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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Obama: The Muslim Trojan Horse President

In yesterday's post we mentioned that while Obama expressed 'outrage' and other words of condolence for the victims of the Paris terror attacks, they were genuinely meaningless

Just empty platitudes; mere words..

Because as we expressed, no amount of human blood spilled at the hands of Muslim animals there or here will deter this MF'r of a President from making sure as many Syrian Muslims enter this nation has he can force through

Obama said, "That’s not American, it’s not who we are...  We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.”

We may not have religious tests when it comes to compassion but we sure have tests when it comes to matters of policy and protecting the safety and welfare of the citizenry from all threats domestic and abroad..
And that certainly includes situations where that foreign threat becomes a domestic one because the Oreo cookie wants to allow as many of his 'brothers and sisters' into the nation as humanly possible

The last time a President made a policy decision as absolutely idiotic as this was when Jimmy Carter was President and took in what was known as the Mariel boatlift, a mass emigration of Cubans who departed from Cuba's Mariel Harbor for the United States between April 15 and October 31, 1980.

The Cuban government had announced that anyone who wanted to leave could do so, and an exodus by boat started shortly afterward. The exodus was organized by Cuban-Americans with the agreement of Cuban president Fidel Castro.

The exodus started to have negative political implications for Carter when it was discovered that a sizable number of the refugees had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities.

By the time the agreement between the two countries ended, as many as 125,000 Cubans had made the journey to Florida
As expected, every Republican candidate has expressed his/her displeasure at Obama's policy, rightly expressing that ISIS' ultimate target is not Paris but US targets and the more Muslims we let in, the greater the chance something truly terrible could occur here involving our people

And of course that black donkey and his disgustingly old, wretched former Secretary of State Hillary both Refuse to refer to the killers in Paris or anywhere else as Islamic radicals.

The last known terrorist attack by someone who was not Muslim was back in 1995 in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh..

In 20 years, 7 months since the bombing, not a single non-Arabic Muslim has been responsible for any act of violence or terror where innocent men, women and children were needlessly killed to make a political point.
Every single person involved in the attempted destruction of the World Trade Center in 1993 and its successful culmination on 9/11/2001 was Muslim.   100%

Every single time US enlisted military have been shot and killed by one of their own since 9/11, the gunman was a Muslim.

Every single person involved in the carnage of Paris was Muslim.

It is a cult-faith of violence and intolerance toward Judeo-Christians; a belief system less real than Scientology or any other pretend dogma..  The ancient Egyptians' belief in cats as Gods was more spiritually True than that of Islam

And yet we have a piece of shit President who will do everything humanly possible to give the enemy sanctuary in our own home
He says it is 'shameful' that some people only want Syrian Christians to enter..

Its also shameful to intentionally ignore the Fact that not All Syrians are targets over there..

It is Only Syrian Christians who are being persecuted including mass beheadings at the hands of ISIS and it is for their belief in Christ not President Assad...

Maybe the only way to ensure our safety here in the US short of expelling all Muslims and sending them back from the origin of ancestry from which they came is to intern them..

A shocking suggestion but maybe ultimately a necessary one.
Political/historical revisionists love throwing up in people's faces how we the US interned all the Japanese during WWII and to get extra dramatic effect, enjoy using the term 'Concentration Camp' even though of course not a single Japanese was treated anywhere near those who suffered in Europe..

Maybe the problem back then wasn't we locked up the Japanese but we didn't also lock up the Germans..

During this period, there was a secret organization of Americans called the Bund who were Nazi supporters and it is estimated at one point it had over 200,000 supporter members..

Also, while North America was spared the destruction of total warfare (in WWII), both the Germans and the Japanese waged small-scale campaigns of bombing, sabotage and espionage on American soil
Examples include:

The Duquesne Spy Ring  -- The most sophisticated German espionage operation in the United States was established—and busted—before America even entered the war... the Duquesne spy ring gained significant intelligence on American shipping patterns, and even stole military secrets regarding the bomb sights used in American aircraft.

Operation Pastorius  --  The largest invasion of American soil during World War II came in the form of eight Nazi saboteurs sent to the United States on a doomed mission known as Operation Pastorius.

The men—all naturalized American citizens who were living in Germany when the conflict began—were tasked with sabotaging the war effort and demoralizing the civilian population through acts of terrorism.

In June 1942, U-boats secretly dropped the two four-man crews on the coast of Amagansett, New York, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Each team carried up to $84,000 in cash and enough explosives to wage a long campaign of sabotage.

The men had orders to attack transport hubs, hydroelectric power plants and industrial facilities. But before a single act of sabotage could ever take place, the mission was compromised when George John Dasch, one of the saboteurs from the New York group, chose to turn himself in to the FBI
So internment of Germans was 100% necessary!  Shame we didn't do it

See, when it comes right down to it, people do not want 'tolerance' and 'accepting' others differences, etc if it means their lives and that of those the love and care for are put in danger

Can't blame them..

And it is no secret that we at A&G absolutely Hate Obama, the President and the man; a disgusting, detestable Snake who is hellbent on destroying this nation from within every way he can possibly conceive.

We would most gladly and happily take Bill Clinton as President in a heartbeat instead of this prick.. He 100% loves America..

We would most giddily and excitedly take Joe Biden for a 14 month term in a heartbeat as well.. We believe he 100% loves America as well..

Scary times we're living in, especially when you can not trust the intentions of the one making the policy decisions that will possibly be the ruination of us all.