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Friday, December 11, 2015

Populism is NOT a Dirty Word

~ Poor Kitty.. Desperately wanting Someone to to feel motivated to vote for..

The rotten-to-the-core corporate controlled media want to give the impression Trump's views on Muslims and immigration are wild, wacky, insane and not in any way indicative of how supposed 'real' Americans think..

Nice to see poll numbers show they're out of touch..

A recent Rasmussen poll finds that 46% of likely voters would favor a policy preventing Muslim immigrants from entering the country until tighter screening procedures can be implemented, while only 40% would oppose such a measure.

Both a majority of Democrats and Republicans polled supported it.
And now expect the garbage media along with the political elite to once again shit on the will and want of the people..

For over a century, the political, financial and media powers have done a good job tarnishing the term populist' as if its akin to fascist or communist or anarchist..

So what is it really to be a populist?

Populism is a doctrine that appeals to the interests and conceptions (such as hopes and fears) of the general population, especially when contrasting any new collective consciousness push against the prevailing status quo interests of any predominant political sector.
In other words, let's say certain people in office or positions of power want us to go to war and the vast majority of everyday folk such as ourselves do not..

Well, what usually happens is our feelings are completely ignored, the powers do as they wish and then take our sons and now daughters and send them thousands of miles away to die in a place on a map few can identify...

A populist leader would be someone who in this example would actually listen to the voice of the people and make the decision he/she would not engage in war because the citizenry was not behind it..

Populist leaders don't let banks and corporations and 'Insiders' with much to gain decide policy for the masses.  This is why those corporate-controlled media degrade and mock populism at every turn.
Now those on the "in"..  They hate and despise populist candidates because they look down on most people as stupid, ignorant and incapable of making the right decisions because they are unaware of all the facts

Of course when those same power-elite intentionally dumb down the population with one story after another on actresses adopting black babies, faux-feminism and endless Star Wars hype, while purposely not talking about the daily atrocities Muslims commit over the world..

Well... what do you expect?
But one does not have to possess a Doctorate to know that government does not sincerely work for or represent the people.

And when a populist candidate comes along like Trump, if you agree with his positions, it just invigorates the senses..  (and if you hate Trump, everything about him is swill)

Trump is brilliant as a campaigner..  The intellectual elites like to say that no way will Hispanics or women or blacks or whatever group will not vote for him based on his supposed incendiary comments

But that is not his target

It is the silent non-voting majority.  The 50% of the nation that Never votes in elections because they feel/know that it is all bullshit, no one represents them and there's never any sincere change
Obama tapped into that to a degree with galvanizing 98% of the black vote in 2008 and 2012..  It wasn't just he got the vote of traditional Dem blacks but those who never ever bother to get up off their asses to vote..

This is why Obama did so poorly in both 2010 and 2014 midterms.. These same blacks were not going to bother to take the time and energy to vote for Senators and Representatives..

So by exciting and reinvigorating those who feel so dead inside to the political machine, they become votes that pollsters can not quantify and 'traditional' candidates can not dupe into supporting because they're only focused on one person, not a party.

As I expressed before, every President in recent memory is elected who possesses a specific trait that dramatically differs from the predecessor.
Jimmy Carter beat Ford in 1976 because he represented morality and wholesomeness, which was a contrast from all the filth of Nixon which Ford got tarnished by when he pardoned Tricky Dick

Reagan in the 1980s was an eternal optimist about America who conveyed it in every word and gesture and that was a fresh departure from Mr Inflation, Unemployment and Malaise, Carter.

When Bush Sr entered office, he was looked upon as an organized, methodical person who contrasted from how Reagan appeared in the last year or two as forgetful and in a fog (probably due to early Alzheimers)

Clinton for all his faults as a person convinced Americans he cared and 'felt' their pain which was a stark comparison to the man in office who spent most of a Presidential debate looking at his watch as if somewhere better Bush needed to be...
Most people for whatever reason may not have wanted Clinton impeached due to Monica and all that, but one specific reason they gravitated to Bush Jr was he never cheated on his wife and there was never even a whiff of an allegation of unfaithfulness.   America did not want another sex scandal..

After 8 years, Bush was looked upon (right or wrong) as a buffoon who could not make simple sentences.  So they voted an articulate, clean cut black man with an academic background.

And currently Americans see they have a President who is completely detached, too cool for school and expresses no passion or anger about anything unless its defending Muslims..   In Trump, the man speaks blunt, is passionate and you never have to say afterward 'What exactly did he mean by that?'
Agree or disagree, it is the belief of A&G that we need a President who listens to and is aware of the everyday person's needs and concerns, even if he or she is unable to put those expressions into policy due to the limitations of the political game

Goodness knows the Establishment has had most of this nation's history to improve people's lives and make sincere, positive change and as always they willingly drop the ball.

Two more months till Iowa..