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Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernandino

My first instinct when I heard about the tragedy in San Bernardino was to try to find out the ethnic background of the perpetrators

Coincidentally or not, the media collectively did everything possible to avoid reporting it.

So that in itself gave me a clue

Starts with an 'M', ends with an 'M' with a middle that sounds like ugly i.e. 'usli'

Yep.. more believers of that cult-faith.
Why anyone would target the town's community social services building makes no sense but neither does much about those who believe that silly tripe then go on killing sprees.

One of the suspects is named Syed Farook, an American citizen. One of the other suspects is reportedly his brother.  A third person involved who was killed was Farook's wife identified as Tashfeen Malik

We're all supposed to pretend to function in this abnormal normality where diabolical people of an enemy faith walk and work and function among us, some even flaunting their bullshit religion by wearing headscarves or full burkas..

Supposed to pretend we're safe around 'these' Muslims because its only those way over 'there' who are the throat-slashers and the terrorists willing to blow themselves up for some imaginary reward awaiting in heaven
Meanwhile we have a President with a Muslim first and middle name and a Muslim father who absolutely refuses to specify 'Islam' when talking about those terrorists

And at least 50% of the population let him continually get away with it

The other 50% is powerless to make him do any different.

Nope, bastard Barry Obama will try to make the focus on the weapons used and push for more gun control while completely ignoring the religious beliefs of the perpetrators

Kinda like saying it wasn't the Nazis that killed 12 million people in Concentration Camps including 6 million Jews..  Nope, see it was the gas that did it..
Maybe what happened in San Bernardino was some isolated incident of a mentally sick man who just happened to be Muslim..

Maybe a very soft target that no one would ever expect to be a threat was chosen specifically by those higher up the food chain to make a point and convey confusion..

Whatever it was, at least 14 woke up yesterday morning, had their morning cereal, flapjacks or cup of java and never got the opportunity to live out the remainder of their day..

All because of three Muslim killers.

And the PC tolerance toward them goes on and on..