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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Latest Republican Nominee Poll.. What to take if anything from it?

Today we're back to more G-rated wholesome areola-covered fun so that should make everyone breathe out a big Wheww..

NBC along with Wall Street Journal revealed a new national poll today that shows softly-spoken Ben Carson, with 29% of the GOP primary voters polled, is ahead of Donald Trump (23%) for the first time in the campaign, tripling his support since July (and as WSJ reports is the first Republican to top 50% when voters 2nd and 3rd choice are combined).

On the other side of the scale, Jeb Bush's support is collapsing as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (11%) accelerate.

So what does this all mean?
Well, personally it means absolutely nothing because today is November 3, 2015, the New Hampshire Primary is Feb 9, 2016 (60+ days away) and Super Tuesday is March 1st

So figure by the beginning of March there will be at best three Republican nominee candidates and that's around the time all this even begins to matter...

But if we stop at that, it makes for an awfully short posting..

So let's pretend the poll has special meaning of some kind..  What is it saying?
1) Republicans are starting to get tired of Donald Trump the personality and want to start seeing much more of Trump the candidate.

It doesn't help things he will be hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday night (11/7)

Oh sure it helps NBC and SNL get solid ratings but the show is 100% scripted so its not like the Donald will ever get in a word that talks sincerely about why he is running, and we already know the man can take endless ridicule and vitriol and show zero signs it bothers him in any way.

Just seems like a clown move to promote the Trump brand and people do not want a President like that.

At this moment if the Republican Primary took place in my state, I would vote Trump but I am not married to the man & I want to see more substance and he taking the process more serious.
2)  If Carson does end up the Republican nominee it will show that those 'evil' and 'racist' conservatives support blacks to be their elected leaders just as easily as Democrats think they've shown..

Of course when around 98% of all black Democrats vote one color in the 2008 primaries while the Caucasian vote was more evenly divided, maybe more Dems at the time (and now) were more hesitant to elect one of 'them' then willing to openly admit.

I personally like Ben Carson and a lot of his views but there's a couple which are absolute no-no's, like this absurd GOP fantasy of rolling back the clocks to the 1920s when there was no welfare, social security or medicare.  

Might as well keep going back in time to the 1860s and try to historically revise that period..
3)  I also like Rubio so far..  Admittedly I don't know a lot about him but last week he polled at 4% so I didn't have to know anything..

I do know being Hispanic is a nice thing to be in 2015 National politics and while I don't see him ultimately winning the GOP nod outright, I definitely see him sought out by whoever does win as VP nominee..

Imagine if its Carson/Rubio as a ticket versus pasty white Hillary and some lapdog she can control.. Who ever could have ever thought the Republican ticket would represent so much racial and ethnic diversity...
4)  Jeb Bush is tired.. He's bloated..  He's a tubby-fat shell of what he was 15 years ago and there's really no reason he should be running now..

I bet even he is always thinking in the back of his mind, 'What am I doing here? ..  Just 2 more months than I can bow out with dignity...'

The time for Jeb to have run was in 2000.. He was younger, far more energetic, Governor of Florida and he had cache..  

But the political backdoor powers that be decided to support George and no doubt Jeb was cajoled into running as a way to clean up the legacy his brother tarnished.  
That's not to say 'W.' was not a decent President overall..  It will just take about 50-60 years like it did with Truman when all the biased people die out, for people to start to see it..

So we'll see..

Personally my focus is more on things that matter which are coming closer on the schedule such as this weekend's slate of NFL games, honoring the memory of WWI veterans who have been pushed aside on Veterans Day which is really Armistice Day (11/11) and of course Thanksgiving prep..

So politically speaking, wake me up after Christmas