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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sports Leagues Pretending to Care about Veterans

~ 'Show you love your country... buy our stuff'

Yesterday I spent most of my day blowing leaves and what was left of it, was spent watching NFL football..

Seems November is Military Appreciation month and instead of wearing pink on the players & coaches' gear like was done in October for Breast Cancer Awareness (not Research toward a cure) everyone wore faux fatigue-like apparel on the sidelines..

Its funny.. a decade or so ago in 2003, a currently ex-player named Kellen Winslow Jr got into a heap of controversy for comparing himself to a soldier..  Now its OK for players and overweight coaches to dress up in camouflage looking gear and pretend they are soldiers..

The NFL among other sports must really care about military..
The NHL too.. This season before every singing of the American and/or Canadian National anthems, a veteran is allowed to stand next to the singer, make a salute signal and receive the crowd's applause

Such selfless patriotism!

And $10.4 Million doesn't hurt any...

That's what the military paid sports teams for patriotic celebration displays and troop tributes..

Actually the total could top $100 million spent by the Department of Defense (DOD) since 2012 if you count NASCAR sponsorship deals

Oh if only they came up with this idea in the 1960s for the Vietnam Vet
Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans from Arizona, conducted a study, and were concerned by the fact that the DOD could not account for large chunks of the money it spent.

While the report concedes that some of the money appears to have been spent on legitimate recruiting efforts, a large portion went to "paid patriotism" at games.

These paid tributes included on-field color guard, enlistment and reenlistment ceremonies, performances of the national anthem, full-field flag details, ceremonial MLB first pitches͕ and NHL puck drops.

Of the 122 contracts analyzed, 72 were for "paid patriotism," and most of those were sponsored by the Army National Guard.   Of the six contracts that McCain and Flake found particularly egregious, four were from the National Guard and two from the Air Force.
The six were:

--  The Air Force paid the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS for "recognition of five high ranking officers of the Air Force" in 2012, as well as four sets of sideline season tickets.

--  The National Guard paid the NFL's Seattle Seahawks in 2014 for a ceremony that allowed "up to 10 soldiers to re-enlist pregame on the field."

--  The Air Force bought 60 club-level tickets from the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals for $4,960.

--  The National Guard paid the NFL's Indianapolis Colts for the use of a suite, autographed items, field visits and appearances by cheerleaders.

--  The National Guard bought 40 lower-level center-court seats from the NBA's Indiana Pacers.

--  The National Guard bought an 18-person luxury box and an "executive-view" suite for 25 people on Military Appreciation Night to see an NFL game.

In all, 18 NFL teams received contracts, with the most ($879,000) going to the Atlanta Falcons over four years for services that included a National Guard soldier returning from a deployment getting a surprise meet-and-greet with a player, 80 National Guard holding a large U.S. flag at a military-appreciation game, video board messages and a military-appreciation day at training camp.

What..  you thought the NFL honors veterans and those who serve out of the kindness of their soulless billionaire hearts??

The New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens all received more than $500k, while other teams received amounts ranging from $10,000 (Cleveland Browns) to $472,875 (New Orleans Saints).

The largess was not limited to the NFL, either. The Los Angeles Angels received $450,000 as one of 10 MLB teams involved, while the Atlanta Hawks led eight NBA teams with $230,000.
Six NHL teams had DOD contracts, led by the Minnesota Wild, whose $570,000 total ranked among the biggest in all of sports, while the Seattle Sounders got $128,000 to lead eight MLS soccer teams.

No team, though, received nearly as much money as NASCAR driver Aric Almirola's Sprint Cup program, which took in $1.56 million in 2015 from the Air Force to sponsor the car in the Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekend races.

While the report only listed expenditures for 2015, the Air Force has worked with Richard Petty Motorsports for the last seven years, and has been involved with NASCAR for at least 15 years.

In numbers reported in a previous Senate inquiry, the National Guard spent $88 million sponsoring Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Sprint Cup car, but couldn't show a single recruit that had signed up because of the deal. The Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard all canceled NASCAR deals due to lack of results.
The McCain-Flake report also reported contracts with other events such as $700,000 to the Iron Dog snowmobile race,  $570,000 to college athletic programs at Indiana, Purdue and Wisconsin, and $7,000 to the Alamo City Comic Con.

Remember, this is taxpayer money..   It is also money that could and should be used on the troops coming home from war to take care of their physical and psychological care needs..

Instead its going to sports leagues as they pull a sham over the American people's eyes that they sincerely care about and respect the veteran..

All these sports leagues respect is the money the DOD pays them and the profit from selling all the merchandise on their sports shops.
~ Didn't the Nazis and Communists have similar pageantry back in their day?

And even if all this was 100% free, its really Disgusting how overboard everyone specially sports leagues go in 2015 to honor the military, referring to everyone who serves as a 'hero' when they are not..

If you really care about the military, don't elect Presidents (Bush & Obama) who happily send them off to fight and die while the Commanders in Chief do not lose an ounce of sleep..

Or elect rotten wretched old war-hawk bitches like Hillary or some of the Republican field who are licking their chops to get us into another quagmire..
And if you have half a brain and are between 18-30, you don't even enlist, especially if you are married and/or with children..

But that's a posting for another time..