harmonization is even less practical, with government force inevitably used to confiscate resources from one group to give to another group (taxation, zero-interest savings), essentially punishing success or frugality. This creates an environment in which achievement becomes less desirable.
When people do not have individual incentive to pursue achievement, they see personal effort as wasted. Innovation and entrepreneurship fall by the wayside, and society as a whole begins to diminish in prosperity.

If individual accomplishment and ingenuity is stiffled, the collective group is nothing but a hollow mindless pasture of sheeple (sheep people that obey and go 'Baaahh'..

Collectivists rely greatly on the force of a well-aimed mob to convince the general public they have the consensus position; that they are in the majority.

A good example are people in the print and visual media who pretend their point of view is the majority or mainstream view, then back each other while it turns out they're a small minority who has control of who gets to hear, read and see what
Collectivists understand that the average person does not want to be seen as too contrary to the majority. They understand that the majority view matters to the public, even if the majority view is utterly wrong.

If collectivists can convince enough people that their ideology is the majority view, they know that many people will blindly adopt that ideology as their own in order to fit in.

The lie of consensus then becomes a self perpetuating prophecy. This problem will remain forever a danger as long as people continue to care at all about the majority view.
A collectivist society cannot allow citizens to have any loyalties beyond their loyalty to the group or the state so individual liberties must be degraded or removed, as per the constant reinterpretation of the Constitution as a “living document.”

Religious institutions must be painted as shameful affairs for stupid barbaric cave-people (totally OK to accept that God is "Love" but also perfectly alright to ignore the other 98% of the Bible and its proclamations...

And most importantly the family unit must be broken apart.

This is done through economic depravity so pronounced that families never see each other because the parents are too busy taking on too many jobs to make ends meet and working 25-50% of the year for the Government (taxes).
It is also through state influence over children through public schooling Amazingly the government has control over your children for 2,340 days between K-12 (this equals 6.4 years), and through identity politics and propaganda which create sexual and racial conflicts out of thin air.

The Individual thinks and believes as he/she wishes.  They are not trying to convince others to join them and they are not looking to join up with others..

Collectivism almost always utilizes a theory called “futurism” in order to appeal to the young.

The theory, which was a leading philosophy behind the rise of fascism, proclaims that all new ideas are superior in their social usefulness, history is to be revised and all old ideas and beliefs should be abandoned like so much dead skin.
According to futurism, those who cling to old ideas and principles are an obstacle to the progress of society as a whole.

You know the BS:  'Today is better than Yesterday and Tomorrow will ALWAYS be better than Today!'

Younger adherents of collectivism latch onto futurism almost immediately.

See, if all new ideas are superior, and all old ideas are barbaric, and younger people are the purveyors and consumers of everything new, then this means that it is the youngest generations that are the wisest, and the village elders that are naïve.
Think about how many movies and TV shows are made where stupid teenagers or children save the world since of course adults who are smarter and stronger are to be made to look woefully inept.

By default, the young become the village elders without them ever having to struggle, make sacrifices, learn hard lessons, suffer loss, rise to challenges, or accomplish anything.

The enticing nature of this sudden groundswell of cultural respect is simply far too much for the average person college age or younger to ignore. Collectivism gives the young what they think they want, then uses them as tools for greater conquests.

Individuals question the world around them and those in it.. They are curious, motivated and don't accept the answers the System provides them without double-checking..
Collectivism requires the homogenization of society, to the point that individualism is frowned upon and success is treated as negligible.

Whether it is public schools lowering standards to the point that students with little or no reading comprehension graduate, or businesses being forced to lower standards in the name of racial “diversity” while rejecting employees with superior skill sets because they do not belong to a designated victim group.

Or government institutions like the military lowering physical standards to accommodate far weaker candidates in the name of “gender parity” while putting every soldier’s life at risk in the process, we are constantly being asked to accommodate the lowest common denominator instead of reaching for the highest level of excellence.
Individuals believe in open competition, fairness and may the best individual win..

Individualists are also often criticized and punished for thinking or acting outside the box; coming up with an option 'C, D and E' when the Collectivist wants to control the debate at all times by establishing parameters, what is 'A' and what is 'B'

Perfectly OK to call a sports radio talk show and complain about whether your football team should run or pass more, or whether QB X is good or not..
Just don't talk about the hypocrisy of complaining about Cowboys' Greg Hardy's domestic violence rap sheet when just about Every NFL team has had thugs, felons and scumbags on it that hometown fans passionately cheer for or how the gf may have partially deserved it for being a gold digger...

That's too 'Individual' an argument for sports...

Sorry Charlie but no attractive sexy young white woman dates, has sex with and/or marries a black athlete for love or because the two have a lot in common..  She wants that money and he wants that status trophy

So which are you.. the Individualist or the Collectivist?

Do you march to the beat of your own drummer or wait for everyone else to take a step before you take yours?

Do you care what people think?  Would you risk losing your job or even more for your beliefs?  Or is there a line in the sand in which you fold?

Its not special thing to be Collectivist folks..

Like blades of grass or leaves on a tree..