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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

USA Respecting Self-Determination.. In a word, "Ha!'

~ "Dedicated in reverence and admiration for their courage and integrity to the five signers of the Ordinance of Secession from Greenville County, December 20, 1860"  Just 18 days left until the 155th Anniversary...

Last night on YouTube, I watched an interesting give n' take from a TV program in 1967 where young people from different nations were angrily grilling both then-Governor Ronald Reagan and then-Senator Robert F Kennedy on US foreign policy, especially where Vietnam was concerned..

Surprising to perhaps many, both Republican Reagan and Democrat RFK were in agreement on a lot of basic principles including as they tried to argue, that the US respects the self-determination of other nations, specifically the people of South Vietnam vis a vis the democratic process of free elections..

Except of course, its not true.
The US has really never respected the final tally of elections where the outcome was not favorable toward US interests..

For instance between December 1860 and May, 1861 the legislatures of 11 independent US states representing the will and voices of their citizenry, expressed through the democratic process of voting, that none of them wished to continue being a part of the American Union.

The response by Lincoln to this vote of non-violent self-determination by individual states was the following:

A call to arms for 125,000 men to enlist, the manipulation of the Confederacy to fire upon on Ft Sumter and a push forth a bloody, needless civil war costing hundreds of thousands of lives and the financial equivalent today of Trillions of dollars in debt to European bankers.
So much violence and blood and domestic terrorism on the part of the Union to keep a shotgun marriage of two regions that had nothing in common with each other

One section that just wanted to be allowed to live and let live and the other who would financially suffer i.e. Wall Street if the agrarian south were to be allowed to leave and could decide its own price values of corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, etc.. instead of them

So if the US would not allow its own people the freedom to self-determination and plotting their own future through the ballot box, they sure as shit won't be allowing other people, especially third world peoples to have such power.

And when nations vote in leaders we don't like, we just use the CIA to create destabilization and ultimately manipulate coups..

Dem President.. Rep President..  Doesn't really matter
Back in 1898, we invaded the Philippines as part of our war with Spain...  We promised our goal was just to rid the nation of Spaniards..  After it concluded, we colonized.. um.. retained a presence for many decades

And so the same natives that assisted us in removing the Spanish ended up guerrilla fighting us for years afterward..

In 1910 we were upset with something Mexico did, so we sent military forces to occupy Vera Cruz..  Stayed there until we were good and ready to leave..

And Vietnam was fought because any outcome other than a pro-US South Vietnam was unacceptable, no matter what their populace really wanted
The allies of today become enemies tomorrow..

No different than US-Bin Laden relations in the 1980s and 90s

Nor is it any different how we look at the United Nations..

Any resolution or other vote that goes in the US favor, we tout and flout as the uncompromising support and backing of the world community (Ex: Bush Sr getting a successful resolution passed as excuse to 'liberate' oil rich Kuwait from former ally Saddam..

When Bush Jr could not get UN support for Iraq invasion then, ehh Fuck it..  Invade anyway..
That's how we are politically which is one of many reasons certain parts of the world hate us and feel such friction

We as a nation just don't respect or acknowledge any voting outcome that would hurt the economic puppet masters who really control things behind the scenes

Remember the 2008 crash?  

Remember the $700 billion TARP bailout vote?

Remember how it actually Failed in Congress twice?  And then what happened?
The supporters led by super-corrupt and former Goldman Sachs head Hank Paulson who was then Secretary of the Treasury said  "Nope.. Keep voting"..

More arm twisting and behind the scenes threatening..

Then Magically 5 days later.. Ta Da!  TARP passes- banks get undeserved money and no one called a re-vote to That outcome!

Such a corrupt country we live in and the most messed up part is that compared to the rest of the world, the US is still a pretty great place to live...