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Monday, December 14, 2015

SNL Hypocrisy and Islamic Pedophilia

Will Ferrell is a douchebag..

Yep it was said..

Of course the same could be said for the 99.9% of liberal Hollywood

Most of which are nothing more than high school diploma or college dropout-educated and yet think they are intelligent enough to understand the complexities of politics, war and religion because they do global press junkets to promote their social engineering films..

Seems Ferrell was on SNL doing his W Bush impression and making fun of Trump and Republicans and conservative values and this 'crazy' notion that Muslims are evil, diabolical murderers who embrace a cult faith that encourages terroristic violence upon innocents
I didn't see the skit.. Didn't have to.. The fact Huffington and others promoted it in their weekend headlines told me enough as to the tone.

Funny how SNL had absolutely no problem with Donald Trump when they asked him to appear as host and the result was the biggest rating on that shitty show since 2012

Nice way to continually bite the hand that fed you, liberal Lorne Michaels, eh (SNL's producer)

Not allowed to say a single negative thing about Muslims; the 'perfect' people
Do so and everyone will try to tear you to pieces and destroy your life, livelihood and public reputation..

Does not matter if Muslims committed over 1,000 attacks in the last decade globally..  Nope..  They're peaceful creatures and you know how it goes because the PC people and America haters use the same rationale on the American Indians..

"If they're violent, it was provoked and thus deserved..."

Wasn't always this way..  Even a decade or so ago newspapers could write honestly and truthfully about Muslims in very unflattering yet accurate ways..
For instance, you know how the corrupt media and liberal Hollywood love focusing on pedophilia when it comes to the Catholic Church and those evil priests fondling & having sex with those innocent boys..

'How awful and file and disgusting Christianity is- such an evil faith'

That is how the secular and atheist out there want you to think which is why the push is so strong to continually focus on it all these years..
And yet no one seems to dare talk about pedophilia in Islam in its daily religious culture, especially by mullahs which are spiritual and religious leaders of that belief system,

An excellent article in the NY Times was written on the subject back in 2002 called 'Shh, It's an Open Secret: Warlords and Pedophilia'  (Good luck anyone trying to write on this topic for a newspaper or media outlet in 2015!)

And to be clear, the purpose of presenting this information is not to attack homosexuality but to specifically attack Islam AND the hypocritical double-standard in which the western media composed mostly of Jews and Christians, employ to attack their own faiths while giving undue respect to one of antiquated times..
"Back in the 19th century, ethnic Pashtuns fighting in Britain's colonial army sang odes talking of their longing for young boys.

Homosexuality, cloaked in the tradition of strong masculine bonds that are a hallmark of Islamic culture and are even more pronounced in southern Afghanistan's strict, sexually segregated society, has long been a clandestine feature of life here...

Though the puritanical Taliban tried hard to erase pedophilia from male-dominated Pashtun culture, now that the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is gone, some people here are indulging in it once again.
''During the Taliban, being with a friend was difficult, but now it is easy again,'' said Ahmed Fareed, a 19-year-old man with a white shawl covering his face except for a dark shock of hair and piercing kohl-lined eyes. 

Mr. Fareed should know. A shopkeeper took him as a lover when he was just 12, he said."

The next part is interesting because it states that the Taliban we're trying to destroy has made it a conscious mission to stop pedophilia which is do deeply ingrained in Islamic culture..
"An interest in relationships with young boys among warlords and their militia commanders played a part in the Taliban's rise in Afghanistan. In 1994, the Taliban, then a small army of idealistic students of the Koran, were called to rescue a boy over whom two commanders had fought. 

They freed the boy and the people responded with gratitude and support.

''At that time boys couldn't come to the market because the commanders would come and take away any that they liked,'' said Amin Ullah, a money changer, gesturing to his two teenage sons hunched over wads of afghani bank notes at Kandahar's currency bazaar.
Most men here spend the vast majority of their time in the company of other men and rarely glimpse more than the feet of any woman other than their mother, sister or wife. 

The atmosphere leaves little room for romantic love, let alone recreational sex between men and women. But alternative opportunities are not hard to find."

Ever see soulless faith-hating Hollywood make a movie on this?  

Of course not.. why depict a reality that could ultimately get you blown to pieces or beheaded when you can just continually make the Church the villain and at worst, you'll get a strongly worded letter in response by a diocese.
"Muhammad Daud, 29, says he first spotted Mr. Fareed seven years ago at an auto repair shop owned by Mr. Fareed's father and pursued the boy for months.  

''If you want a haliq'' -- a boy for sex -- ''you have to follow the boy for a long time before he will agree,'' said Mr. Daud, smiling at Mr. Fareed in a hostel in Kandahar where the two consented to give an interview.

''At first he was afraid, so I bought him some chocolate and gave him a lot of money,'' said Mr. Daud, laughing. ''I went step by step and after about six or seven months, he agreed.''

''At that time, I had no beard,'' Mr. Fareed said, smiling."

Duad met Fareed when he was 12 years old...

Here comes the saddest and sickest part of the story..
''Still, we feel ashamed in front of our older brothers or parents,'' said Mr. Fareed.

But he insisted that he does not regret being lured into a relationship by his older friend. When asked if he would do the same to a young boy, Mr. Fareed said, yes.

''I'm looking for one now,'' he said with a smile."

The disgusting Muslim openly states with a smile he is looking for a child to have sex with and make his, as someone once took him..

What you have in 2015 America is censorship, folks..  Pure and simple..
You are only allowed to know and think positive things about Muslims and Islam..

It makes it far easier to tolerate them (like one tolerates gnats flying in your face at dusk)  vs knowing the Truth..

Remember, one of Muhammad's wives was so young that she wouldn't even need a bra and no one in the faith seems to have a problem with it..
And if you say anything negative to paint that repulsive religion with anything close to using a broad brush, expect your own countrymen, the same people you go to Church or Synagogue with shush you up out of knee-jerk political correctness.

And if your famous, unless you are as tough as Trump, God help you..

Its a scary time to be a free-thinker or free speaker.