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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Final Christmas Posting of 2015

It has been four days since Christmas with another 362 days to go (leap year) before everyone goes through the same fa-la-la and familial grief that comes with the holiday

Can't help dwelling on mine..  It was that bad..

Don't worry.. plenty of time to talk later about a weak economy, a horrible President in the last year of ruining the nation and of course a horrible, cretinous woman running for the Presidency who feels more entitled to it than a silver-spoon child to inheritance..
When you get beyond the true Christmas film goodies such as 'It's a Wonderful Life' & 'Home Alone', among my all-time favorites is a little-seen film starring Ben Affleck called 'Surviving Christmas'

It's not that the film was great in itself or even good..

I just love the premise.

Affleck plays a guy who growing up has had one shitty Christmas after another so ultimately he decides to try to create some kind of happiness and joy for the days leading up to and including the holiday by hiring a family and pretending to be a part of it.

Dare to admit it publicly, but secretly you know its a great concept.
Whatever you might have had lacking in your childhood.. It could be you had parents who fought often in your presence or divorced or maybe you wished you had siblings (or wished you did not), or a sweet grandma & grandpa to dote over you..

It could be anything really..

Well, you just 'hire' people to play characters with the traits and qualities you would like to be around for the holidays,

Now of course reality always gets in the way of such delightful fantasies..
There's the expense factor.. people don't come cheap, even if you're hiring them for G-rated non-sexual purposes

Then the reality that no one is perpetually happy and sprite to matter how much you're paying them to smile, laugh and express light-hearted glee in your presence..

So maybe that's why such a wonderful concept is best suited for a movie or fiction short story

This Christmas I had periods where both I was around family and had isolated time alone.. both had its happy moments

Yet it took a lot of work to feel decent inside..
I wonder how different Christmas would be celebrated and treated as a holiday if somewhere in the New Testament, it was instructed specifically that Jesus' birth was to be celebrated not with gifts purchased and presented to each other but with acts of charity, kindness and volunteerism..

Wonder if the capitalist economies of the Western world could survive?

Imagine a society where people celebrated the birth of Christ not with objects or decorative trees but with offering apologies to those each other's done wrong..
The co-worker, neighbor, parent, (ex) friend or (ex) lover apologizing to you for being rotten, selfish, assholes or whatever adjective(s) you wish to use during the past year and promising on the Bible to act differently

Then you in turn offering 'sorry' in kind, and everyone able to move ahead with a fresh slate..

Wouldn't that be a lovelier gift to receive than a sandwich maker?

Instead I was forced to see the same rotten rot bastard neighbors completely self-involved in their own family units and couldn't be bothered to even inquire how others were going to celebrate the season much less inquire how Christmas went..
That would have put the parasites at risk of actually having to extend a Christian offering; an invite of inclusion

It is like when 99.9% of people ask each other 'How are you'? and deep down they're thinking.. 'Uh-oh.. I overextended.. Please God, just have him/her say their "good"'..

I am positive you know people like this..
The reason I express all this isn't as some therapy 'vent'..

I know for a fact many people out there have felt similar at one Christmas time or another so can identify with what I'm talking about..

We all fantasize at one time or another about the holidays and 'family' but no one wants the arguments, the tensions or worse the feeling that you are doing all the work being perky while everyone else just sits around, sleeps late, ignores the decorations & contributes minimally to the joy

Few to none dare to envision being by themselves and what possibilities that can bring to a person with creativity and imagination.
It just depends on one's outlook on life I suppose.

So in a few days comes New Years' Eve, an event that lasts 60 seconds and celebrates the unknown with the eternal naive optimism of a child (or an adult [or underage teen] totally blotto drunk)

When it comes to things going on in the economy or the news, I personally do not hold out some magic hope that things will radically improve..

Maybe if Vice President Biden could actually become President by some magical circumstance (an Oreo impeachment, resignation, serious health-issue, etc..) over the next 12 months..  Would love to see what he could do as leader..

But when it comes to holidays, this year I will jump on the bandwagon of whistles, balloons, dropped balls and champagne and hope 2016 is much, much better for myself and for anyone out there reading who did not have the happy-lovely Christmas time they deserved.