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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Rottenness of Magazines, Manipulation and (New) Muppets

~ Kermit & Ms Piggy watching an NBA game where no frogs, pigs or Caucasians are actually playing

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I decided to treat myself to a little Black Friday shopping online by taking advantage of a one-day only promotion with 'Texture' which used to be 'Next Issue' to subscribe to the tablet device magazine service for $10 for 3 months.

The deal it itself was great and nothing but positives for 'Texture' - it is an excellent way to have access to over 120+ magazines at a very reasonable price..

Problem is that I keep forgetting how absolutely Shitty magazines are in the present vs just a mere decade or so ago..
I forgot how so many magazines were niche..  For hikers or biker or surfers or runners or skiers..

I forgot that there were dozens of magazines out there which are nothing more than recipe booklets competing with each other to offer the best way to make 'healthy' soups, salads, salmon and concoctions..

So much light, breezy, harmless, inconsequential fare..

And I forgot how absolutely degrading and demeaning women's magazines are toward its target readership audience i.e. women; how they treat females like utter clueless imbeciles who need terms like 'feminism' and 'empowerment' defined to them by vapid airhead cunt actresses and 'supermodels'
Its not just the content themselves which talks down to women - "How to please your man in bed", "How to keep your man from straying.." "How to look your best for him"...

The cover captions are rotten as ever..

Let's take Vogue (though I could pick any magazine)..  The December 2015 issue has nude-selfie whore Jennifer Lawrence with the caption "Laying down the law: Jennifer Lawrence on Bold Choices, Fair Pay and Getting a Date"

Are you fucking kidding me?

The only thing this bitch is "laying" is her body on a bed to take another selfie or for any man who will give her a good script!
And as for 'fair pay', with very very few exceptions, it is the truth that women in Hollywood do not deserve equal pay because unlike Denzel or DiCaprio, they do not possess built-in audiences that flock to pay $10-$15 to see their films.

The 'Hunger Games' series is not a financial cash cow because Lawrence is in it..   People are going to see the 'Games' films and Lawrence just happens to be in it.   There's a difference.

If Lawrence has such drawing power to demand equal pay, how come her movie 'Serena' was delayed release for 2 years then went straight to Netflix instead of movie theaters?

A previous cover from Sept 2013 called this fame-hungry woman who needs to be a Star like you and I need oxygen,  'gifted, unguarded and gorgeous'..

How about 'G' for Gawd!
Why not just go all the way and write 'descended from the heavens to bless our sad, miserable peon lives with her talent'..     Too many words for one cover, I suppose

Its no accident of course...

Vanity Fair was going to write an article about a year ago that painted Gwyneth Paltrow in an unfavorable light (mainly as a whore who broke up not only her marriage but the people she slept with)

So Paltrow sent an open email to all her acting friends and those in the business to boycott Vanity Fair and any publication attached to its parent company Hearst Publications.

And needing the access of these shit celebrities, Vanity Fair backed down and never published the article
Vogue is also very repetitive when describing the worthless nothing actresses and models which adorn its covers..  Twice in a span of over a year it refers to Cara Delevingne (no, I've no clue who she is either) as a 'Rebel' and both Rihanna and Taylor Swift were called 'Unstoppable'

Here's something that will Stop both them and all female singers..  It's called 'age'

These actresses feel so strong and empowered..   Ha!  Fuck them..

Truth is, with very few exceptions, they're not really actresses in the sense of advancing the profession.  They are merely tools that corporations use to push consumption upon the masses..
They can sell clothing, jewelry, perfume, cola, crackers and condiments and condoms but in terms of actual acting, are as replaceable and interchangeable as AA batteries

The genuinely good actresses never appear on these magazines.. They're too busy working and honing in on their craft; they do not want to be 'stars'.. They look at what they do as art, not commerce..

But the absolute worst magazine out there for both genders is called 'Adweek'..  The magazine for the soulless.. Advertisers and those who work in ad agencies..
 Gloss over that magazine for 5-10 minutes and you will really see your overall value in the grand scheme of life..

Nothing more than a 'thing' to be targeted and manipulated so you watch and listen to content so to best compartmentalize each person by age, race, ethic and economic demographic so advertisers can get the biggest bang for their buck..

I was reading an story from September about how ABC took the Muppet Show and decided to shit on a classic show by injecting sexual and drug humor while pushing multiculturalism and other liberal non-ethical values upon a new generation of kids

Adweek unlike most other magazines is always proudly front and center in how everything is molded and manipulated to sell product or it has no useful purpose
"More than any other new series, The Muppets offer advertisers a willing partner.  In 2014, the characters appeared in ads for Subway, Toyota, and Lipton leading up to (the film) Muppets Most Wanted.  

Kermit and Miss Piggy were featured in an Audi Integration during a promo for the Primetime Emmy Awards and the new series will feature a season-long integration with Chevy Volt"

Just hawk and peddle and peddle and hawk..

And of course these son-of-a-bitches think as long as the product placements and using muppet-puppets connected to people's childhood to hawk goods use humor and self-deprecation, it makes the medicine more palpable for audiences to 'swallow'

But that's really all life is about nowadays isn't it?
Do everything one can to get 'famous' even without an ounce of talent or ability like reality TV stars or Kim Kardashian (who's claim to fame was taking a black cock inside her while videotaping it for public consumption as she pretended it was 'stolen' and released without consent) then be available to sell everything imaginable as long as the check received clears into the bank account..

Kinda unfair that Charlie Sheen is HIV+ infected and not any of the Kardashians or Jenners (including Bruce)  At least Charlie has acting talent..  What do the others have besides a proclivity to take in black seed?

But I digress..

Some things have changed in 100 years like fashion, what passes as entertainment, people at one time accepting their social/racial heretical status..

What hasn't seemed to change is how the masses are treated as valueless entities to manipulate for a System's grand design

In 1915 it was selling the world through nationalism this notion of supporting a World War that did not need to be fought and passively accepting battles where hundreds of thousands of lives would be lost in mere days as the trench stalemate went on and on..

In 2015, it is selling people shit they do not need with money they do not readily have while playing on people's emotions and insecurities so they desperately try to look young, thin, attractive and/or cool

And if they can't sell to you and make money off you, you're worthless in the world of corporations and consumption

This is why Senior Citizens are deemed disposable commodities..
Statistics have shown that for most people, brand loyalty has been firmly entrenched in people by their early to mid 30s and by the time someone is in their late 50s-early 60s and become empty-nesters (the kids move out), what a person shops/spends money on drops considerably

So other than drugs for heart murmurs or the need to get an erect penis, elderly are never targeted in ads..  Its a waste of time to Madison Avenue..

So many magazines out there targeting so many splinter groups..
Still patiently waiting for a magazine that defends social conservative morals and ethics (for example saying that Transgenderism is Not 'cool' & Hollywood is devoid of values) without it being religious and preachy

Who knows.. Maybe I will need to create it..

Like the life lesson I was taught which motivated the birth of 'A&G' 51 months ago.. If you find your thoughts and opinions are not represented by the media that is out there, don't whine about it..

Simply create your own...