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Friday, December 18, 2015

2015 feels too much like the 1930s

~ Time Magazine honoring Hitler, Mar 13, 1933 and Merkel, 2015

I believe when people look back on this current period in global history, the mid 2010s, especially the manner in which the corporate media has covered Muslims with the thick liberal bias and politically-correct stench which pretends it is of majority view..

It will be looked back upon with the same mockery-sneer disgust as how the media of the 1930s were looked upon during and subsequent to World War II

If you recall from history books, when Hitler took over power in Germany after winning democratic election, the world with few exceptions were not frightened or fearful or dubious of what the repercussions were ultimately to be..

No the correct word was jubilation.
For industrialists, banks and profiteers, especially in America, Hitler represented a new chapter in US-Germany relations where money could be readily made assisting in the Fuhrer's rebuilding of his nation's infrastructure and military apparatus, Versailles Treaty be damned..

For the common folk of Europe, especially those with means to travel, the destination du jour was Germany to see a nation rise and flourish which only a decade prior was on the verge of total capitulation; its citizens, especially women and children impoverished and starving as a result of a successful WWI blockade by British ships

And the 1936 Summer Olympics were seen by all as a mighty success.
Here's what The New Statesman magazine thought of Hitler back in 1933:

"That Hitler's conquest of the hearts and minds of all classes of Germans is now so complete that even if all his Brown Shirts and Steel Helmets were to be disbanded, tomorrow he would still be easily the strongest man in Germany, and on any appeal to the electorate would be confirmed in power by a quite overwhelming majority of votes.

Hitler is recognized by the whole of the political and official intelligentsia as an exceedingly able man. As of the militarist question: One may say with complete certainty that what Hitler said in his Reichstag speech on May 17 was exactly what he meant and accurately represents the policy that he will pursue.
I found no German who dreamed of the possibility of war, few who did not hope that it might be prevented in the future altogether. 

The truth is that the Nazi mind is concentrated on the internal problems of Germany and does not want to be bothered by foreign affairs for a long time to come.

Hitler has passed from the stage of party leader to being the national prophet of an exceedingly serious people, and it would need another prophet to replace him."
The following puff-piece article entitled "Hitler's Mountain Home"  (visually shown) was printed in Better Homes & Gardens back in 1938:
A year later the NY Times would also write adoringly about Hitler's home..

And we all know about Hitler fawning idiots like Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford..
The love affair with Hitler's Germany in America really didn't start to dissipate until his successful acquisition of Czechoslovakia in 1938 thanks to Britain's Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's appeasement deal

And even so, most Americans after a near decade of being told how great Hitler is for the new Germany did not want to fight Germany in 1941.  It took the Nazis declaring war on us days after the Pearl Harbor attack for public sentiment to finally change to anti-German..

All this prologue was necessary to understand the context and comparison to the truly wretched, sensationalistic yellow journalism of today; a media that goes out of its way at every turn to defend a barbaric faith system that is more cult than religion and which is fully based on hatred, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity and violence with deistic reward.
I was reading the latest Hollywood Reporter which showed counting the child rapist Roman Polanski, there are only 11 Jews in Hollywood still alive who were once in one time or another in a Nazi Concentration Camp and survived..

It wasn't good enough to share their stories of courage and learning to move forward..

No, their struggle and pain had to be attached to those 'poor-poor' Syrian Muslims trying to enter the US and Europe as sanctuary to escape the violence of the on-going Syrian civil war

Of course, we'll put aside the fact that most victims of atrocities over there are Christian and most people entering the US are not families but single Muslim men...
Or the fact that while the connection keeps trying to be made between Jews and Muslims,  they would really love nothing more than the total eradication and extinction of every Jewish man, woman and child alive especially in Israel.

Even their holy book celebrates great battles where large numbers of Jews were killed in the name of Allah

Bukhari 52:177 - Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

Tabari 7:97  The morning after the murder of Ashraf, the Prophet declared, "Kill any Jew who falls under your power."

Don't these people, particularly Jewish people in Hollywood and the media truly understand how ingrained the Islamic hatred is of them as they do all they can to fight for their right to infiltrate the West even more so then at past??
And those who use Geobbels-like propaganda of Anne Frank's photo and other Holocaust visuals to defend the Muslim sect seem to forget one little factoid..

Unlike Muslims, Jews then as in the present were not terrorists killing Germans with automatic weapons or self-detonation.   They were picked on for being peaceful, weak and so connected to the world of banking and finance..

Darn that one little quirky detail..

Time Magazine named Germany's Chancellor Andrea Merkel their Man of the Year..  Oh that's right its called 'Person' now..
Was it because she's such a great leader whom the citizenry love?

Nope.. of course not.

It was because she let a million Islamic scum into her country even though the overwhelming majority of her country people objected strenuously and she intentionally made it a point to ignore the scary political realities of her decision:

From Time Magazine:

"Die Welt (a German magazine) published a leaked intelligence report warning of the challenge of assimilating a million migrants: "We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other people as well as a different understanding of society and law"

Time also mentions her approval rating dropped over 20 points
But because the Western media is as in-love with Muslims and Islam today as it was infatuated with Hitler and fascism in the early-mid 1930s, the magazine honored her for her 'courage'

Yes, there will be a time when people look at the naivety of today and how they portrayed the Muslim and laugh in a most gallows-humor snicker..

This will be when the war on terror enters decade three then four followed by five, and all the misery of places like Nigeria, Iraq, and France which has a population of dirty Muslims who refuse to assimilate, sincerely hits US shores

And traitors who opened the doors to the animals like Obama will be far removed from the Presidency, getting a suntan in Hawaii to work on the features that don't appear black enough.
How will we feel about Muslims after they attack our soft targets and when every mall, movie theater, restaurant and supermarket has either checkpoint security or metal detectors at every entrance point?

How many separate incidents of terror both domestically and globally in totality must it take for this phony social-engineered 'tolerance' of the cult-faith to stop and we as Americans put safety and preservation over being PC?

What will be the tipping point; the piece of straw that literally breaks the camel's back?
2015 just feels too much like 1935

And the threat is no longer over 'There'...

Hard to realistically wish for 'Peace on Earth' every Christmas when the enemy cult-faith, our new neighbors, do not wish to abide by the same mantra