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Thursday, November 5, 2015

"NativeAmericansDignityMatter" (Only when a Corp.can Profit off it)

If our forefathers; our collective ancestors from the time of the formation of this great American nation could come back from the dead and observe the present, they would be absolutely Revolted...

They'd be sickened, disgusted, ashamed and every other appropriate word to describe a society that ran amok and which was fixated on revising all historical facts and events we in the present find PC-offensive...

So many examples but once again we will focus on the American Indian.

We read today that Adidas, showing themselves to be as scummy a corporation as Nike always has been, is offering to do all it can to remove "Native American" representations from sports teams..
President Oreo cookie expressed his support..  Of course he did..  He is an empty soulless politician; a sepia-toned mulatto with a white voice and negroid hair who is proud to be black but not equally proud of Caucasian part..

The Washington Redskins of course accurately expressed Adidas' hypocrisy..

From Washington Post:

 “Adidas make hundreds of millions of dollars selling uniforms to teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and the Golden State Warriors, while profiting off sales of fan apparel for the Cleveland Indians, Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves and many other like-named teams.”

Over the last 50 years, there has been a concerted makeover or intentional historical revisionism of the Indian..  From bloodthirsty savage animal that would attack peaceful white settlers, kill the men, rape the women and abduct the children to that of peaceful shamen and environmentalists..

Garbage like 'Dances With Wolves' only helped to visually push the illusion which really is all it is..

No different than say Angelina Jolie -- people think she is so lovely, elegant and refined, doing philanthropic work and being a good mother to her children..

They forget that she was (and maybe still is) a Heavy drug user.. Not marijuana.. We're talking heroin..

She also used to carry a vial of her brother's blood on a necklace she wore often and expressed a eerie incestuous-like love for him publicly and while pretending she was heterosexual had a very long-term love relationship with another woman (which shows a low character because she intentionally hid it so not to hurt her career)

So don't think for a second this kind of makeover can't occur with a whole group of people as well as for individuals!!
~ "Indians Gambling for the Possession of a Captive"

We've written about this before and the truth is still the truth:  Most people absolutely positively do not give two shits about the American Indian or any of the problems it is going through in real-life 2015!!

Adidas doesn't.. Nike doesn't..  President Deeply Insincere doesn't..

And the vast percentage of Americans are clueless and/or couldn't care less..

According to 2008 US Census projections, those who are American Indian and Alaska Natives without any mixed blood add up to 3.08 million of the total US population of 304 million (pop. is now over 317 million in 2015), or 1.01% of the nation's entire population
A study showed that 10.7% of Indians suffer from some kind of chronic alcohol abuse vs 7.6% of other ethnic groups with same disorder..

Think Adidas gives a shit?

American Indians live in extreme poverty especially compared to every other group, even blacks..

Their poverty rate is 25%, a statistic that has remained unchanged for decades..

Incomes of Native Americans tend to be low, and unemployment rates are usually high. For example, the unemployment rate on the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana has been a staggering 69%. This is in comparison to the American national unemployment rate of 6.7% as of 4 April 2014..
~ Depiction of the Indian Creek Massacre of 1832 in Illinois where between 40 and 80 Potawatomis and three Sauks attacked and killed fifteen settlers, including women and children

The US Census reports that the median income of Indian households based on a three-year average from 2003-2005 was $33,627.

What has insincere big-mouth President Asshole done in 7 years to help them?  And yet he feels the need to chirp in and support soulless multinational corporation Adidas...

In 2005, Native Americans recorded 14,037 deaths. This translates to 438.5 deaths per 100,000 individuals.

Within the United States region, Native American men have been found to be dying at the fastest rate of all people. The life expectancy of a Native American man is 71 years, six below the expectancy of a white male in the United States
~ Indians carrying off a white settler woman and her children

So how does changing the Washington Redskins football name change or improve ANY of this?

Or is it just meant for God-Damn cracker-white piece of shit Politically Correct do-gooders to feel they took a 'stand' then move on to the next trivial offense?!

In 2010, only 51% of all American Indian students completed high school school to obtain a degree!

That's a horrible stat..   Was it caused because they were so distraught over the Atlanta Braves' tomahawk chop?

No one really cares about the American Indian.. it is all lip service; all politically motivated bullshit to exert more power and influence on the daily culture and social apparatuses of our nation..
We just want to think of them the way we wish and not as they were.. Certainly not as they are

And those who lived through and suffered at the hands of these red-skinned Savages would look upon the white people today and if they could, spit on their faces!

Used to be things like civil rights and racial/ethnic and gender equality were pushed forth by the government and whether one agreed or no, the intentions were sincere and in the right place.

Today it is pushed by profit-hungry morally bankrupt corporations that only care about bottom line, profits and appeasing shareholders..
And it is good business to pretend to be inclusionary and care about everyone because everyone today possesses credit cards and debit cards and can equally get into crippling, never-ending debt spirals buying the products these entities sell

And if it takes a company 100% Pretending it gives a shit about Indians or Muslims or gay rights or stomp out all reference and meaning of Christmas to its shoppers to attract the Atheists, then that's what will be done..

And who would dare to criticize an athletic apparel company that sells overpriced clothes and shoes for defending the 'dignity' of those poor Indian creatures having their legacy disparaged by mean, evil white man??

Us for one.. We hate hypocrisy and this world is engulfed in it..