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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#NoLivesMatter(except Muslims)

Oh where to begin?   We'll start with Fox News I suppose..  

Today they announced suspensions of two of their paid contributors for making 'crude remarks' about President Oreo cookie

Lt. Col Ralph Peters went on a program on Fox Business, and used the word 'pussy' to describe Obama's brief comments on terrorism before he rushed over to hobnob with celebrities at the Kennedy Center Honors

Contributor and former actress Stacey Dash expressed that Obama did not give a 'shit' about fighting terrorism
Unprofessional?  Ehh..  Ok..  Sure

Accurate?  Peters' comment of 'pussy'..  I'd say no that was not correct.

Dash's comment-  100% so..

Obama really doesn't give a fuck.

Really doesn't care if terror hits here.. there.. anywhere..
If it does hit here a la 9/11 he knows it will be a moment for him to shine while all the cameras are aimed at him while enjoying the month or so of 91% approval rating that Always follows a President when America is attacked in some way or about to go to war..

Carter had the 91% approval briefly back when the Iranians first took the Americans hostage in 1979...  Bush Sr. had it after Operation Desert Storm ended in weeks and Bush Jr had it after September 11...

Fox News showed themselves once again to be a total garbage network, just like MSNBC to the leftists..  Neither sincerely believe 99% of the crap they spew.. Its all about getting people watching, generating ratings and keeping sponsors happy

And Fox would rather suspend two contributors for expressing opinions sincere and unfiltered than offending the Fortune 500 companies that hawk n' peddle their goods at hefty prices per 30-second spot.
Now back to the President..

Also Obama like really ALL politicians present and past are sociopaths.  

Lives of people that they do not know nor have ever met just hold no deep meaning or resonance, so when lives are lost, they have to really fake sorrow for public consumption, then they all quickly move on..

Think about that piece of shit Abraham Lincoln.. Put aside all the revisionism of Steven Spielberg's film 'Lincoln' and other bio movies made about the man made to be a hero and martyr..
A person who truly values and respects human life and feels a connection to living beings outside their inner circle do not ultimately send 600,000 of their own countrymen to their deaths (both sides) so to keep a political union

They don't look at people as disposable and replaceable 'things' such as that bastard Ulysses Grant who basically took the strategy against General Lee in 1864 of sending as many men forward as possible and keep charging because he could easily replace his forces and Lee could not.

And for that, Grant earned the nickname 'Butcher'.

So does Obama care if we were hit by terror?
Honestly, I respond yes and no because it all matters WHO was targeted

If Muslims are targeted even by other Muslims, Obama would care greatly and bring down the hammer of colored Thor against all those who would dare hurt a single hair or offend the precious sensibilities of a Muslim...

Police in Philly are currently wasting their time and resources investigating who put a pig's head in front of a mosque and you better believe the black bitch who heads up the Attorney General's office is working in concert to find the perpetrator(s)

Now imagine how much effort would be spent if someone placed a lit bag of cow poo in front of a church doorstep?
So if you want Obama to care and actually feel any sincere connection to a 9/11 style attack, hope the targets aren't Christians and Jews..  

Now yesterday Trump said something quite courageous and which many including myself have thought or at least wish could happen..

He expressed the desire to ban all Muslims from entering the country..

And of course the liberal media was offended because especially in a suffocating PC society, if you say anything to offend anybody, your life, career and reputation is supposed to be permanently damaged and thus you're censored by the corporate media
Instead of being destroyed by the PC rot, Trump is still #1 in the polls among Republican President nominees

And while Dems talk big bluster, they really don't want to be facing a man with deep financial pockets paying for his own campaign who possesses tough skin and isn't afraid to say things to trigger the populist 'fringe' that mainstream politicians enjoy looking down upon for historically never feeling inspired to vote.

I've heard some arguments that the Donald Trumps of the world only embolden our enemies and encourage more Muslims to join the cause to destroy us..

Academically, that is a reasonable position to argue...
Truth is, it doesn't matter how much we bend over to accommodate those backward cultists, we will not be appreciated or respected for it and the USA will always be hated and fanaticals seeking to hurt its people as long as we support Israel.

I am not advocating this in any way..  Just stating the truth.  

If not for US alliance with Israel, the state would have probably been invaded 100 different times in the last 30 years and at this point, bombed to rubble.

So when a bigger, stronger, more powerful entity stops one from hurting a religion of people their holy book fully condones and encourages killing, then sure, frustrations build up..

Just thirteen months left folks.. Then we will get a President (Dem or Rep) inaugurated who cares about All Americans once again