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Monday, December 7, 2015

Blocking Out Barry & The Impeachment 6

~ "Football watching during day.. Just finished my speech..  Ready to to be admired.."

Last night Obama made a speech to try to reassure people about the situation with ISIS and in the process try to sound Presidential..

He originally was going to cancel his Kennedy Center Honors appearance but the fight against terror is just not That important so the prick just was late instead.

So what did he say in his oh-so-important speech?

Well its really more about what wasn't said.. what is never uttered..
Oh You know.. Truisms like 'Islam is a religion of violence and hatred' and 'Our enemies are Muslim Radical Fundamentalists' or 'Every Single Global Terror Event since 2000 has been conducted by Muslims either against Christians, Jews, Hindis or other Muslims'

Since we're willing to bet dollars to donuts nothing of that sort was uttered, we feel confident that we didn't miss a thing by not watching or listening..

Sometimes when a genuinely horrible President is in office that deserves to be Impeached at bare minimum  and no one politically has the guts to do what is necessary, especially when its year 8 and we're talking about a chocolate-skinned rat...

Well the next best thing is to just try to tune him out, hope he is prevented via checks n balances from ruining the nation even further and count the days till he's forever gone
Funny thing about Impeachment...  Six out of our last eight Presidents have deserved to be Impeached and out-right removed from office but only the penis-popping Clinton (Bill, not Hillary) ever had charges filed

Nixon obviously should have been impeached then brought up on charges and ultimately imprisoned.

While he ultimately resigned, Democrats still could have pursued legal charges and had a much needed trial which would have served as a catharsis for the nation.

They didn't.

Of course his predecessor Gerald Ford didn't want to either so he forever will take the historical fall..
Then there's god-awful Jimmy Carter, the 2nd President who should have been impeached for his bumbling handling of the Iran Hostage Crisis and reaction to the Soviets' invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 by punishing American athletes through denying them participation in the 1980 Summer Olympic Games.

Of course Carter's most serious fuck-ups were within the last year of his Administration and if there was any serious attempt to impeach, it wasn't needed with Reagan's electoral vote trouncing of the peanut man.

Reagan is President #3..
There is no way you sell arms to our enemy Iran to raise money to divert to the Nicaraguan Contras and the President is fully kept out of the loop.  Even if details and particulars are kept confidential, the basic concept he knew about thus he went against the Constitution in terms of funding power which Congress, not the President possesses...

But nothing of substance was pursued by the Democrat controlled Congress.  Maybe they just didn't have the will after the black eye Colonel Oliver North gave them during testimony.

So next is George W Bush Sr and like or dislike his Presidency, he didn't do anything warranting impeachment..

The fourth is Bill Clinton.
An impeachment hearing was actually brought forth and was found guilty in the House of Representatives..

Problem was the Senate was heavily Democrat and they weren't letting their guy hang out to dry.

Besides how many of them didn't place their peckers where it didn't belong, then lie about it?

Of course there's a big difference between lying to your wife, daughter, political friends and the American people "I did not have sex with that woman.. Miss Lewinsky.." and lying under oath..

Ask Martha Stewart where lying under oath gets you?  She wasn't imprisoned for making a bad batch of gingerbread cookies..
Clinton deserved to be removed from office with Al Gore finishing up the next year or so..  Who knows-- maybe if people saw him govern, he would have won the 2000 election..

Then again, after observing Gore in office, maybe it would have ultimately been such a Bush landslide, that there never would have been need to count chads in Florida

W Bush is President #5 who should have had Impeachment hearings for both the Iraq war including how he got us involved with lies, but what did he know if anything about the impending 2008 Market Crash..

Around the time of the 2008 Elections, Democrats swore they'd still push forward investigations and subpoena Bush if need be so he testify..

As expected among cronies, nothing came about for D v R is merely a game and behind scenes, all are best of friends
And of course Obama is President #6 but even if Republicans thought it was to their political advantage, by the time a trial went underway, the November election would have been decided so what's the point..

Makes one think why even have the option of impeachment if its never used.  After all it is super rare that someone would come into office and break the law so egregiously or be so horrific after one year

Yes, being President is to be part of a most exclusive club

A club of outright rottenness...