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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Latest Iowa Poll Numbers for GOP Candidates

The most recent polling numbers in Iowa for the Republican nominee candidates came out and we thought it would be as good an opportunity to make some comments on each candidate

We'll start with Donald Trump who is in the lead with 30%

We were starting to worry about the Donald, especially after he went on enemy turf to appear on Saturday Night Live, the most overly liberal biased show on all of television..

That show does not mind hiring token blacks but god-forbid it ever hires a token conservative writer or two to scour and degrade Democrat values like they historically go after Republicans with full claws..
Anyways, Trump did two things this week which we liked..

1)   He stated would not be opposed to, a) keeping a national database of Muslims, and b) requiring Muslim Americans to carry ID cards.

Sorry folks but the US has been involved in an ongoing War on Muslim Terror for over 14 years with absolutely no end in sight and as we've written ad nauseum, 100% of all attacks that would be defined as 'terrorist' since 1995 have been perpetrated by those of that belief system.

If/when ISIS or some other entity starts going after US soft targets like in Paris, expect ultimately that to take place (even if a Democrat is in office)   Protecting the lives of everyday American citizens ultimately 'trumps' academic arguments of constitutionality
2)  Unlike the cowardly Bernie Sanders who a few months ago allowed one of his political speeches to be hijacked by two black water buffalo women shouting 'black lives matter'. Trump was more defiant..

He told the fat black disruptor "Get out of here!" and then as police escorted the troublemaker, Trump while unfazed proceeded to taunt the guy  before launching into a story about a "seriously obese" man who disrupted a previous rally.

PS:  Black lives do NOT matter any more than Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian lives.. Never have.. Never will..
In second place in the poll is Ted Cruz at 21%..

Admittedly we know next to nothing on the man..  Actually had to Wikipedia the guy to have something to write..

It says he's a junior Senator from Texas but was born in Canada..  Calgary no less (Go Flames!)

Hmm, I didn't know non-US born individuals could become President..  Well at least he was born in the same continent..  

Gotta say we agree with many of his positions/stands..  Certainly not all but, especially on foreign policy, opposing gun control and being against marijuana, we're in agreement..
~ And we thought Hillary was a deeply ugly woman...  Yikes!

In third place is Ben Carson with 19%

We like him as well but admittedly it did seem a bit weird how determined he was to prove to voters he stabbed someone in the 4th grade and was once a 'bad' kid...

Usually one doesn't go so out of their way as a political candidate to shine a light on their own closet skeletons .. It's either admirable or highly fucked up..
~ Rubio's wife is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader so that's a plus..

In fourth place in the current Iowa poll is Marco Rubio with 11%

Personally, we think he'd make a very good VP selection but just don't feel the President nominee vibe about him..

He's actually the same age as Cruz (44 yrs old) and both men are of Cuban descent..  The biggest difference in the two being that Cruz is Protestant and Rubio is Catholic

It says in Wikipedia, "As part of the bipartisan "Gang of Eight" in the Senate, Rubio co-authored the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 to give illegal immigrants a pathway to legal status"

Big No-No..  He also supports among other things involvement in Syria, the NSA and less regulations for big business..  Ugh..
~ 'Stuck between a rock (George W) and a hard ass (McCain)'

In 5th place with 5% is Jeb Bush..

We'll try to put aside the fact that anyone who was or currently is a governor of a southern state who takes down the Confederate flag is a piece of shit

Its obvious in his body language and what he doesn't say that he really does not want to be running and would be more than happy to bow out after losses in Iowa and New Hampshire

Maybe if his name was anything but Bush, he'd be polling better but then again if his name was anything but, he wouldn't have that powerful political and financial apparatus behind him from the beginning either
~ The Nancy Pelosi of the GOP.. Both deeply ugly and scary as hell..

In 6th is Carly Fiorina at 4%..  

The only thing I know about her is while head of Hewlett Packard, she obtained then systematically destroyed the Compaq brand, caused a lot of turbulence as CEO and when forced out was given a golden parachute worth over $20 million in cash and stock options as a 'reward' for being incompetent

Oh yes, she was also economic advisor to that rotten old cadaver John McCain back in 2008 when he unsuccessfully run

All the other dozen or candidates don't matter until they start polling better..

Just 354 days before Presidential Election folks..  Until then, enjoy this week and Turkey Time~