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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Spending Good $$ on Bad Sports Entertainment

We decided to publish Wednesday's post on Tuesday night so here ya are..

We at A&G were wondering the following:

Would you spend your hard-earned money to patron a restaurant that offered terrible food at exorbitant prices?  How many times would you go back before realizing things were never going to get better and your food would always taste awful?

Would you spend your hard-earned money on a dirty bedbug invested motel room?  Or a vehicle that wasn't very reliable to start up when pushing the ignition?  Or really any product or service of Inferior quality...

Then why do the collective You spend your hard-earned money to keep attending live sports of terrible, inept teams run by billionaires who don't give a F about anything but 'bottom line' and profit?
This phenomenon of spending good money to see bad product is not a rare instance among people; its something that happens continuously and admittedly we are baffled..

For instance last Sunday November 1st,  62,311 dopes in Chicago paid on average $84.43 a ticket to see their 2-4 football team lose and fall to 2-5..

Multiply 62,311 x $84.43 and it equals $5.26 million dollars..  The 'gate' is always divided up between home and away team 60/40 with home getting the 60 so that means the Bears' owner generated $3.156 million in revenue that Sunday by putting an inferior-talent team on the field.

Now what is the owner's incentive to spend an extra $10 million to upgrade the talent if maybe at best, home attendance might increase by another 500 people since Soldier Field was at maximum capacity already to support a turd of a team?
Now imagine if only 30,000 attended?  That would have meant TV blackout and loss revenue of over a million, and we're not even counting parking, concessions and souvenirs.

Chicago isn't the only city full of stupid people..

This past Sunday, 67,431 blue-collar idiots threw away their precious money to shout, cheer and drink $10 beer while rooting for a terrible team that by the final whistle of the loss, fell to 2-6

Using simple math based on example above, Cleveland's owner made $3.41 million by putting an inferior team on the field with horrendously puke-ugly uniforms that its stupid fan base loyally supports blindly and generationally

Now the idiocy of sports fans extends beyond football..  
Let's take the NBA... Specifically Philadelphians who we're sorry to say are among the biggest moron sports fans in all of the nation!

Their basketball team, the 76ers is by an absolute piece of Shit carpetbagger billionaire who made his wealth as a Vulture Capitalist buying up and destroying companies into bankruptcy like Gordon Gekko did in 'Wall Street' 

And over the last three seasons, the organization has intentionally tanked, or tried to put the absolute worst non-competitive team on the floor that a minimum salary cap could buy; its a team going nowhere with no real future..

And yet last year attendance averaged 13,900 tickets sold per game..
Now yes that was last in the NBA but still there were 13,900 lost souls in the Philadelphia vicinity who spent their valuable money to see a completely abysmal product.

13,900 x 41 home games means nearly 570,000 in total attendance to see a team last year that finished 18-64 and currently is 0-3 to start another miserable campaign...

So why do people do it?!

Why must people need to be so G-D entertained that they would spend money to see a genuinely awful product vs countless other opportunities and experiences to share with the family or to take a date??
More important, why in cities where sports franchises are historically putrid won't local sports media ever even make the suggestion that you know, maybe its best you do NOT attend and do NOT give these teams money you worked long and hard to earn??

Really..  Have you ever read an article in your local sports page or watched a sports personality on TV or heard one of those loud-mouth sports-talk blabbermouths who bitch & complain all the time ever express, 'Hey.. Perhaps you should stop going to see 'X' live'..  Perhaps your money takes away ownership's incentive to improve'?!!

Nope..  Because they're insincere and phony and all have a financial vested interest in you being pissed off but ehh.. not 'So' pissed off you stop listening and reading and following the team

Plus every sports team advertises in every local newspaper, TV and radio station so its a conflict of interest and if someone Did say what needed to be said, he/she would be fired
That's why its so much safer to complain all day about irrelevance like 'Why didn't Coach Z go for it on 4th down?' or get all excited about the draft and never look at the bigger picture.

The national political and financial media are no different..  They frame and control the parameters of every argument and discussion, and at no time are you allowed to so much think or express ideas like maybe we need a new system of government or a different way of picking a President or need to get rid of the Federal Reserve permanently...


Its more like.. 'Should interest rates be raised?' rather than 'Why is the Fed the arbiter who makes this decision?';  'Will it be the Republicans or Democrats who win the White House in '16?' instead of ''What needs to be done to make the Libertarian and other 3rd parties more competitive in the general election?"
And no one ever dares to tell you Not to vote.. unless being sarcastic of course..

Of course in truth, the less people who vote, the more your vote is worth;  once again using simple math, if you are 1 out of 5 people who get to vote, like say a committee, your vote is worth 20%..  If that committee is 50 people, your vote is now 2%

Now imagine how much your vote is worth when 100 million others cast theirs

But that's a posting for another day..