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Friday, December 4, 2015

Feminism is..

One drawback of belonging to an online magazine service like Texture (formerly 'Next Issue') is you have access to so many monthly and weekly magazines to read for the same low price that it exposes the eyes and brain to a lot of garbage..

There is this continual distorted definition of what feminism means and/or what it means to be a feminist woman, especially when you hear it described from no-nothings like actresses and models, most who have never even been educated beyond a high school degree.

And really nothing more intellectually squeamish to hear or rather read how a teen actress defines 'feminism'..
Miley Cyrus for instance, does not see herself as the ass-grinding, tongue-flailing piece of toilet trash that she is..

She, like Lady Gaga and Madonna and others of that arty-farty ilk see themselves as feminist role-models.

Sorry but sexualizing one self to make money is not 'feminism' because that would mean every woman who sells her sexual services to a John for a profit is feminist as well

And while the fight for wage equality in the real workplace is a real concern, the fight in Hollywood is absolute nonsense..

Very few actresses have the cache to consistently draw in audiences to see a film in theaters compared to male stars and most are mere eye candy who are interchangeable with hundreds of others thus until this changes, wage disparity in Hollywood is completely understandable.
You are also Not a feminist because as a woman, you cover your body with tattoo pictures and clever-clever'sayings or because you can drink a man under the table or out-swear, out-drug or out-fuck him or anything else where there's a gender competition..

A feminist says 'I enjoy sex' and ignores labels, but not where she is out to compete with men for conquests..   That smacks more of insecurity.

A feminist respects her body and herself..

And she does not put up with cheating in a relationship -- Ever!!

The only exception being if she and her partner make an conscious and mutual decision to be in a sexually free/open relationship where both know the deal ahead of time so everything is up front.
This is why Hillary Clinton will never be a true feminist no many how many butch pantsuits she wears

She may think she's a modern liberated woman because she has held powerful positions in Government, won't bake cookies or whatever nonsense she uttered back in 1992 when Bill was running for office amid the Gennifer Flowers sex scandal to show she wasn't a weak lily...

She stayed married throughout numerous affairs over many decades from as far back as Bill's Governor days and everyone knows their marriage currently is a complete sham kept together solely for political purposes..

No feminist puts up with a Bill Clinton even for dreams of one-day possessing unbridled Executive power and no feminist sells her soul so willingly in exchange for his political contacts and access to money.

Sounds much more like a lost woman who made her deal with the Devil.
Feminism doesn't just mean 'I choose to be career woman with responsibility and status, and if you have a problem, go Fuck yourself...'

Feminism also means 'I choose to be a housewife or a homemaker, am very content making my husband (and children) happy and if you have a problem and judge me as not having a complete, fulfilled life because I'm not being exploited in the work world, then go Double-fuck yourself...'

Feminism says 'Like/Love/Respect me for me'..   It has absolutely nothing to do with one's financial or professional success which of course those shitty magazines interviewing those vapid career-advancement waifs love to push..

It also means,, 'I do not have to buy a specific brand of cosmetics or clothing or jewelry to be attractive or beautiful or desirous..'
Since magazines are nothing more than conduits for distorted ultra-liberal ideologies (name one popular magazine that presents non-political or non-religion based conservative values) and selling women things not needed to obtain happiness, the concept of 'feminism' must be attached..

For instance, do you know how the tobacco industry got so many women to finally start smoking back in the 1920's when prior there was fierce resistance?

In the early days of what is known as modern advertising where the appeal to buy is not based on your brain but your emotions and ego, an ad campaign was created to attach cigarette smoking to the suffragette movement and issues of women's liberation..
Cigarettes were called 'freedom sticks'

What better way for women to unleash the shackles of centuries of oppression then to light up a cigarette..

And very quickly females bought cigarettes in droves with now both genders fully addicted and getting to enjoy the pleasure of throat and lung cancer..  

Yep.. That showed 'em..

So many magazine pictorials of worthless 95lb actresses and supermodels trying to display feminism with a cigarette in one hand, a drink in the other, and a 'fuck me' look on their face..
And as a very quick aside, do you know the #1 secret how so many in Hollywood stay so thin and fit?

Its not ab crunches and running laps and bicycling/hiking or any of the bullshit you read in magazines like Women's Health...

Its daily enemas..

Of course there's placing the fingers down the throat after meals but historically since the golden years of Hollywood, taking laxatives and daily enemas kept weight off more efficiently.

How many men do that?

Yep.. Real Feminism..
Be yourself..  Like yourself.. Make decisions based on your needs and happiness and most importantly...

If you're a woman.. you God-Damn Vote!

Rep.. Dem..    Presidential election..  local dogcatcher..   it doesn't matter..

Too many emotionally and physically were tortured and died so the right exists today..
Feminism is not about going out in the world and conquering it as the magazines shallowly state..

It is about knowing thyself, being content with yourself and in control of your daily pursuit of happiness while never putting yourself in a position where continually a victim emotionally, physically or financially to another

Everything else are agenda driven fortune-cookie definitions..