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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Sickening Political Bias of SNL

I was watching Saturday Night Live the other night and I know I shouldn't..

It's the most un-apologetically political biased program on TV short of any of the shit found on MSNBC and takes perverse glee in taking public figures who are three-dimensional flesh & blood human beings and if they subscribe to Conservative values, break them down into characters, then caricatures.
That is how piece of shit Will Ferrell always portrayed George W Bush while he never expected his mean representation would actually endear voters to the man and help propel W to election victories in 2000 & 2004

Super-cunt Tina Fey made damn well sure in 2008 her spiteful and vindictive portrayal of Sarah Palin was devoid of any humanity whatsoever so as to not make the same mistake Ferrell did..

Meanwhile look how that show depicts Democrats.

Hillary is a power hungry soulless bitch who is in all likelihood a closet-lesbian (problem being 'closet', not the lesbian part) who has been perpetrating a loveless sham marriage to keep her hubby's political contacts and does not possess an ounce of true warmth, kindness, empathy or anything depicting a Real woman..
~ Rotten old bitch Hillary during a 2015 appearance on SNL earlier this year

And yet how is this creature depicted on SNL?

Confident, strong, capable, great ego, and maybe just a little out of touch when courting voters..

How is that Oreo cookie of an incompetent President depicted?

Really Obama is Never made fun of on SNL other than maybe a slight exaggeration of his vocal speech inflections or other 'safe' mockery
One of the 10 Commandments of Political Correctness --Can't make fun of blacks in any Real or Accurate way (Not that SNL ever would anyways)

And George W Bush?

Moron.. Imbecile.. Silver Spoon adult-child who achieved nothing with Daddy Bush's influence

And how was 'Daddy' Bush #41 depicted when Dana Carvey played the man back in the late 1980s?

A man who could not articulate complete sentences i.e 'Na Ga Da' to mean 'Not going to do it' and constant movements of his hands as if the statesman was a spazz
And Reagan back in the 1980s on that show?

A senile, decrepit old fool who called his wife 'Mommy' and never knew which end was up

And back in the 1970's, drug addict Chevy Chase portrayed Gerald Ford, as a bumbling. stumbling klutz who couldn't tell his left from his right

Oh yes.. forgot Bill Clinton.. so how did SNL portray him?

Mainly as a man who loved eating fast food and made nudge-wink references to every sexual out-of-wedlock dalliance and treated the whole Monica thing like it was 100% cool to repeatedly fuck an intern in the oval office then ejaculate on her face and clothing as what any 'normal' male would do
There were two skits on the most recent show which were meant to convey the same biased retread message about how old bitch' Hillary's victory was all but assured 11 months before general election..

The first was the opening skit where actors representing the various Republican candidates basically mocked themselves in their own 'words' and the actor playing Trump saying something to the effect, 'what does all this matter.. we all know no one is going to beat Hillary'

The second where the Hillary of present wakes up and meets Hillary of past and they get a big laugh that Trump, the man currently beating everyone in the polls including that parasite woman, is in the race..
You should expect to see this garbage portrayed in many different media and pop-culture facets, albeit some less subtle than others i.e. the notion that old bitch Hillary is going to win no matter what so don't even bother supporting or voting for anyone else.

If enough nitwits believe it, that kind of fascist propaganda can have input in some swing states..

Everyone, especially SNL pushes and force-suffocates tolerance and diversity in so many areas..

Racial diversity.. Ethnic diversity.. Religious diversity.. Sexual diversity..  Gender diversity..

The only form of diversity these terrible people do not want to allow is Ideological diversity.
~ Beautiful vivacious Sarah Palin and homely, fugly Tina Fey

No Conservative thought allowed!

None on TV.. None in movies.. None in magazines.. None in newspapers..

Want to read any kind of educated or articulate presentation of information that contradicts the left, and you have to watch Fox News, that bullshit network that punishes its own for not speaking respectful about that donkey President

Or read newspapers or magazines that at are 'conservative'..

Or watch one of those very poorly made 'faith' films devoid of any subtlety with a budget of $1million
~ SNL portraying Ben Carson as effeminate

How hard is it for SNL to hire some 'token' politically-right writers?

They had no problem hiring a token black woman and two token black female writers when that black bitch Kerry Washington of the TV show 'Scandal' made a big deal of it while hosting a few years back

For instance, here's an idea for a funny-truthful skit for Hillary:

She is at a meet-n-greet in New Hampshire and every male who comes up to her to express support, she politely and cordially thanks, and every semi-attractive female under 40 who expresses support, Hillary sexually flirts with
Or a skit where Bill and Hillary are doing a puff piece for one of those Home and Gardens magazines  to appeal to elderly voters, and they have to pretend they are a loving married couple and they can't even barely give each other a light kiss on the lips without both being revolted

Seriously.. when do you think was the last time these two shared a kiss of any variety in private when not for any political or economic benefit?

When do you think was the last time this rancid woman actually cooked and prepared a meal on her own that didn't involve hiring a professional or putting a Bagel Bites frozen pizza box in the microwave?
Or the last time she did her own laundry including folding?  Or washed her own dishes?  Or ironed her own blouses?  Or vacuumed?   Or shopped for her own food?

Or did Anything that a majority of women, even career women do with some kind of regularity in their daily lives?

And this deeply old, despicable woman thinks she represents women?!

To SNL, she's the embodiment and treated like a Saint.
~ "Not now sweetie.. 'Mama' is busy.."

Never went after her on Bengazi.. or the deleted emails.. or the corrupt Clinton Foundation

She was even painted with a sympathetic brush back in 2008 during a skit where she was debating Obama in primaries and poor Hillary was asked tough questions by the panel while Obama was asked things like 'can i get you a pillow?'

Honestly, its been this way a long time..

Just go on YouTube and watch 'Rowan & Martin's Laugh in' or the Smothers Brothers Hour' or other shit from the 1960s to see a heaping-helping of anti-Republican bias in every skit with canned laughter to drown out the lack of real interest by the audiences
Some call it 'freedom of speech'...

Sure.. Maybe..

But if I and others like myself wrote comedy skits for SNL and shows like it, those same people would picket and boycott and seek to censor the content for being 'offensive' and of course get those like myself fired on the spot..

Ideological tolerance in the media and pop culture is always a one-way street.