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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Secession, Slavery & Constitutional Specificity (What if?)

A couple weeks ago, December 20th to be exact was the 135th Anniversary of South Carolina voting to secede from the Union (1860)

Dem' Yanks with their banks and Wall Street and focus on profits sure didn't care all too none about it..

Even started a needless, bloody civil war over it.

Two years later on December 31, 1862, the western counties of Virginia decided to secede from the rest of the Confederate state and re-join the Union as 'West Virginia'

The Union didn't mind that secession one damned bit..
Being a Civil War buff, I often think about it-- not just names, dates, places and faces but everything from the daily life of the average soldier, the technology of the day, medical treatment for the wounded and sick, etc..

And ultimately that it never needed to take place.

There will always be those who believe it was all destined and necessary - they are usually the anti-slavery zealots who think 600k dead ultimately was a good sacrifice so the black can be free to milk the system and shut down traffic and businesses with an empty #blacklivesmatter (they don't) campaign

The loss of life actually is greater when you take into consideration the amount of re-population that never took place because so many lost their lives prior to their 25th birthday.
If one was to guesstimate where a generation turnover was 25 years and 50% of those dead during the war would have been alive to repopulate under normal circumstances, and say 50% of that generation produce one child, etc..

The loss in human life up to the present is actually more like at minimum 1.2 million less Americans from 1861 to the present vs had a four-year civil war never taken place..

And anyone who sincerely thinks that war was fought as a moral crusade against 'evil' slavery possesses the mind of a simple child and has been indoctrinated by 13 years of the public school system (K-12)

Personally I believe the war was completely unnecessary and could have easily been avoided had those who participated in the Continental Congress in 1787 had the guts to address certain issues and make very specific what the rule of law was to be.
First being the right of a US state to secede.

Nothing is specific regarding it..  States from Connecticut in the late 1700's to the Southern states in 1860 & '61 stated the 10th Amendment alluded to it..

Everything is implied.

If I could have gone back in time and magically become a delegate, I would have fought tooth and nail to establish the Convention answer the question 'Is secession legal once a state has ratified the Constitution?"
If secession is illegal, state it plainly so no one ever can parse words.

If secession was to be legal, state clearly the requirements - a 2/3 vote in a State Senate & Governor approval, perhaps?

Then when SC and others seceded, the US could do nothing to stop it.. the dissolution would have occurred peaceably and Lincoln would have been the criminal for sending troops to prevent a legal action.

Second is slavery itself..
The Constitution is very specific as to when the slave trade was to end i.e 1807

Why could it not be when it came to the institution itself?

Or state plain and equivocally that a state has the right to decide its own fate in regard to the matter and the National (Federal) government will make no imposition (meddle in a state's business)

And certainly these forward-thinking individuals had to know ultimately the 13 colony-states would ultimately seek to want to expand westward and that clear protections had to be made so one side of the argument did not hold dominance over the other.
Otherwise the southern states could have saved a lot of time & trouble and just formed their own nation in 1791.

But nothing specific was ever put down onto paper and voted 'yea' upon.

And the document that we're all taught to love and embrace because its so flexible and ambiguous and built upon that 'C' word, we're all supposed to adore - Compromise, caused a needless war a century after the fact

This nation still pays for that war in so many ways.. 

It killed a beautiful, vibrant culture known as the agrarian south  and replaced it with NASCAR and boggin' (driving your pick up trucks into mud on purpose on hot summer days)
We still have to deal with an uppity black population, many being shiftless and lazy, that continually sucks the government's welfare teat dry while demanding every semblance of the once-great Confederacy be taken down and censored from view.

And as stated before, far many more people have been deprived the joy of life; of an existence over the last 150yrs because of the deaths of so many back then.

Such a shame the war had to take place..

And even bigger shame than the fact the wrong side won.

We will be back on Monday, January 4th..

Happy 2016!